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  1. party hats for this christmas special, maybe they will be worth billions in few years
  2. I'm a proud mayor of crater village in northern newspring. I have to apologise for my english, i feel fine while talking, but writing posts was never my good side. I can't offer much, but i will help everyone as much as i can. Most free space is to be mined underground, above level is mostly used as farmlands and forests, tho i can give some land to someone. Currently i am living here as a hermit, without anyone to help. I don't require anything from villagers, just help with something from time to time. When it comes to questions, you can contact me here, or ingame. My ingame nickname is "Xenonpl", i should be online pretty often. My village is a part of alliance "Newspring Isle". Here are some screenshots.
  3. First of all, i would like to say that im entirely aware of my meh tier english writing. Sooo to the main point, for quite a time i had an idea about new pve activity in wurm going around my head.. For now its just grinding generic monsters in bulk quantities, but what if we could add atleast some spice to it? Let's say guards now would have an option to offer you a task for specific creature to kill. First of all i would introduce new enemy: Bandit After asking guard about work, there is chance that he will send you to abandoned settlement, that is currently occupied by bandits. They of course, wont leave without a good argument... Killing them should be a long term solution. But what about their gear? Would we be able to loot them? Of course.. not! Everything they had officialy belongs to freedom kingdom. But worry not! You will still be rewarded for every thumb you will bring. Same enemies, different approaches. Monsters with bounty from guard, will have different modifiers. And additionaly, they would be stronger. Examples of what modifiers could be. >Venomous - Bites would be extremly dangerous, unless you wear good protection/use antidote made from blood of creature that poisoned you. >Enraged - Enemy would attack with less accuracy, but more frequently with higher damage. You can use special oil, to use on weapon, to make its attacks less frequent, and weaker, making it easier to kill it. >Corrupted - Beast would be corrupted by unknown magic, its defense would be much higher, unless you use silver weaponry. Etc. something like that. Tracking would now be dependent on Hunting ability. Hunting ability would be gained by tracking and killing special monsters. Tracking on lower skill would not give you too many helpfull information, at best, it would tell you aprox. size of creature and direction it was moving towards. At higher level, it would tell you more. Well, for now it's just a bare bones ideas, most of them probably would require alot of research, but at first i wonder what others would think about stuff like that. I would appreciate brainstorming.
  4. I would recommend a name like... Valrei Worldwide Program to keep consistency with a "press"
  5. So, here is something special that happend today.
  6. So, after building a bridge i mined wrong tile by mistake. The fun part is, this tile should not even be possible to edit. Its just next to bridge so i have to climb vertical wall. And probably can't really fix it. I would really be happy with any help, or respond.
  7. Well, the only reason why not.. is that caves are 2D. So i guess it can make troubles.
  8. The "Khazad Dum" is now inside whole crater in http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=747&y=-6818&z=8 .