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  1. Hello! As the title say, i want to sell silver coins. Rate is 1silver:1euro. Paypal. I have 150 coins in stock. PM me in game on Johndarkstorm. Thank you!
  2. Sold, pls delete
  3. Hello! I am in need of slate shards. What i am looking for is for someone that has a slate vein in the way and needs to get rid of it. Also is someone knows of abandoned mines that contain slate veins, feel free so send me a pm with the coordonates. Thank you!
  4. As the title said, i want to sell this beautiful light blue supreme strange bone for 50s/euros. Contact me ingame on Johndarkstorm. Thank you!
  5. I get this error. http://prntscr.com/n3o8xq . Client shows updated since i can launch the game. I tried 2 different internet connections, i tried verifying the files, even deleted one to force an update. Game updated ok but i still get this error and can't log in