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  1. I don't understand all the hate towards us, people that made a little cash. I you never engaged in RTM, why do you care? I keep hearing pay to win. There is no win in WO, not on freedom anyway. Nobody competes with his neighbor. I played for both reasons, fun and money. Until now, i never heard anyone complaining about me selling silver or bulk goods. 100% of the people i traded were happy, they had only good things to say about me being a real professional. So i did contribute to the community, a part of it anyway. And i worked hard for that money, i didn't steal it ...[14:21:33] You have played 411 days, 17 hours and 31 minutes. That's almost 9900 hours of actually being in game and plinkering at bricks and hammering nails in support beams and such, in 3 years time. And for that i payed over $1200 in premium time alone for my toons. Not to mention other purchases and deed upkeeps. And you know what? That's nothing compared to what other "damned" RTM-ers paid for the many priest alts they had in order to try to make a little cash. RMT made WO unique (believe me, i looked for alternatives, there are no viable ones), without it, it will be come a mediocre (yes, mediocre, let not kid ourselves, it's not a masterpiece of a game) sandbox, like so many out there. So please stop throwing dirt at people because they prefer to work for money. Thank you!
  2. http://prntscr.com/qy0czr This is what the great changes coming to WO are already bringing to the game. And the changes are not even on yet. Trade channel is full of ads like that. I realize they are jokes (most of them anyway) but they should at least be moderated.
  3. WO was the perfect combination for my play style. In every game i played, i loved to understand the economy, how to earn gold, how to spend it. WO gave me the option to exchange my work for some pocket money, which made it unique. But i also play the game like anyone else, i have a deed on which i build, terraform, i have farms, and forests and animals. The fact that i could make some cash with my extra time was just a bonus.
  4. You are forgetting one aspect. Many of the bulk sellers, like me, will quit. That will lead to lack of bulk goods on the market, which will in turn lead to increased prices or increased difficulty in finding what you need. Many of the people that wrote here believe that if they never involved themselves in the RMT aspect of the game, they will not be affected. In reality, these big changes will send a shock wake throughout the entire economy of the game, no matter if you engaged in RMT or not. Ismira used to buy bulk goods from me (and probably other bulk sellers) and this is the best example how both seller and buyer will have to quit. As for scamming, i've done literally hundreds of trades and not once had any problem. The wurm community is indeed awsome regarding this aspect of fair trade.
  5. This is true. However, i would like to know the ball park. I will want to auction it once i know the approximate value.
  6. Hello peeps! It's time for me to retire. I played with this toon almost every day for about 5 years i think. I have many affinities obtained after the new affinity system was introduced. 13559 karma. I would like to know how much this one is worth (i would not mind private offer either). Anyway this is him: https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Johndarkstorm
  7. And this is how a game is killed. "Rather important message"? You mean an atomic bomb that will kill what little remained of WO. Since I started playing, some 4-5 years ago, average players online at any given time, dropped from around 500 to 130. And now you remove probably more than half of those premium and other stuff buyers with this Steam bs. I am one of the players who makes and sells bulk stuff and the ones like me will quit playing the game after February. However, you will also drive away my buyers, the ones that make enough money in real life and can't spend hours and hours making bricks because they need that time to go to their jobs and earn that money in the first place. Maybe i am wrong, maybe the game will flourish on Steam but it is my prediction that we just saw the death of WO. Best of luck!
  8. Hello! I am in need of slate shards. What i am looking for is for someone that has a slate vein in the way and needs to get rid of it. Also is someone knows of abandoned mines that contain slate veins, feel free so send me a pm with the coordonates. Thank you!