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  1. Really enjoying the Rp events, the servers starting to pick up speed and settlements are starting to populate the server. With Winter approaching in game, everyone's getting ready and waiting to see what happens next in the server story. Again an amazing server and I'm so glad I stuck through the brutal winter.
  2. Fairly new to Wurm in general, with only a few hours in another server, I joined this looking for an adventure and challenge. The community is great, they put up with my puns in chat, and the events are always fun and a great way to meet fellow players. The admins are very active. and as said in the first post, Val streams fairly often, so if you can't play, I recommend having a watch of that to see what the community and rates are like. As said before, the world is vast and deadly, but it only adds to the satisfaction of finally putting down that deed and tower and making the surrounding area just a little bit more safer for travellers. Our settlement is hard at work setting up a safe waypoint to the northwest, and all travellers are welcome with a hot meal and bed to rest at. RP is encouraged, and can be a lot of fun, but not necessary. Highly recommend if you enjoy having a laugh in chat and like a slower game where you don't have everything handed to you on a plate.