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  1. Mate, a seven year itch, have you tried a farmers salve for that? Following to see what’s new round here. Hard going through all the City Hall posts. 😤
  2. Jesus... talk about necro'ing a post my guy lol
  3. Honestly it blows me that you're not being brought in to advise more on how to optimize the servers. Ive seen many posts since this whole AWS thing started where you spoke pretty much against it and it seems those words fell on deaf ears.
  4. Impressive. Next up, Wurm GIS.
  5. Aren't all things Wurm only a feature ... including the bugs? Ever played a game other then Wurm where there was a combat system? If so then you'd understand what players mean by "clunky" when they complain about it. The players that complain about the system largely are also the PvP population. While the PvE needs to be kept in mind, the combat system for PvE isn't bad other then its very hard to get into which might be changing with the update to effective quality levels. PvE combat is really chill. Target, stand, watch the messages, stab, stab, it dies, ride onto the next little monster. Edit: Lord, please dont touch terraforming. It is the one thing about wurm that isn't in need of a rework. Touch terraforming and it better come with an update that says "Wurm has now moved to a modern day game engine" lol
  6. My wurm start was some what like others, not so bad because after the tutorial island I was welcomed by Elwood, MamaD, and PingPong to Ultimarus on Indy. Though every time I did start a new character and tried to just play the game I couldn't do it. This game was so unforgiving with the wildlife, the failure rates, etc. that Im always impressed by the people who managed to stick it out on their own. Village life is definitely the life if a person is going to start out.
  7. In the 10+ years of me being around Wurm Ive only seen advertisement the couple times when Redbaron did it and Wassoo before him. This game has always relied on things like "Hey we made some new shiny stuff that old players might like..." and it spams out a few emails to us old players. Im curious to see how well they handle this second launch of Wurm to Steam. Im sure that company that bought owners share of Wurm wants to get their money back, its evident by the changes that they're about to try and bleed the community (both old and new). So will they throw a decent marketing budget to the steam launch in order to get any sort of ROI, well I sure hope so. A lot of changes, very good ones at that, have gone to the new player experience so I hope like hell they're not banking on just STEAM, steam tools and wishlists being the only marketing tool...
  8. Well ######... Things got real. Congratulations @Samool ... Im very sad to see @Buddawas removed. Though I havent finished going through the pile here to find out if he is still a developer or not, I hope he is; I can understand a product manager role change but he is still a beast developer. As far as the rest of this... Well... I might just have to dust off the old thumb drive with all things wurm on it and play again on these new servers. And @Rolfwell hell... I wondered if you actually had your forum password still or if retro was posting for you. Glad to see you're pulling up a chair again and going to sit down at the desk to bang out some content. Edit: Perhaps for this whole steam thingy.. Yall take a few pages out of Sklo's book They seemed to hit the nail on the head with the new player experience.
  9. Bruh.. That necro though lol. And the fact that the topic is still relevant lol. Honestly I think wurm has seens its end point like someone else has said. It's done and being managed now in capable hands. On to the next project or retire out completely.
  10. First - to hear you're not even prem'd right now is like o.o Second - I agree. This game still has its appeal year after year even if you aren't actively playing. Your disclaimer is spot on. lol Hearing the players experience of the hell hound reminds me of my first time coming into this game. I was wrecked by a freaking troll and spider just venturing away from Ultimarus shortly after Elwood took a buddy of mine and I in. We were instantly picked up by him, then we were instantly destroyed by spiders and trolls when we ventured from safety. We quit. Many... Many... Many... Years later... Im still logging on even if its just to browse the forums or to login my characters to say hi to friends. The new player experience in this game does suck ass but make it past that and well.. See Aums disclaimer. lol So well put Aum.
  11. Been around wurm something like 10 years or more, I dont know - dont keep track. and... Advertising ranks as probably the number one "Soon (tm)" item for this game... I feel like I know players who have done business with me over the years who have spent more money in this game then this company has spent in its advertising budget. Solution is simple.. freaking advertise.
  12. I think memorializing people in Wurm is an amazing idea and I'd personally be in favor of an actual GM-spawned only tombstone be made for this purpose. Player A passes away. Player B reports it - submits with either an obituary from credible source or something of proof (some say this is to far but sorry - to many trolls able to easily abuse otherwise) Player B makes a write up of the players life as they wish - submit for approval as well for appropriateness. GM spawns said tombstone that players can read on. Tombstone now also becomes a "guest book" where players can leave notes. To expand on this - make it a 5x5 thing, couple benches, surrounded by hedges, small pillar on the corners, stone in the middle. - this be a pre-fabbed thing that gm pops down somewhere. Iunno Im just rambling but I think this is an amazing idea because Wurm is well... a lot can be said. Yall know where Im going with this.
  13. It's a red cross made in photoshop with a fancy gradient. Did the Knights Templar threaten to sue TC? lol I'd love to see said "Copyright" that was secured by said "original creator". lol
  14. Well I assure you the game hasnt changed that much since 2016 that the discussion above is no longer relevant. Just follow the advice given above - get newer gen stuff and bam, you're good to go, happy wurming.
  15. I know - the point of bringing it up is see how it was an ADDITION TO not a complete replacement of? That's what fishing should of been.
  16. If you can afford the i7 - get the i7. If you're stretching yourself - dont get it. I5 or I7 - Ive ran MANY wurm accounts on both cpu's just fine. So get whichever you want. Have fun.
  17. Funny you mention that, Runescape mining and smithing rework comes out in 2 days. ? Guess what they did? You can still mine the same, can still smith thousands of pieces if you want to max that way OR you can smith one piece and imp on it over and over again getting better skill. Guess what the player base is doing? We're stupid excited for it. They didn't take anything away they just expanded upon.
  18. As I have stated in a previous post that has since been moved to "suggestions section", the old system should of been left in place and this new system should of been an addition to. A single developer saw chance to make their favorite skill more interactive and fun for them - which they thought would be more fun for everybody (not a bad thing - some best ADDITIONS to a game are solutions to personal problems or desires). Took the chance and did it (Next two in no particular order cause I honestly dont know the timeline but they seem really close) Change goes in. Developer passes away Now who is going to take the feedback on the clearly not well received system and fix it? Add old system back in, leave it the way it was. Add new system into it and be it a bonus to skilling similar to the way CoC gives more skill on tools or something. Yall know what Im trying to say. The new system sucks. As OG Aetherwalker said when hearing of the passing, "The last person to know and understand Rolfs bowl of spaghetti code is now gone, what will happen to wurm now?". Big Question.
  19. Nothing should ever be taken away from the game - just built upon. Old fishing should of stayed in and it should of just been expanded upon. If people wanted to do the reels, tackle, and minigame then let them do that and reward them in skill for doing that. However if in order to gain skill is still as hard as it was and the actions are harder to obtain that skill in the first place - that's a broken system. Best suggestion is to give back the old fishing, add in the new fishing and give the new fishing higher skill gain value over the old system. The way it was done just rewarded EVERY person who AFKd using the old system and penalized everyone who wants to do fishing in the future by making it that much harder. If it was me as @Nikisaid, which we dont agree on much - ever, I'd be working on all the skills I can before someone else comes along and does something ridiculous like this to the next skill.
  20. Damn... I check the forums from time to time just to see how the game is progressing and to see how the community is doing. Today I give it a look to find this and am crushed. Rudie took me in shortly after the opening of Deliverance and eventually Winter joined us, these two would literally be the ones that taught me most everything I knew about the game. To this day when or if I login, my characters are all standing in the Rivendell area on Deliverance; I always considered the area to be "Home". Talking with Winter on Vent was a great time, venturing with him back and forth to Chaos a couple times was great; I don't think I'll ever forget the raid on Sparta cause that was also when Rudie and I were moving Winter from Chaos to Deliverance. His wisdom in the game was amazing, he knew just about every mechanic at the time inside and out, knew the best ways to train, and always played a big part in our Unique slaying adventures. Winter always gave what he could, would give the chain off his back for ya. Wurm definitely lost a piece with this passing. Rest Easy old timer.
  21. I would say more like: Ruger always is willing and has provided full chat logs+screenshots+paypal statements to staff and the otherside generally hasn't in which case we get upset people like these here. Odynn, nicrolis, and company mad that I got valrei items but what odynn never told his group is that Ruger had organized the slayings with agreement he kept the valrei items and odynn would get the full scale piece, skull, or whatever he chose. Then the valrei items had a price on them and everyone was like "wait, their were valrei items and these are worth something? They are worth more then the scale set I am trying to make? Oh no ruger is a theif.". Rasu saying incident at Deathfell and someone about the incident of Rosedragon, when really I had nothing to do with that. A lot of times people confuse me for original aetherwalker and original aetherwalker for me to which makes things that much more funny. So yeah more like Ruger has always put everything on the table and said "Well?" and the other side has always had their bluff called and walked away. Ive never been one for big behind the scenes politicing and smere campaigns so I have left it all alone. Generally its the quietter ones that get screwed because they get overshadowed by the group that bands together that felt slighted because they had their bluff called.
  22. I commend you on attempting to make everything connect but you fail short by a far shot. You still keep saying Rara invited a character and said character cleaned you out but you never actually show that rara invited this character and said character was brought into your village to clean you out. Fun fact: Charlatan was banned with scale bits, not a scale set. Ruger was banned with a scale set. However this was year+ ago. Fun fact #2: I changed from Trenith forum acccount to tintin because I made a character named tintin after I gave trenith account away when I bought a few accounts, namely Rara and Jup. I made ruger forum account when I made ruger character.
  23. Alright I will. Can yall at least make this thread more entertaining by providing logs, screenshots, etc. of anything I am accussed of? I mean support tickets were filed, least people could do is even provide those and show how they lost because they didnt give the truth and nothing but the truth, instead got caught in they own lies and ######. If we're going to name and shame, let's put it all on the table as accurately as possible for the record please. Thanks.
  24. If things were actually taken, which no evidence of anything being taken has been made yet - its all circumstantial and im entertaining the hell out of it -, it sounds like it was all done because MD made poor use of his permissions system. A magic chest with a lock, requires permissions right? A house, requires permissions right? Didn't they just make a very indepth new permission system? Doesnt said new permission system allow you to set villager, nonvillager, and even specific player permissions? Sounds like MD didn't set his permissions properly.
  25. How does that post alone confirm that? Did you physically see me log into Rara and pickup anything? Did you physically see me ride off into the sunset with anything? Did you physically see these items laying around any deed I own? You just said Rara invited a character named Slimmyballs into the village and they cleaned you out. Im asking if you can show proof of that and you can't even do that. But Im the bullshitter?