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  1. I like the concept of a Mag forge enchantment, but this is indeed massively OP as is. Even a low cast would mean a huuuge benefit for any even halfway serious smith. A more balanced alternative might be a low-favour Mag spell that refuels a forge but adds burn-time cumulatively. So instead of the burn-time maxing out at the ql-determined cap, as it would be if refuelled non-magically, the burn-time is extended by the equivalent length of time. To keep burn-time reaching ridiculous lengths, spell difficulty could be pegged to forge quality: the higher the quality of the forge, the lower the chance of success.
  2. Delivered to PvE Freedom outer coast. Can also summon or be summoned on Xan. Asking: Batch 1 - 25s 15s *10s* Batch 2 - 25s 15s *10s* Batch 3 - 25s 15s *10s* Batch 4 - 25s *22.5s* >>>SOLD<<<
  3. Asking 18s *15s* delivered to Freedom PvE outer coast. Can also summon or be summoned on Xan.
  4. Over 114,000 favour for Nahjo and Libila priests. Equivalent to over 18k 100ql chopped corn for same. Asking 20s *10s* delivered to PvE Freedom outer coast.
  5. Jackal weapon skins for sale – 3s ea Jackal skins currently available for short sword, long sword, two-handed sword, small axe, (medium) axe, small maul, butchering knife, and sickle. PM for details or to make arrangements.
  6. For what it's worth, I used my PoL tile on Jackal a day or two ago and successfully advanced to Rock on an alt. One thing that stands out for me is that the 5x5, 25 -tile area around the PoL tile should be mostly grass (with or without flowers). So if only 9 tiles have grass/flowers, that won't be enough. To make things somewhat easier, though, you'll only need four flowers in that 5x5 area.
  7. Bump. A disembark+lead option or 'keep led' option that auto-leads mounts every time you disembark would also be a great QoL feature.
  8. Still looking for a few things. Now offering 70ql+ bows in trade (still paying coin if desired).
  9. Though personally the zombie look is no skin off my back (sorry), I agree wholeheartedly with the OP's point. Compulsory fun is anything but.
  10. I need: 50 or so 70+ql logs A few Bloodthirst casts A few bronze Libila runes A few blank 70/80+ql weapons / 70/80+ql WS imps A couple of 80/90+ LT casts A few rift wood I can offer coin or the following in trade: 70+ chainsmithing services 70+ql willow bows 50+ql maple war arrows Vyn casts (70 channelling) Various rares (iron staff, rope tool, and others) Rift crystals Wood bronze Vyn runes (boat speed runes) ... and much more
  11. Problem: Currently, the square yard rig is a non-impable/non-repairable item (I assume the same is true for other rigs?). This means you might put a massive amount of work/mats into making it (12 cordage, 4 square sails, etc. with low skills is no mean feat) only to have it poof when you try to attach it to your ship in progress. You watch the damage inching up towards 100, your heart sinking in the knowledge there's nothing you can do about it, until finally the sad trombone honks *wah, wah* and you decide to have a Wurm break. Or so I've been told. Solution: Make the rigs impable/repairable like most (all?) other complex components.
  12. 15s may be achievable. I was looking for an account just like this a year ago, and PCs of 5s/eur were made then too. I got zero offers after many weeks of bumping (no surprise) and had to grind for myself. For someone who only wants a competent deed keeper or mule alt that will never need prem'ing up, this could well be a great deal. Having made a few such accounts, I know it takes dozens of hours of optimum grinding to get those stats. A lot of people value that kind of time highly, or at least they ought to.
  13. Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increment: 25c Sniper Extension: 1hr Buyout: 10 of Each Rift Mat Type (on Jackal)
  14. WTA Rare Ropetool

    Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increment: 25c Sniper Extension: 1hr Buyout: 10 of Each Rift Mat Type (on Jackal)
  15. Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increment: 25c Sniper Extension: 1hr Buyout: 10 of Each Rift Mat Type (on Jackal)
  16. As much as I'd benefit from this personally, it feels like a change in the wrong direction. Herb-farming for Nahjo/Lib favour is already OP as it is, and this would make it even more so.
  17. Agreed. I'm not a huge fan of Glasshollow Market, but littering their thread with words like 'misleading' and 'shady' reeks of unwarranted bad faith. Re 'misleading': The OP explains how it works clearly. And paying a fully refundable deposit for an open-ended period of use actually fits very comfortably within the definition of 'rent free'. I'd assume that the two players wanting to make the transaction would come to an agreement on value – like every other trade in the game. And seriously, where on Wurm is the idea coming from that a GM would be assigning value to goods? I just ... nope, no words. As for what happens at the end, the OP states they pay back 7s once you want out. So going on that, I'd assume if you opt to pay in items, those items then become their property to do with as they please. Really don't see how any of this qualifies as 'shady'. People are free to make choices, and this has real potential to be a win-win arrangement for some players.
  18. Believe it or not, I've filled all 10 configs on a 10-slot toolbelt and could easily use more. So colour me crazy