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  1. The caravel is cedar. The cordage is sold. Would need 20s to part with all of the 16ql gold lump. No problem for the rest.
  2. *Remaining Stock Moved to Final Clearance Sale Thread* ***Updated Pics with Reduced Prices and New Items (Feb 20)*** Most Recent Prices / Stock: More Recent Prices / Stock: Recent Prices / Stock: Medium-Old Prices / Stock: Old Prices / Sold Stock: Older Prices / Sold Stock: Oldest Prices / Sold Stock:
  3. 300 of each large and small nails already sold. Will do 75c/1k on the remaining ones - arch frags are yours for 1s. PM to arrange pickup.
  4. All iron ribbons, iron fence bars, planks sold All low-ql logs sold 5k clay, 3k wemp sold
  5. rare 6.4k bloodthirst longbow sold
  6. Offering a range of armour sets, enchanted and blank. Sets will be mailed CoD in a backpack. Rare Black Cloth Set (with Leather Cap) – €15 or 22.5s €12 or 18s ***15s*** SOLD 84–85ql Red Studded Leather, Web Armour – 3s 2s *1s50c* ***SOLD*** 65+ql Studded Leather Set, Some AoSP – 1s25c 75c *60c* ***SOLD*** 84–85ql Steel Plate Set, AoSP – 4s *3s* ***SOLD*** 84–85ql Steel Plate Set, Web Armour (1) – 4s 3s 2s50c 2s ***SOLD*** 84–85ql Steel Plate Set, Web Armour (2) – 5s 4s 3s 2s50c ***SOLD*** 85+ql Steel Plate Sets, Unenchanted – 2s50c *1s85s* ea ***SOLD*** 2x 70+ql Leather Sets, Web Armour – 1s50c 1s20c 1s ***75c*** ea 3x 70+ql Leather Sets, Unenchanted – 50c 35c 25c ***20c*** ea
  7. ***Sale Now Over – Most remaining goods will be sold as a package with the Glarnfadryn deeds*** Collect from Glarnfadryn (Q/R24 Xanadu) Delivery by wagoner possible Bulks 99+ql garlic - 40c/1k 30c/1k *25c/1k* 95+ql herbs - 50c/1k Meat/Fillets - 20c/1k 15c/1k *10c/1k* 98+ql wemp/ wemp fibre - 40c/1k *30c/1k* 95+ql cotton - 40c/1k 50+ql clay - 40c/1k *New* 100ql clay - 1s/1k *75c/1k* 83+ql ash - 1.5s/1k 1.25k/1k *1s/1k* Catseyes - 1.5s/1k Sprouts - 1s/1k *75c/1k* *New* - 2k 90+ql Stone Bricks - 2s/1k *New* - Crates full of logs under 50ql – 10c ea | 50+ql – 30c ea | 70+ql – 50c ea | 80+ql – 75c ea Metal lumps: ***25% Off Prices Listed Below*** Iron, Copper, Lead, Tin, Zinc under 50ql – 25c/1k | 50-80ql – 50c/1k | 80-90ql – 75c/1k | 90-97ql – 1.25c/1k | 97-100ql – 1.5s/1k Gold, Silver under 50ql – 25c/1k | 50-80ql – 50c/1k | 80-90ql – 1s/1k | 90-97ql – 2s/1k | 97-100ql – 3s/1k Steel 50-70ql – 1s25c/1k | 70-80ql – 2.5s/1k | 80-90ql – 5s/1k Bronze, Brass under 50ql – 1s/1k | 50-80ql – 50c/100 | 80-90ql – 1s/100 | 90-97ql – 2s/100 Electrum under 50ql – 1s/1k Arrows (per 100): ***25% Off Prices Listed Below*** 15+ql - 20c | 30+ql - 40c | 50+ql - 75s | 70+ql - 2s 70+ql arrow heads - 75c/1k Animal Parts: Teeth/Glands/Hearts - 1s/1k 75c/1k *50c/1k* All other animal parts - 25c/1k Eyes - 20c/1k ***Updated Pics (Feb 18)*** Rare/Non-Rare Forges, Smelters, Loom, Deco, Liquids High-QL Booze – Moved to Auction Bulk Cookware Pans - 3s 2.5s *2s* for all (including backpacks) Bowls - 1s 75c *50c* for all (including rafts) 42k+ total ql in Gems ***SOLD*** 40s for all (equiv. to less than 10i/ql) Partial sale possible (PM) Also available: Large Magical Chests (x4) - 25 EUR 20 EUR ea SOLD Rare Large Cart (Painted Red) - 8s *6s* 91+ql Runed Knarr (x2) - 7s ea Knarr missing one peg (Finish to choose wood type) - 6s 90+ql Caravel - 10s Spyglasses (x3) - 3s 2s *1.5s* ea Active/Noisy Beehives (70–85ql x10) - 50c ea Rafts (~x75) - 2c ea Champion Wildcat (male) - *Claimed* (Pending purchase) Single-Named 5-speed Jet-Black Horses (both venerable) – Names: Ben (male) and Lady (female) - Offer
  8. Sold: supreme saw, iron supreme carving knife, steel supreme stone chisel, steel
  9. 8 more horse shoes sold, 8 left
  10. PMed you in-game. Have no answers for price enquiries till I get an offer or two. And a good offer will get either or both of them outright.
  11. Supreme/rare studded set now only €20
  12. By popular demand, presenting two low/mid-range priests with several useful abilities Taking Offers in EUR – Verified PayPal (friends/family) No premium time left on either, will be sold naked in SE Xan Q/R24 Ruadhan – €75 ***€60*** SOLD Mag Priest with Transfer 66.82 Faith, 70 Channelling 40 Animal Husbandry (Care for 5 animals) Unused Hand Mirror (Can Customize Appearance) 23 Mind Logic (Can Command Knarr), 23 Body Strength (Can Load/Unload) 21 Body Control (Can Ride Horse) 30 Meditating, Rock on PoL (Can enchant grass, refresh) Full Skill Dump (relatively significant skills in green): Cathaoir – €50 ***€40*** SOLD Mag Priest with Transfer 59.91 Faith, 43 Channelling, 30 Animal Husbandry (Care for 4 animals) Unused Hand Mirror (Can Customize Appearance) 23 Mind Logic (Can Command Knarr) 23 Body Strength (Can Load/Unload) 21 Body Control (Can Ride Horse) 30 Meditating, Goodhearted on PoL (Can Refresh) (Just two questions away from Rock (enchant grass) – can do first question straight after prem'ing and second 18 days afterwards) Full Skill Dump (relatively significant skills in green):
  13. Four rare horseshoes sold (woa 98,98,97,97)
  14. Cloth set sold - studded set still for sale
  15. Both rare saddles now sold (pending payment on woa100 one).