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  1. 7 - 40c 9 - 40c 13 - 2s10c 22 - 50c 24 - 1s 27 - 20c 32 - 30c 34 - 20c 39 - 20c
  2. When moving multiple items from a pile into containers, if the container has room for all but one or two items, the pile will dematerialize, automatically closing the pile window and orphaning the remaining items which then have to be manually picked up and moved from character inventory into the next empty container. This is annoying. Possible solution: Maintain the existence of the pile as long as the pile window is open on the client, even if it is reduced to only 1 or 2 items. Only when player closes pile window allow decomposition of one- or two-item piles into individual, non-stacked items.
  3. Final Update: After reinforcing the floors at '-1' or '-2' I was able to level the ceilings above them. This seems to have been the difference that had allowed me to level ceilings at '-3'. Summing up, then, it looks like the issue is levelling ceilings from a tile with reinforced floor to a tile with non-reinforced floor. This seems in need of a fix.
  4. After re-reading the thread, I tested the issue more thoroughly. It turns out I can in fact level the ceilings at '-3', just not those at '-1' or '-2'.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but... Over the last few days, when I log on I get this message: '[12:48:12] Your premium time expires this week.' However, according to the online store, I have just over 2 months premium time remaining. (It is the same toon (Gwyn) in both cases.)
  6. I've run into this problem today. Like JakeRivers, I was trying to level a ceiling tile from an adjacent underground building, something I'd done many times in the past without issue whilst building my boat cave. Here's the layout of the building ('X' = building tile, '-' = planned bridges; north = up): X X -3 -3 -3 X X X X X X X X X X -2 X X X X X X X -2 X X X X X X X -2 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X -1 X X X X X X X -1 X X X X X X X -1 X -1 I specifically need to level ceilings above the '-' bridge corridors to make clearance for the bridges, but when I try I get '[12:10:26] You can not mine next to reinforced floors.' This is a major problem for me, as it makes my building design impossible without ripping up a huge amount of work/mats I've already put in. I would have to carve out the three 'X' building tiles adjacent to each planned bridge, build a 1x1 scaffold in the central '-' tile of each planned bridge, mine upwards until enough clearance is achieved, and then destroy scaffolds and rebuild the removed 'X' tiles. Apart from this issue, I'm now unable to heighten the ceilings of my reinforced mine corridors. If I'd known this mechanic was going to change, I'd have waited before reinforcing them. (Just checked, now able to. *shrug*) I'd love to know why the ability to mine ceilings above/next to reinforced floors was ever removed in the first place, and I'd love it even more if it was restored.
  7. Simple idea, possibly easy to implement: 1. Right-clicking directly on waterskin brings up 'drink' option which is applied to contents, i.e. no need to expand water skin and then click on whatever is inside. 2. Provide keybind for 'drink'. Benefits: 1. Allows waterskins to be added to toolbelt for rapid quaffing. (Of course water/other liquids can be added as well, but every time they are consumed they have to be re-added. Not so if it is the waterskin itself in the toolbelt.) 2. Creates incentive to actually use waterskins versus pottery jars etc. Waterskins should be better at what they're designed for – providing easy access to liquid refreshment. (Related idea: Any fall that would injure a character risks breaking any pottery items in inventory. The risk is directly proportional to the severity of the fall and inversely proportional to the quality of the pottery item.)
  8. Materials don't come any better than this – nine lots of 100-quality mats ready for bidding. Starting Bid: See below for each lot Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hr Buyout: Offers considered Please post bids by lot number. Lot 1 – 300 Clay (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 2 – 300 Copper Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 3 – 1,000 Iron Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 4 – 300 Marble Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 5 – 300 Rock Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 1s Lot 6 – 300 Silver Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 7 – 1,000 Slate Shards (100 quality) Starting Bid: 3s Lot 8 – 300 Tar (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Lot 9 – 300 Tin Lumps (100 quality) Starting Bid: 2s Delivery free to outer coastal Freedom locations if winning bid(s) over 5s total (other bulks available at standard prices if winner wishes to top up), otherwise 50c charge. Alternatively, goods can be picked up from Xanadu Q/R24 on in-game map.
  9. Transferring large amounts of dirt, bricks, etc. between BSBs and crates is about as annoying as a mosquito in the ear. A little part of me dies every time I have to drag/drop umpteen thousand times while holding shift + enter as I can't see any good reason for this mechanic, apart from the link to body strength. Suggestion: Have transfer of any amount greater than what fits in toon's inventory trigger a timer. Length of timer is calculated according to body strength (or available carrying capacity) and weight of transferred items. Allow any amount to be transferred up to capacity limit of either container involved in transfer; higher amount = longer timer. Allow multiple transfers to be queued just like any other action. Edit: This would also eliminate transfer actions failing and needing to be repeated when you enter an amount that exceeds your current inventory capacity.
  10. Cod to Gwyn, please: fruit press, oakenwood QL78 - CoC74 - 10c hatchet, iron QL58 - CoC81 - 10c large anvil, iron QL61 - CoC40, WoA65 - 10c
  11. +1 with appropriate balancing, this could be great
  12. WTB Supreme Hammer

    Found one, can close
  13. Please close

    COD to Gwyn please: hammer, iron QL52 - CoC58, WoA73 - 10c pickaxe, iron QL35 - CoC35, WoA62 - 10c pickaxe, iron QL40 - CoC41, WoA63 - 10c pickaxe, iron QL65 - CoC76, WoA75 - 10c pickaxe, iron QL66 - CoC36, WoA66 - 10c small anvil, iron QL51 - CoC93, WoA98 - 20c
  14. WTB Supreme Hammer

    If you've got a supreme hammer, I've got fistfuls of silver
  15. +1 Here are some ideas I posted about plaster that might tie in to this. As for keeping things medieval, plasters in various forms have been around for thousands of years. Simple, mud-based ones have probably been used on interiors since people started building huts.
  16. +1 I was thinking of posting a similar suggestion myself a month or two ago. 60 slope seems like a reasonable limit. If this gets implemented, I might just drop everything and go on a trail-building spree
  17. QL22 hatchet, iron - CoC94 - 10c 64QL saw, iron - WoA40 - 10c QL83 stone chisel, iron - BOTD81 - 25c 75QL dragon shoulder pad, steel - 50c To Gwyn please
  18. +1 And I'd love to see other metals usable for sheet roofing as well: lead, tin, zinc