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  1. After not a small amount of struggle, I finally cobbled together a rudimentary toolbelt on Jackal. Hooray! Or so I thought until I returned to Freedom and discovered that the Jackal arrangements have overwritten my Freedom toolbelt. Same thing happens between Freedom and Epic. Apparently there's a (very painstaking) workaround, but outright no-fuss separation would be so much simpler (for players) and user friendly. To be honest, it feels like an oversight that this isn't already in the game, seeing as Jackal is intended, at least in part, to be a sideshow for players with a permanent presence in the other clusters.
  2. Marble bricks, squares of cloth, planks, and small nails I believe. You can find it in crafting recipe window ('n' by default).
  3. You can expand into the corruption by building freedom beacons then deed. The map is huge.
  4. For the record, I for one welcome our new dog-faced overlords!
  5. Let's make this happen. How hard can it be?
  6. Oh my wow! It looks like an already excellent tool just got ten times better. Can't wait to give this a whirl
  7. Please take me at my word. The situation is as described. I make a *lot* of pizzas. You may have seen my regular ads offering 5 or 10 unique slices of pizza in trade chat. That is because for over a year, about once or twice a month I make 10 highly complex pizzas that use as many unique ingredients as possible (50+). I follow set routines, and cooking is no exception. The vast majority of my veg and herbs have always been taken from FSB pre-chopped. I might have to chop a few odd ingredients now and again when the FSB is short – but there have been no significant changes in my cooking routine for over a year. In the past month, however, there has been a huge drop in affinity timer lengths across all types of cooked food that I have years of experience cooking. As I said, one significant and seemingly concurrent event has been the fact that I swapped out the contents of my FSBs a few weeks ago in order to fit QL locks. Could this have activated some latent update to the complexity system that my FSBs had been protected from? Others have observed inconsistencies here as well, although oddly much longer ago. In the spoiler, taken from another thread is a comment from Locath (who, as the creator of the publicly available affinity calculator, ought to know what he's talking about): Here's the relevant quote from Locath: After chopping the ingredients without putting them in to FSB, straight into the pan, timers are back to normal. Issue seems to be with FSB, this didn't happen before. Fresh vs FSB stored might have been different, never used ingredients with "fresh" tag but chopped and stored in FSB used to work fine until recently. So something was changed. Leaving aside the mystery of why it's affecting me only now, the big question remains: is this a bug or an intended feature? The question was never answered in the other threads.
  8. TL;DR FSBed chopped veg/herbs and ground spices are much less complex than freshly chopped/ground. This was not the case only a few weeks ago. Can I please get confirmation whether this is a bug or intended feature?
  9. New test: Made same meal twice, once with pre-chopped veggies taken from FSB, once with unchopped veg taken from FSB and then chopped just prior to cooking. Fresh-chopped meal gave long timer in line with past experience – roughly three times the length of the pre-chopped meal. This, or a similar bug has been reported in past: Hypothesis: This may be affecting me now because I recently swapped out the contents of my FSBs in order to fit quality locks. That seems to coincide with the start of the issue.
  10. Tested by making a meal instead of pizza - similar massive nerf to affinity timer. 16 unique ingredients all top ql, all chopped/minced if possible, 99ql meal - 51min timer. In past it would have been 4 hrs or so.
  11. Just made another pizza with far fewer ingredients (20+ unique). It came out with a lower affinity timer (2 hrs). This too is much, much less than similar pizzas I've made in the past, which usually gave 8-9 hrs.
  12. 99ql highly complex pizzas (50+ unique ingredients) are giving only 3-hr affinity timers. Pizzas made the exact same way a month or two ago gave roughly 20-hr timers. This is the second batch of ten pizzas that has come out this way (first two weeks ago, second today). I have ruled out human error (the stones were definitely cycled through inventory of a character with 100 HFC and active prem).
  13. I use them regularly around Xan. My play sessions are often only a couple of hours long, so they're a godsend when I do any kind of serious hunting/exploring.
  14. As in the subject line. Minus cap. PM details and asking prices.
  15. Asking 14s ***12s*** Free delivery to outer coast PvE
  16. Summary of the exchange so far, as I see it (with a touch of levity): 1. Concerned Players: [Thread after thread, page after page of evidence and explanation showing the current goal operates like a taxpayer-funded lottery, with the general player base as the taxpayers and the rite participants as the jackpot winners.] 2. Concerned Players: We don't want to be taxed and have our work redistributed at random. We don't want a lottery. We don't like gambling. We want an honest challenge that takes teamwork to overcome and rewards the team that overcame it. 3. Retrograde: Well, the lottery is won by only a few players and takes a team of taxpayers to fund; therefore, it is challenging and rewards teamwork. 4. Concerned Players: ? Umm... But that's not what words mean. You haven't actually addressed Point 2 at all. 5. Retrograde: All right, all right. So the problem is that not enough people have won the lottery yet to keep you rabble quiet. So we'll feed the lottery jackpot with new taxes. More taxes, more lotto draws, more winners! Everybody's happy! 6. Concerned Players: *Sigh* No, because the nature of a lottery means some people may still never win, regardless of the number of draws or how much they are taxed. Again, we don't want to gamble for our own collective work. We want a fair reward for a fair challenge that requires a group effort. 7. Retrograde: Ah, but you see, the lottery is a fair challenge because not everyone wins. And it is a group effort, because the entire player base is being taxed to fund it ... ... And on and on it goes. Maybe we can break out of this loop?
  17. One major flaw I see with increasing favour contributions is that an easier-filled pool will mean even more frequent RoS and HC casts and the sleep bonus and characteristic gains that go with them. And we're already drowning in silly amounts of sleep bonus as it is. Other suggestions that have been made (see above) don't exacerbate this problem.
  18. No one has any problem with it being difficult. At present, it is not difficult. In fact, it is trivial. It depends entirely on luck for all but the tiniest minority who have taken it upon themselves, either alone or in small groups, to charge deity favour pools. I would be happy to re-explain or link content if you missed these points. Most of us want an honestly difficult and fair challenge that does not penalize pro-community fair play. A proper fix would address this non-relationship between effort and goal completion. This could mean offering players some protection on their work charging the deity favour pool, or fairly rewarding that work, or changing how deity favour works altogether. Here are a few such suggestions that have already been made: Mission favour contributions, a 90 channeling req't, and cooldowns do not mend this massive rupture between effort and reward and some of these might actually cause other issues.
  19. At present, completing the 'Participate in a Rite' journal goal is linked to a massive reward but – for the vast majority of players – completing it has nothing to do with effort and everything to do with dumb luck. Below is another idea for mitigating this randomness and giving players greater control over their goal progression. First mentioned (to my knowledge) about two weeks ago in another thread: Suggestion: Expand the 'Cast a Global Spell' journal goal to include prayer (and possibly sermon) contributions to the deity favour pool. Once a character has contributed a total of 10k deity favour (10% of the total req'd) to successfully performed rites, the goal requirements are satisfied. The point is threefold: To ensure a link between effort/difficulty and reward (which does not actually exist at present) To give casual players who cannot always be online at just the right time a reasonable chance at completing the goal To give Ritual of the Sun and Rite of Death casting priests a reasonable chance at completing the goal