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  1. Taking EUR offers on a mountain complex of three deeds located at Q/R24 on Xanadu: Deed boundaries marked in red below: Quick pic (deeds located in foreground, at far right and top): Settlement info screenshots: Glarnfadyn pics, More pics Glarnfadryn Mound pics Glarnfadryn Caldera pics The deeds are all connected above ground by paths and bridges, and below ground by fully reinforced and paved tunnels. There is a boat cave under the main deed and a huge network of caverns covering its entire footprint, as well as extensive reinforced mines off deed and under the Caldera deed (ideal area for an underground farm). Although heavily built, it has little in the way of decor so potential buyers could easily put their own personal stamp on the place. The main castle has three very large rooms: a five-storey throne room, three-storey banquet hall, and another two-storey chamber above. Further up are smaller rooms meant as private accommodation. Just underground from the main level is a large workshop with four double-height levels, all connected by ramps to ground level. Outside is a farming area (now overgrown) of about 120 tiles (some off deed) and a large number of animal pens with enchanted grass. There are also dozens of planter racks and hundreds of planters for herb/spice cultivation. The package includes three deed holder characters: two recently prem'd zero-skill alts, and one utility alt (23 body strength, 23 mind logic, 21 body control, 30 meditation PoL - can enchant grass and refresh). It will also include a huge range of tools, goods and sundries in well-organized quality-locked bins and containers in the workshop, including enough 90+ and 100ql food ingredients to keep an army fed for years. This stock is in addition to any unsold stock and items here, which can also be bundled into the deal, subject to negotiation. Some key details: Upper 90s courier enchanted mailboxes at every deed, over a dozen at main deed including one instant mailbox Clay tile, tar tile, peat tile just outside workshop on deed Plenty of five-speed hell horses, bison, jet black horses, and horses of other colours Plenty of four-speed unicorns All meditation tiles on deed or near deed (PoK, PoI, PoL, PoP) 10+ Freedom wagons, including at least four with size/speed rune Almost all harvestable trees and bushes available on deed or in perimeter, including fenced-off olive, maple, pine, and walnut orchards Upkeep paid for about a year, combined upkeep less than 5s per month
  2. sold by pm: all masks, two seryll pendulums, woa96c93 rare carving knife, w98c99 rare butchering knife sold
  3. Pics updated, prices marked down a second time, a few bits and pieces added.