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  1. Currently, 26 ore fragments must be painstakingly combined before the ore can be smelted. Maybe this is some kind of dev joke but if so, the humour in it escapes me. Suggestion: Version 1. Allow uncombined ore fragments to be smelted to produce a lump 1/26 the weight of a full ore, or the corresponding proportion for semi-combined fragments. Version 2. Allow uncombined ore fragments to be instantly combined (no action timer), much like any combinable bulk item.
  2. nerf iron, buff steel / new metal type

    I make and use a lot of steel and, believe it or not, the current mechanics already make it well worth the effort, especially for weapons, armour, and tools that see a lot of wear like pickaxes, shovels, and chisels. That said, a small increase in the bonus, say 30% less damage versus the current 20%, might entice more players to discover the benefits for themselves. Either way, I personally will continue to choose steel over iron anytime I can.
  3. Looking for best deal out there on very large volume of bulk veg (any ql). Up to 30k, perhaps more if the price is right.
  4. Getting back on topic ... As someone might have said, had they been born in our time: the reports of the death of Wurm's markets have been greatly exaggerated. I can only speak from my own (pretty extensive) experience. In the short time this thread has been running, I've made several major sales across multiple sectors (ships, bulks, tools, armour). Overall, I haven't lowered my prices since I started playing three years ago; if anything they've gone up because I'm less cash-desperate and therefore less inclined to discount goods to generate coin. And although many would-be buyers do find cheaper offers elsewhere (they sometimes tell me so), I continue to sell far more than I need to for my enjoyment of the game. Right now I am swamped with orders that I didn't even seek out – the customers came to me. Meanwhile, as a buyer I have had to pay more for certain goods/services in the past month than two years ago because there were no better offers. So I'm seeing some prices go up while others go down and still others stay level, as I would expect in a functioning, evolving free market. True, the player base is dwindling, but the attrition has also included players who were net sellers/hoarders, leaving gaps in certain sectors of the market. All their stock then becomes largely irrelevant to the supply/demand equation; if goods/services aren't actually on the market, they may as well not exist as far as pricing is concerned. At the end of the day, however, you'll only know where the opportunities exist by diving in and seeing what doesn't sell, what does, for how much, and how long it takes. My advice would be to take any claims of spiralling prices from would-be buyers with a very, very large grain of salt; even if they are substantiated, there is no moral imperative to discount just because someone else sold the same thing for less. Stick to your prices and gradually adjust (up or down) according to your eagerness to close a sale. Simple as.
  5. Quality lock on containers.

    Producing a lock of the exact QL required will be a pain, and virtually impossible for 100 QL bins. (I recently made thousands of locks using 100 QL iron on my 70 LS Mag priest, and not one came out at 100 QL.) And I'd hazard that it's 100 QL bins that players will most want these attached to first. Suggestion: Allow the QL floor to be set within a certain range of the lock's QL. Tentatively, +/-5 QL seems reasonable, or at a minimum +/- 1 QL.
  6. This is a one-time deal: first come, first (and last) served! Colossus of Vynora built at location of your choosing for only the price of the mats – 6s.
  7. Hi Lumpy The deal is I start and complete the colossus (add the last brick). I need to build a colossus for a journal tier, which is the only reason I'm offering to do the labour for free.
  8. Over 114,000 favour for Nahjo or Libila priests. Equivalent to around 18.3k chopped corn for same. Asking 20s ***17s50c*** delivered to Freedom outer coast.
  9. Might go down that route, if this doesn't pan out. But for now the sale is still on! Parsley, sage, and thyme also available (albeit in smaller quantities).
  10. Rosemary gives twice as much favour as garlic for Nahjo/Libila priests and it is very hard to obtain in large quantities at high ql. You're a funny guy, Angel
  11. Currently, the moment a deed disbands, a green-text announcement appears in the 'event' tab and the info goes to Niarja for all to see. This leads to salvagers swooping down immediately on the deeds to loot them, camp them with alts, and/or lock them down in various ways to block access to other players. In essence, it's not at all unlike what happens with uniques. Suggested Change Instead of announcing disbands automatically the moment upkeep runs out, let them disband quietly. An announcement is still made, but not until a player actually steps onto the former territory of the disbanded deed (example event message: 'Player X reports that Deed Y is no more. It disbanded on ...'). Not only does this feel more natural, to me at least, it gives everyone a better chance of stumbling onto the ruins of an old settlement, which for me was some of the most fun I've ever had in Wurm. Even if only for the prestige of being the one to discover the disband (and see one's name in green text), this would give players more reason to venture off deed and explore.
  12. Reading the replies, I get the sense my suggestion has been largely misunderstood. Let me take responsibility for that and set the record straight: the suggested change is pro-salvage. By all means, players should recycle useful stuff abandoned by those gone AWOL. In fact, the whole point of this suggestion is to make the salvage experience just a bit more likely to happen for everyone. The current auto-announcement of disbands incentivizes a dreary style of metagaming and excludes players who are unwilling to engage in it by tracking deed locations, planting alts, setting alarms, keeping calendars, etc. By making the announcement trigger only when the deed area is visited post-disband, more casual players will at least have a chance of stumbling onto an El Dorado. Hardcore salvagers would still have ways to secure an advantage (and arguably they should), but the advantage would not be as huge and exclusionary as it is now. TL;DR Salvage good; rewarding salvage metagaming bad.
  13. Sample size: 50 Displayed creation chance: 57% Success rate: 100% (0 Fails) Probability that the displayed chance is correct, and this is due to random luck: about 1 in 1.6 trillion. In other words, the chance shown is simply wrong, wrong, wrong. Mind-boggling that this still hasn't been fixed. The actual creation chances must be dead simple to derive from the code since they determine the output. Either show them accurately, or remove displayed chances altogether. Why have the interface literally lie to the players?
  14. That derailed quickly. Posts related to the OP welcome; others, not so much.
  15. I think you might be lost. There is nothing in my suggestion about a no-build zone.
  16. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I hardly fished under the old system at all. All of my post referred to recent experience under the new system, which I only got into because of journal goals. Under the new system, on Freedom, I skilled one character from maybe 5 to 91 and another from 0 to 75. (I also skilled two others on Epic to around 50.) Yes, higher skill seems necessary to catch the largest special fish (70+ works fine for me), but this is exactly how I'd expect it to work. All of my fishing happens on a large inland lake (Xan) that has special fishing spots everywhere. I never have to sail more than two minutes from my pier to find the exact type of spot (marlin, white shark) to give me maximum catch sizes. Fishing isn't going to be a great option if you live deep inland, but surely no one would expect it to be? My point was simply that fishing can sometimes be the better option depending on a range of factors. And that, in my opinion, is the epitome of balance. Pleasantness is a very subjective thing; personally, I found the fishing grind far less monotonous than most other skills and therefore more enjoyable. And in terms of time, using CoC nets (to about 20) and rods with various reels (20+), it's taken me no longer to grind fishing than, say, digging. Granted, with rod fishing you will not see the same steady trickle of ticks as with other skills; instead, the gain comes in spurts as you hook fish, especially ones that are in your difficulty sweet spot. But averaged over a period of hours, the overall gain really is comparable to or even faster than with many other skills. The wiki now has loads of useful info on fishing in general, specific fish attributes, and floats. These pages provided enough of a knowledge base for my successes. Don't wait for it to happen — you'll never catch a 1000kg fish The highest possible weight of a single fish is 200kg (100ql marlin or white shark).
  17. How to kill your own game tutorial

    If done optimally, fishing really is a solid way to get large amounts of mats to grind HFC, animal taming, body control and (to a very limited extent) butchering. Last time I tested it, I was regularly catching 1,000kg+ of fish in an hour*. That's 3,000+ or so fillets worth. Hunting is very unlikely to provide this much this fast. Moreover, once you've hunted all the game in an area, your meat-to-time ratio drops drastically. When fishing you can consistently catch limitless amounts without having to travel (this is especially relevant in low-mob areas like southern Xan). Plus, it demands very little attention, despite what some have said. It's very much 'lather, rinse, repeat' and, unlike hunting, can easily be done on a second or third client while doing fussier work on another. Another thing: it's zero risk – you can't be killed by a fish; this may be important to newer, or less combat-oriented players. And now that the devs have tweaked the system, gear loss/damage is almost negligible if you're wise about your set-up. The last point is about sensibilities – sometimes you'd rather not be spraying blood left and right listening to the agonized groans of dying animals just to get some meat. So in short, I'm not seeing the supposed imbalance here. Specific example: I've been grinding body control on a priest (aiming for 31 to ride hellies) and filleting fish has been an excellent, low-attention way of doing this. Today, I gained about 0.30 body control, just shy of my target, in about 3 hours of filleting. Also, I recently managed to sell a huge amount of my overstock fish fillets – the excess to my pan-filling and animal taming needs. So leaving aside my basic enjoyment of it, fishing has been quite good to me in gameplay terms. I've got plenty of reasons to keep at it. *This may have been nerfed slightly in recent weeks/months.
  18. Asking 14s 12s 10s ***8s***, delivered to PvE Freedom outer coast.
  19. Ritual of the Sun

    [22:41:15] You explain how Magranon is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that he may manifest his powers. Calling all Mag priests: the sun is rising over Xanadu. My suggestion is anyone who's wants in on the Ritual of the Sun rite posts in this thread. Then when we reach peak favour we set a time and place, à la public slaying. My Mag (100 faith) is raring to go, either as caster or link and I can host and provide free summon casts if necessary.
  20. Ritual of the Sun

    Umm, [20:56:34] You explain how Magranon is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that he may manifest his powers. The favour pool still is not full so I can't see any point in planning this just yet.
  21. Ritual of the Sun

    Count me in! That time works for me. I hope it does for everyone else who posted in this thread too. My Mag is 100 faith, 94 channelling. Going with the highest-stat Mag as caster will probably make the most sense.
  22. I may have read your post too hastily, but the red flag for me is the measuring jug. These take up the volume that they are set at, so if you changed its volume while it was in the satchel or after removing it, etc. this could lead to different results when trying to put it back in or move it to a different satchel.