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  1. Red Fish Blue Fish

    A 3.7kg catfish counted as 'large' for me; caught it with skill of around 15. I don't know if it matters, but it happened during a MoI (the fish was rare).
  2. WTA Rare Oakenwood Mallet

    Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increment: 25c Reserve: None Buyout: 7s50c Sniper Extension: 1hr
  3. WTA Supreme Iron Pendulum

    Starting Bid: 4s Minimum Increment: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 16s Sniper Extension: 1hr WoA can be dispelled and /or 90+ Lurker in the Dark or Lurker in the Woods can be cast before delivery.
  4. Got all I need for now - thanks to everyone who got in touch. Thread can be locked.
  5. PM prices for 90+ql and 100ql please. Amount purchased depends on price.
  6. +1 This seems to me like the biggest 'bang for buck' QoL improvement the devs could make. Can it not be done simply by equating open distance to grab distance? It's a wonder to me that these values should be different.
  7. Rare Golden Shield [SOLD]

    Buyout - CoD to Gwyn pls
  8. PC/WTB Very Basic Deedholder Account(s)

    Still not received any offers, so here's a hopeful bump
  9. Dipping my toes in the account trading waters to see if toons with decent characteristics really can be got on the cheap. My only requirements are 23 body strength, 23 mind logic, 21 body control, no warnings, no silly/obscene names. My budget is very low (less than the time/silver req'd to prem a toon and grind these characteristics myself). Can pay in silver, goods, or arrange PayPal through a third party (I give them silver, they pay you EUR/USD). PM dumps and asking prices.
  10. This guy screaming has been playing for 2 years. Said priest achievements were completed in only in the last few months, i.e. just before journal was rolled out. Hope that contextualizes things a bit for you. And sorry (not sorry), but denying one group their achievements is a really poor way to create equity. I'm all for levelling the playing field somewhat in favour of newer players, but you do that by giving them a leg up, not by stomping down the older players.
  11. +1 I'm sure there are some good backtracking workarounds for many of the goals, especially some of the priest ones. I can see why devs wouldn't waste time on workarounds for goals that can easily be completed, but in the case of the extremely difficult ones, every effort should be made to give credit for prior completion. Regarding the Cast a Global Spell goal, for example, even if there are no server-side traces, why not just use Niarja's record? It really irks me that I haven't got credit for the two global casts I've already done. Credit for the Hold 10/100 Sermons goal and the Receive X through Prayer goals could be applied retroactively by making statistical assumptions based on current faith and prayer skill. If a player has 100 faith, they've definitely held over 100 sermons, so give them credit for that goal. If a player has, say, 60 prayer skill, it can be safely assumed they've already received 100 gems through prayer. These numbers are just for the sake of simplicity; let someone with insight into the formulae involved determine the exact thresholds. The lack of retroactive credit feels like a slap in the face to players who already completed these goals before the journal roll-out. Please change it.
  12. As things stand, if you try to place a rare bulk item into a BSB, crate, etc. you are outright stopped from doing so and you get this message: [10:51:56] The X would lose its rarity. But sometimes a player really wouldn't mind the X losing its rarity and would prefer to have a plain X inside a bulk bin instead. Rarity should, and does, potentially grant advantages, but it should never create problems for the player as it does right now (I'm looking at you, awkward stacks of rare support beams, slabs, etc. and you, too, slowly rotting rare shards of all kinds). Not everyone uses religion and can sacrifice, nor do all of us who do have a deity care to sac rares for various reasons (one being that it can block food affinities and CCFP fills, another being that for many players good food is easy to get and rare saccables just aren't worth the fuss). Proposal: Put the event message above inside a pop-up window followed by the question 'Place it in the container anyway?' (or similar) and yes/no options.
  13. Well, no, because you'd still have to actually click 'yes' in the pop-up to derarify them. And wouldn't the rational solution be to fix the current flaw, rather than allow it to restrict future changes to the game? I.e. simply make it so wooden rares don't stack with plains, which would be a nice improvement to see regardless. That seems like a fine parallel, alternative idea, but it kind of misses my point. A rare item should only gain functionality, never lose it. Specifically, the loss of bulk storageability often creates extra fuss and bother. We shouldn't be forced to juggle rare bulk items into alternative storage if we have no wish to use them for anything other than their basic purpose. Say I make 100 support beams to put into a crate for wagoner shipping; I should be able to put those 100 support beams into that crate when I'm done. Moments of inspiration shouldn't force me to go and gather up extra mats to replace the one or two that turned rare, which I would still have to do even if your craftable rare container was big enough to hold support beams.
  14. Same here, but my suggestion assumes that's unlikely to happen, what with LMCs being a reliable silver sink (read: revenue stream for CCAB).
  15. The Quest!

    Anyone yet to take a crack at it, watch out for typo in the word highlighted below: Emtkwum Ildmvbczmz. Bpm xibp ipmil qa livomzwca ivl wvtg acqbml nwz bpm bpwcopmab wn ildmvbczmza. Gwc ucab amms wcb Bpm jzwbpmzpwwl qv wzlmz bw jmoqv. Nqvl epib pia jmmv twab qv bqum, ivl ktiqu epib eia wvkm Iomtmaa. Aqovml Avww It should read 'bwcopmab'.
  16. Garden boxes for farming

    Another word: balance. Dragons are extremely rare and difficult to kill. Using magic demands sacrifice (priest limitations, tome penalties) and/or huge costs (effort to gain channeling skill, faith; favour; tomes). So I guess my main concern would be that underground farming not become the new meta. With decent mining, it's actually much easier in most locations to create a vast perfectly flat area underground than it is to level the same-sized area above ground (what with pesky hills, rock layers, etc. getting in the way). If things were balanced to offset this advantage, say, by halving underground farm yields and/or doubling growth time or whatnot (exact figures up for debate), then hmm... I wouldn't object quite as much, especially as lower yields / increased growth times would be a reasonable gesture in the direction of realism. Still can't say I'm a fan of the idea, though.
  17. Garden boxes for farming

    +1 above ground I could see these opening up new deed design possibilities if they are free from the slope restrictions of normal farming (and they should be, within reasonable limits). Even if they are restricted to flat or almost flat terrain, more design options are always welcome. -1 below ground One word: photosynthesis. I could see a case being made for mushroom farming underground, but growing ordinary crops should only be possible above ground outdoors.
  18. Deed Discount Request

    While I sympathize for your loss, Gumbo, I'd bet my left arm that compensation ain't gonna happen. It would open the floodgates for claims by anyone who has ever lost any business due to a change in the mechanics — i.e. pretty much anyone who has ever dabbled in Wurm's economy for any length of time. We've all had to roll with the punches and adapt, as any good businessperson does. Stay agile and don't put all your eggs in one basket, as in RL so too in Wurm.
  19. 5 faith a day limit

    Ah, I didn't pick up on the fact that your suggestion is for followers only, not priests, which is what I get after re-reading it. So you're suggesting the 20-minute cooldown and 5 prayer tick limit come back into effect after obtaining priesthood? Seems a bit odd to have two separate systems for followers and priests. In either case, I don't really see grinding faith to 30 as a problem (what does it take, a couple weeks?) and it would take me personally even longer to get there if I had to spread my gameplay over four hours a day (not always manageable) to get the same faith gains I can currently get in roughly 1h20min. If anything, as Kochinac has hinted at, it's late-stage faith gains for priests that are in need of tweaking. Sermons, although probably intended to incentivize sociable gameplay, are seriously unfun tedium in my experience. There ought to be a complementary, perhaps slower and more resource-intensive way to solo a priest to 100 faith – but it should be faster, more interesting, and more challenging than just praying.
  20. 5 faith a day limit

    Well, this change would actually produce the opposite of the intended effect in the case of many, if not most, players. If your play sessions are only two hours long, you would go from five faith ticks down to two. Casual players would therefore be penalized for the benefit of intensive players, which cuts against the grain of a lot of Wurm's mechanics (sleep bonus, fatigue, etc.). And even in the case of players serious about grinding faith, this is actually likely to slow the gains instead of accelerating them, because the fastest way to raise faith is sermons, and they reset your prayer limit every three hours if you go all out with them. In those three hours, you can get 5 faith ticks at present. Under your proposed change, you'd only get 3.
  21. All Gone!

    Seryl pendulum Rare small metal shield 80ql fireworks CoD to Gwyn @ 25c each pls
  22. As in the subject line, amount depends on price. PM offers.