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  1. The picture is really lovely The news are interesting. I can understand how it will upset a lot of people who have currently the priests of demigods, especially since a lot of PVE players tried to get a priest with necessities in one, and strongwall is an important one for almost any large building projects, and that is a huge part of what we do on PVE Still, i am looking forward to the changes, and hoping they either come out reasonable and balanced or will be balanced afterwards if it doesn't work out too well. Very cool idea about the loyalty system I don't expect it to be applied to already done purchases, but its great enough to have it at all Thank You for your work!
  2. I am carrying the beams to build shroom boxes as we speak Nice update!
  3. I got no channeling skill transferred to freedom, not even a 0,000001... I did relog now, nothing. i was not online when the previous skill transfers were "working" so i cant have any old transfers effecting this. Update: Going to Jackal and back gave the skill. [01:11:29] Channeling increased by 19.5581 to 20.5581
  4. Channeling skill did not transfer at all. I am not a priest on freedom, I was on jackal. Channeling on freedom is 1, channeling on jackal 50ish...
  5. I recently bought a trader just to not have to purchase coins for upkeep... So don't assume everyone has a 900% return of investment, just because some mess up the game. A lot of times it is not the system that is broken, it is the rotten people who do everything thinkable and unthinkable to abuse the system. A crappy instruction can yield good results with good application, a good instruction can yield horrid results with bad application.
  6. Can someone explain the skillgain system? Im not familiar with the technicalities of Epic system, i just know it has an applied curve, as such the actual skill is higher... Jackal does not have a curve, so the skillgain seems exactly same as on Freedom or even slower...
  7. # What happened I was aggroed by a rift beast while outside of our deed. I ran into our house and thought i was safe. When rift beast got to the house it started hitting me through the walls. I ran into the mine (entrance connected to house and walls on sides, rift beast was not inside it) it kept following me while i was underground and it was above ground and it kept hitting me through the ceiling. *hearing from another players that this is happening as well, getting killed through mine doors too. # What you expected to happen Rift beast to stop attacking/not be able to attack through walls or from above ground while im below ground. # Steps to reproduce Get aggroed, go inside a building within 1-2 tiles of walls or go in a cave while beast cannot access you, it will still hit you through terrain and walls.
  8. The sound really resembles those of woolly mammoths ... ?
  9. And how do You imagine getting rid of private groups? Somehow everyone is fine that the private group invests time to search, time to pen and resources to deed it, but you want the slayings to be public? Do You often cook fancy dinners at home and invite random people to eat it, who you hear only nagging they dont get nice food, but dont actually do anything to earn it? You only say private groups are the problem. Have you considered that, maybe, the lazy community who claims they deserve something they do nothing to earn it, is the problem?
  10. And server notifications as well.
  11. After reading that in case one answers wrong, they just have to relog, i have no fear of false punishment. I believe that the staff knows how actual macro users behave, what are the patterns etc. As such, people who trigger the warning will not have any consequences that matter. I would rather answer silly questions and relog from time to time, than have cheaters ruin the game for everyone.
  12. I would rather see a 1month subscription option for 8€ . I think there is a reason we have never seen something like this in any other sub based games. The f2p part is to try the game, not to grind endless alts even if at a slow rate. This would absolutely produce alt farming to later sell off chars.