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  2. I never thought about when people sell their accounts..mostly because I don't do that myself too. However, it could be possible to lose access to shared bank accounts by password change or before selling the account the seller makes sure to remove any shared bank accounts on that character. Another possibility could be (if the seller forgets to remove the shared banks) is that the other players who share the bank have the ability to de-link another player's bank account. Along with that, there could be a password associated with bank accounts. If you do have more than 1 bank account shared then the only way to get access into your bank is with a password.
  3. Bump! Want to see who else is in agreement and/or has any input
  4. leatherworking

    [16:19:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Enjoy!
  5. +1
  6. leatherworking

    @Zeernebooch I do not have premium on Pumpernickel right now to imp the studded leather set. I do have some 80ql studded leather sets, but they are damaged slightly. As stated in the Status for my shop, it is closed at the moment (Legend of it is in one of my updates on the 2nd page). I am planning on repurchasing premium after I finish my college semester, which is sometime before the holidays. If you want me to repair the set with 20 repairing skill and send you that then I can, but if it goes below 80ql then I cannot imp it. So sorry! Repaired one set and it is still at 80ql! Send this one over?
  7. So one day you wanna purchase an item on an alt you are on (assuming you are only on that character at that time), but all the silvers you earned are on a different character. What do you do?? Right now you have the option to either mail an item with CoD, drop the coins on the ground, or just trade them. <- Which all require you to be on both characters However!! I suggest that we have the option to link character bank accounts with each other. There can be a limit to how many you can link, maybe around one or two other accounts nothing insane. Both characters would have to agree to the linkage (a dialog box would appear and you have to press either "Yes" or "No"). After pressing "Yes" you have the ability to deposit and withdraw silvers from both accounts. Now instead of logging onto your other character to get the silver, you can go to your bank withdraw some money from the other account, deposit into yours, and then BOOM you have the silver needed to make a purchase. You can avoid people from sending you an agreement to link by disabling it in your player's options. And idk if this is a bad thing in the PvP realm since I never was involved in that, but on Freedom seems like a nice idea to me. Oh and I have no idea how hard this is to code since I don't know much about programming.
  8. I won't be able to attend the impalong sadly so you can take me off the list
  9. +1 I much prefer this than mailing papyrus which I did like...once...lol. Usually when people need to talk to me they would either contact me on the forums or wait until I am online to chat. I don't believe many players use papyrus to communicate with each other when offline (?)
  10. Bump bump bumpity bump
  11. leatherworking

    [16:31:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Enjoy and very welcome
  12. +1, I imagine having a NPC in front of my deed or any deed and when you right click -> Converse it says "Welcome to [Name of deed]!, Hope you enjoy its beauty!" or something like that in Event chat. I like these ideas Maybe what I am talking about can be like the Peasant. It can ask you questions and give you answers about the deed you are on. Edit - And be able to personalize the look of the NPC too. Like when it gets closer to the holidays you can switch up their style to look more festive.
  13. leatherworking

    Updated post: -Restocked on 80ql and 90ql leather items -Added more Web Armor gear -Added a Status on my shop Legend of Status: Free -> Any order will take less than a day to one day to finish Semi-Busy -> Any order will take about a few days to finish Busy -> Large orders will take about a week to finish and smaller orders will take about a few days Closed -> Pumpernickel is no longer premium and will not be able to fulfill any order
  14. I would love to help imp! Hopefully I can study for finals while imping, put me down for Leatherworking and Cloth Tailoring please