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  1. +1 It would be nice for some items (like crates, beds, etc) to be useful if rare/supreme/fantastic I just found out, by a CA, this page exists lol --> https://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Talk:Rare_item#Individual_Item_Reports So your rare maul would hit harder than a regular one. I wish rare pieces of armor, other than the hats/hood, actually were shiny or had a new graphic like you mentioned. I can't show off my supreme black belted vest and rare green pants without someone looking at my equipment and I wanna be shiny too
  2. +1
  3. +1
  4. For convenience and efficiency, +1 to adding missions on Niarja \o/ If people live inland of Xanadu (just like Yiraia has) then missions on Niarja would be a blessing This is always an option for people to do, but adding the missions to Niarja would save some time from people having to make the alt and everything then logging onto every character to view the missions.
  5. -1 I personally don't think it is a major problem in trade chat too like Eobersig has mentioned. For the merchant ads, I believe if you could put all the things you are selling into one forum post then do it. I like to be organized and efficient so everything I have is in one post (I just sell Leatherworking and Cloth Tailoring items so it isn't much ) When I advertise my shop I would always put "WTS 85QL Leather and 80QL Cloth items! Also some Rift drops and Rares! http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/151402-pumpin-tannery-and-tailoring/" I have this line saved somewhere on my discord profile so I just copy and paste. I would usually post an hour in between if I don't remember to do it every 30 mins. Oh and that reminds me I have to fix up that line too since I don't have any more Rares lol +1 to these ideas! If the second idea is implemented then you can't see the spammers and everyone can live in peace and harmony again in trade chat I would love if they implement your third idea!
  6. I agree with this also, it is very nice of you Lisabet to take the time to write this post I know this is a bit early, but Happy Fourth of July to everyone and a huge thank you to koroth and to everyone else who risked their lives to serve our country!
  7. 10c
  8. 7c
  9. Here is what a soul stealer necklace, seryll looks like When equipped it gives you a skill efficiency bonus buff and it also says its a bracelet (weird) I also have a dark ring if I remember correctly and a huge sword bracelet but I don't know how to take a picture of that to show it closely
  10. leatherworking

    My main, Pumpernickel, is no longer premium right now. PM my alt Axielle if you want to buy any item in stock! I will update when I am able to fulfill your Leather/Cloth order again!
  11. +1 to more decorations \o/
  12. Here it is -> +1 for both posts
  13. leatherworking

    Updated post! Added 85ql leather armor and saddles. Also added some rares!