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  1. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Games I have enjoyed recently and in the past (also in no particular order): -Bloodborne -Dark Souls 2 (Soon will be playing Dark Souls 3) -Archeage -Warface -Minecraft -Path of Exile
  2. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    They are too cute!
  3. Moment of Inspiration

    Yes, it is possible to fail a moment of inspiration. In your case with cutting down a bush I don't believe you would get anything from a moment of inspiration. If you were cutting down a tree you would have the chance of getting a felled tree of some rarity.
  4. New Animal Plus Use for Small Carts

    +1 for donkeys and mules
  5. Fix Fatigue

    +1, people have different play styles and a fatigue system shouldn't stop them from playing even when they paid for a month or more of premium to increase their skills. I knew someone who played Wurm most of the day, practically everyday, because he did not work and had other issues as well. He hit the fatigue cap, got frustrated that he couldn't do what he wanted to do and after awhile decided to quit the game.
  6. Winter Effects

    +1 to this and OP
  7. Just gonna leave this here...

    Congrats on your well-deserved title!
  8. Global alliances

  9. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

  10. Bank Balance

    +1 I posted a suggestion for this a couple of months ago, sadly there wasn't a lot of +1 for it or replies in general lol
  11. Bed That Sleeps Two

    +1 for the canopy bed fitting two people