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  1. Bank Balance

    +1 I posted a suggestion for this a couple of months ago, sadly there wasn't a lot of +1 for it or replies in general lol
  2. Bed That Sleeps Two

    +1 for the canopy bed fitting two people
  3. Forum update complete

    Is the total post count for each thread going to be added back in again? I used that to know if someone replied to my shop instead of going to the last page.
  4. No-Use Inventory Group

  5. Ost-in-Edhil - The Elven Fortress on Xanadu

    Great job on the deed so far! I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's done.
  6. Please make enchanted grass preserve flowers!

    +1, the ground needs to be more colorful
  7. Remove random from colour runes

    +1, I too like the randomness of the rune but having the option to pick your own color would be nice
  8. Kalaheo Escape

    I love the buildings especially the marble ones, awesome work!
  9. Ride bisons

  10. Floor tile texture- Carpet

  11. Three years in the making....

    Congrats on the achievements!
  12. Kitchen/Dining Decorative Storage

    +1, I just use two cupboards to store all my kitchen supplies Love this idea!
  13. Horsetack Rack