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  1. I put my whetstone and pelt in my bank to prevent damage. I don't use them that much and my settlement token is in a convenient place that if I did want to use them I can just grab them from there.
  2. Something I found useful for fighting and new players can find useful too is to bind "target" to a key. I usually bind it to the space bar. In the console you would type "bind <key> target". If I remember correctly you can just put your cursor over the animal then press the key you bind target to instead of going to the toolbar. This is just something I found faster and easier to do for fighting.
  3. It looks really good so far, keep up the awesome work!
  4. +1 for the marriage/companion system. Yiraia and I already have rings which we renamed them to "Wedding Ring." Might as well make it official!
  5. Games I have enjoyed recently and in the past (also in no particular order): -Bloodborne -Dark Souls 2 (Soon will be playing Dark Souls 3) -Archeage -Warface -Minecraft -Path of Exile
  6. Yes, it is possible to fail a moment of inspiration. In your case with cutting down a bush I don't believe you would get anything from a moment of inspiration. If you were cutting down a tree you would have the chance of getting a felled tree of some rarity.
  7. +1, people have different play styles and a fatigue system shouldn't stop them from playing even when they paid for a month or more of premium to increase their skills. I knew someone who played Wurm most of the day, practically everyday, because he did not work and had other issues as well. He hit the fatigue cap, got frustrated that he couldn't do what he wanted to do and after awhile decided to quit the game.