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  1. Wurmian Tournament of Carnage!

    ive got a question can please cast spells when their fighting someone..like heal or refresh
  2. Wurmian Tournament of Carnage!

    sign me up to 1. hotmomma lightweight 2. firecat middleweight
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    ive been imping shields and black smithing shrimpiie if you could add me to the list please on firecat
  4. hello

    ive got an idea..it would be pretty cool if we could make mable, sandstone, pottery, or roundstone forges and ovens!!
  5. PC crafter account

  6. A Lack of honour and respect

    https://imgur.com/a/EbjMA https://imgur.com/a/TybNc returned like we said we would and were really sorry i hope everyone can forgive us for it
  7. A Lack of honour and respect

    yea they will be returned and we are sorry for this..it was an accident
  8. PC crafter account

  9. PC crafter account

  10. PC crafter account

    hey im sorry but i didnt get no message from you
  11. PC crafter account

  12. PC crafter account

  13. PC crafter account

  14. PC crafter account

    PM me with some skills and price you want for it
  15. wts an account

    At a 60 mediation and ready for the question and ill take 225usd for the account and all the stuff beside rare carving knife and the rare file...those items are gone