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  1. Thanks all for the bidding and the previous , how may i say... roasting . Close please Grats Vortexxx
  2. weekend has arrived and more demand as well. extending timer +12 hours to allow for everyone to have a fair chance to bid. Sorry If there was any confusion. If anyone has a problem with this, please notify me via PM and keep all posts on thread strictly bid related.
  3. Looking to buy a decent pvp toon with sotg and decent body stats, Regardless if specifications are met, if you have anything similar, shoot me a pm and we can talk.
  4. Sorry auction ended at 7s. PM me and i can get one made for you.
  5. [08:32:59] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '*removed because /butthurt*'. [08:32:59] Web Armour has been cast on it, so it may slow down creatures hitting the wearer. [73] This beautiful adamantine helm scraped from the skulls of a Mol-Rehan Player suits your everyday fighting needs! Whether its fighting animals or Mol-Rehan players! This helm can be yours for a great deal! Bid now! Starting Bid: 8s Bid increments: 1s Reserve: hidden Sniper Protection: 1h Buyout: offer Happy Bidding! P.S. This helm is really cool
  6. if you can't sell it, ill buy it for 6s - cod to echowaldo if agree.