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  1. Lol, you may be right. It's possible that my friends and I have just been really unlucky in our experiences with PvP servers and found the worst of it.
  2. Just attempting to help you track down the source of the issue. I was clarifying that it's working for US, wasn't trying to say it's working for you. But I'll stop now that others are positive it is the mod's fault.
  3. We did multiple tests both ways, just deleted what we didn't have any use for. Not sure why it didn't work for you? We had 3 players test it both ways. However, I guess it's unimportant in the big scheme of things. I was just trying to be helpful to Zera, to help in tracking down the source of the problem. If you say the problem is in the mod itself, I'm not inclined to argue. Just trying to help.
  4. I don't think it's magically working for me, just that it's working as intended, and as it is for most people. You're likely not "just screwed on the matter" -- just need to find out what's affecting it, and my input was intended to help you out by clarifying that the source of the problem isn't the mod itself. It's most likely an interaction with another mod, unless you have been editing the game code in ways that might make mod responses unpredictable.
  5. Deleted my response. I immediately had thought it was minimized.
  6. Since it's not possible to travel, explore, or otherwise enjoy the world without being constantly at risk from hardcore PvP players, I think this is unlikely to appeal to anyone who loves to explore but hates fighting other players. Also, 99% of the fun for me is that we're usually able to go off into the world and build our own settlements up gradually, not feel like we have to stay in a big city environment. Just my perspective. Any world where it's impossible to explore without PvP is going to feel like pure PvP, even if settlements are safe. If I spend weeks skilling up or earning money to get a great weapon, then lose it the moment I leave my camp...just not worth it to me.
  7. See previous responses above.
  8. It's not "no one else's will" though. I've played on lots of servers where it is also working fine.
  9. Or even just PvP, since "out in the wilderness" is all PvP. Until a player can deed, then, they're subject to attack. The mixed servers usually have more PvE, with some PvP zones.
  10. ...There's more than one Discord Relay mod? Here is the first line of mine: Does that give any info that might say whether mine is the same as the one here? Sorry, I don't really know how to tell.
  11. We regularly get forced into a disembark right after teleporting. Could this be a factor for you? If so, our fix is to relog.
  12. Yes, reliably. We have tested it both directions.
  13. I've just tested this on my server, and it's still working perfectly. We've never had any issues with it. This makes me wonder if it could be a mod conflict? I can't think why else it would be good for one server and not another.
  14. Omg, very big difference. Not sure why I read "Timed Pay" and my brain translated it "Vote Reward" Lol
  15. On all the servers I've tried this, it allows only one toon from my Steam ID to claim the Vote Reward per day. If I try again, I get a message that I've already claimed for the day. I wonder if you have a mod conflict?
  16. Do we need to do anything with our existing crafters when we add this fix? Or will they just be updated?
  17. Yep. What Ayluin just said.
  18. I've noted that the crafter can only take a certain amount of stuff at one time -- I think 5 items? Ash Produce mod spawns a lot more than that, so it's possible it's overloading your crafter. I'd test this theory by removing Ash Produce. EDIT: I mean you can trade only a very limited number of items to the crafter at one time, though you can eventually trade all your stuff for imping if you do it in small batches, one after the other.
  19. This link does work for me, yes.
  20. That's returning a 404 error for me.
  21. I have been making sure to log in at least every 30 days for years, because even when I'm off doing totally different things I know I always want to be able to come back to my deed on Calysto. Money is very easy to make here, with great bounties and treasure hunting. The mods are fantastic, with some that can't be found anywhere else. I hope to continue playing here for years to come.
  22. I've found that many players prefer the excitement of a brand new server, including the challenges of starting from scratch. They love a world that is largely untouched, with dozens of prime deed spots open. Also, a very large percentage of players get bored once the world is more fully developed, and once they've successfully settled with all the decent QL tools and things that they'll ever realistically use, so they move on to begin again and again. As long as we have half a dozen players who are still having fun, we keep a server going, but I try not to get so attached to it that I can't just roll with it when it's time to let them have a new one.
  23. You posted this in the Wurm Unlimited forum. Might get a response if you post it in Wurm Online forum.
  24. It might be happening only for people with Doppler effect activated. Maybe try turning that off?