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  1. @CuddlesNext time you're working on GM deedmaker, would you be able to add a config for initial deed size? It would be great if we could pre-set it to more than minimum size, as it's not always possible to resize immediately due to mobs. Thanks again for making these awesome mods available to us.
  2. Switched my Shares

    Legit question, not intended to be inflammatory. Just looking for more info. Here's what I glean from this situation: - Rolf has traded his shares to someone else, who will now be majority shareholder ("MS") - Rolf and the other Admins we're used to are not going anywhere, so the new "owner" (MS) will be added in, not replacing anyone - This trade of shares represents an investment by the new MS I'm not aware of any other hard facts that we've learned yet, unless I missed something in the posts. I'm not looking for any more probabilities, possibilities, opinions, or fears. Just wondering if I've missed any of the facts that were stated by our ADMINS. Because what I'm reading from the facts is that there is very little changing, and no indication of actual facts supporting a doomsday conclusion. Unless I'm missing some facts posted by Admins. Obviously, not interested in any alternate news "facts" from people with an agenda.
  3. Omg I'm still using 3.0. Thought I'd updated but I guess I missed a step. Thanks for the help!
  4. Really? I wonder if I missed an update. checking...
  5. @Cuddles Fairly serious problem that I could use your help with, please. Players who join a deed via the Village Welcomer all become mayors at the same time, while those I personally invite to join become citizens. I tried fixing this by creating a new GM alt and having her found and remain mayor of the deed at all times, but it still happens. Could use a fix, please! Thanks.
  6. I see that someone else has just started a new server also named Harmony. Ours has the full name as:
  7. [Released] New Portals

    Oh darn. I should have noted that. Oh well.
  8. The next time you reboot the server, the light snaps into proper position.
  9. Right click the settlement deed of the one you want to edit, and choose Make mayor (or whatever it says like that). You will then be the mayor of that deed again, and able to edit settings.
  10. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    I notice that the format of the in-server version is quite different than the main version. It might help with copying if they could be the same format, so we could just copy and paste. Is that doable?
  11. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    We're on a server host and have just one server. The mod is in the mods folder in the root directory. So it's <numerical name of root directory>/mods/upkeepcosts with no mods folder within the server file. Is it supposed to go in there? I've never put any mods into the actual server folder. Maybe that's the problem? Nothing really is happening, exactly. Just when players try to deed it's telling them the vanilla price and charging it. But it is getting some of it right -- 1s to hire a templar, 1s per month. 50c per upkeep tile. EDIT: OH. I didn't realize there is an auto-generated folder inside the server mods folder! And yes, the figures there were off in exactly the ways that were causing me problems. Are they supposed to automatically follow what we put in the other properties file (in the main mods folder)? Or are we meant to manually do it. Anyway, this fixes the issue for me.
  12. [Released] New Portals

    @XypWould you consider adding the "tutorial item" as a portal? That way we could choose from the many different styles of tutorial item just by changing the Auxdata.
  13. We are open to the public now. There is still a lot of land, plus free condos to stay in while you earn enough to deed.
  14. Thanks, bdew. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to change or add code. I know you walked me through changing some coding a year or two ago, but I honestly just followed word for word and had no idea what I was doing. If you do ever write this up into a mod, I'd definitely use that.