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  1. Craft more things mod by Ausimus has it. Note that after you unzip it, the file name changes to morecraftables.
  2. As far as I know, it's not possible. However, a GM can change a high QL cave wall to any ore as a good workaround.
  3. Yes! I did have that setting. Thank you very much for the fix.
  4. I'm checking in server.log, on a hosted server, and I'm not getting any of the three lines you mentioned. I've checked back to previous logs, as well. Is it a different log I'm supposed to be checking, other than server.log? I checked on my WU Dedicated server.log too, and don't find these lines there either. When I start the LAN, I see "Starting the server" briefly flash by, then a bunch of lines flashing past so fast I can't see them, and then "Wurm Server launcher finished at" but when I scroll up on the black screen with white writing, it doesn't go back as far as "Starting the server" so I can see only some of it. In the server.log, I see this, so I know it's loading. But no sign of "Buyer and merchant max items" EDIT: I searched the log by Buyer, buyer, Max, max, Merchant, and merchant, but still didn't find it. I also tried to post the log in a spoiler here, but froze the screen for 5 minutes and then got a message saying it wasn't possible to edit this post at this time. I guess it was too long?
  5. I felt sure that this used to apply to our regular personal merchants, but now they will take only 100 items again. Am I remembering incorrectly? Or perhaps when we were disabling mods, we accidentally disabled something required thing to make this work?
  6. Interesting. I didn't need this for anything except the charcoal pile.
  7. It worked! Thank you so much for this.
  8. Oh good! I'll try it right away. Thanks!
  9. Is there any way to light a charcoal pile, forge, oven, kiln, or smelter without a steel & flint? I'm trying out a server where we start with nothing, but there are also no mobs -- so no way to get charcoal for steel except from the charcoal pile, which I can't find a way to light. There is no trader to buy one from, either. I see that other players on the server have managed to light theirs, and would love to know what I'm missing.
  10. I can make existing mods work I can also create and add new recipes, so that's some coding contribution, I suppose.
  11. Thank you very much for this clear and understandable explanation, @Ayluin I actually had no idea of any of this, so it's good to know. I suppose I need to learn Java, but I'm not confident I'm going to be able to figure it out, lol. Before you said that, I didn't know whether it was Java, Javascript, IDE, sqlite, javassist, or what. I don't know what these things are and don't know which ones matter to modding, so I didn't know where to even start. I'll start with Java, since you mention it...though I don't understand any of the advice from the thread you quoted: No idea what that means. None of this has meaning for me, either. And so on, with words that mean nothing to me, lol. Wouldn't it be great if there was a truly non-coder's instruction on what to go learn, precisely, without any non-standard English language terms used? Maybe if I can learn this, I'll write something for others who are willing to try but don't even understand the words they're hearing from those advising them.
  12. I think you missed the rest of my post.
  13. I notice that often when someone asks for a mod, others give them coding advice instead -- how to tweak the code, or what to change in the databases. "You don't need a mod; just do this!" Please note that many times we're asking for a mod precisely because we aren't coders and don't know how to safely alter the databases in the ways suggested. Sometimes we don't even understand what you're saying at all. It would be awesome if you would consider offering an actual mod that we can put into our mods folder and configure, rather than offering coding advice. Thanks for helping out the non-coders amongst us! .
  14. Your own server? Or someone else's? If someone else's then you can probably find out from the GM. I've tried changing the colour using an ebony wand and Set data, but the candles still look white.