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  1. If each one has a 200 tile border, won't that make it 400 tiles between them? That seems like a lot of water on the map
  2. I have no idea what that means. I just used the usual method that we have added all other items to, including items that aren't containers by default.
  3. chance to add

    It definitely feels like the chance to add an item is the same as the chance to begin creating it. I have always assumed they were the same, except for the slight increase as you gain skill by adding items.
  4. I have also had no luck. Would love an earburn if someone figures stools out, please.
  5. If it has a name, you can search by that. For example, if the horse is named Goldie, you can try scan Goldie @white or whatever colour you prefer.
  6. Wow, that does look handy! Thanks @Crustyfoot
  7. I meant to say my client wouldn't load I really just wanted to see what it looks like. Can you post a screenshot?
  8. I tried this out to see what it looks like, but my server wouldn't load. The problem resolved as soon as I disabled the mod.
  9. @MthecNew problem. We updated to the newest Crafter, and everything looks great except that it isn't recognizing our money. We can trade a weapon, bring down the QL and mail When done, but when we add our coins it won't acknowledge them. Tried several different coins, to make sure that it wasn't just objecting to one in particular. Here's a warning from the logs. Maybe it's relevant?
  10. It depends how many regular players you have. We have about a dozen who play steadily, and find that 2048 works great, as long as we restrict deeding to one per person/Steam ID.
  11. We experimented with maps smaller than 2048 and found that once players deed, the mobs are all jammed into a tiny space between deeds. Also, hunting and resource management became a problem as players didn't feel that they had enough. It might have worked if we had restricted deed size to something small, but nobody wanted that. I think it could have worked if we'd had maybe 4-6 players maximum...except then you run into trouble keeping the economy strong.
  12. Does it have to have never been led, or only not led within the last 50 hours?
  13. If players find a corpse off deed, will it no longer produce animal products?
  14. @MthecI'm setting up a buyer merchant on the new server, using the most recent buyer merchant version (0.5.30). On our last server, we were able to have duplicate items with different QL levels, for example diamonds = 50c but diamonds above 50 QL = 1s. However, every time I try to create the second entry, it overwrites the first one. This didn't happen with the previous version we had. Is there a workaround for this?