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  1. Initially, I suppose a certain amount of iron rocks could be found through foraging...
  2. On another server, I have one on the second floor of my house, along the wall of my bedroom. It's very convenient when I'm about to log out!
  3. @PameowIt turns out that having hand mirrors in the treasure chests is a bit of a problem, because they are no-drop items. I now have 2 of them in my backpack, and no desire to change the look of my face, so they will be stuck there for the life of the server - taking up space in a satchel.
  4. @PameowWould you consider increasing the capacity of crates and bins? I use 4x capacity on my server, but some other servers use more or less. It saves a lot of mess, as it makes it easier to clean up after ourselves. Since we don't have Bag of Holding or Expand spells on the server, it would allow us to haul more in carts.
  5. @SinduskMy wish list for this mod: - the ability to toggle it on or off from in-game - restored ability to change the brightness level (still only full brightness no matter what config I use) I'd like to use 0.2 brightness, just enough to find my way around, but everything still comes out as 1.0 no matter what I set it at.
  6. @PameowIs a new Santa's Reindeer still in the works? Looking forward to that.
  7. I tried one last time, deleting the game entirely and re-downloading everything from fresh files, and this time it worked. The game is working properly, and the Halloween mods graphics are corrected. I have no idea what was wrong, or why this exact same fix didn't work several times before...but I'm not going to complain! It's great to have the game back again.
  8. I was having trouble seeing the Halloween mod graphics, so I eventually just reinstalled my WU client and all the client mods. This didn't fix the problem, but created a new one. Every time I log out of the game, I'm unable to log back in without immediately crashing. I go to Steam and validate the game files, and it always says "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired." As soon as it's reacquired, I run patcher.bat again to patch in my client mods and I'm able to log in to any server. Then, when I log out, the same thing happens. Every single time. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how to fix it? I've already deleted and reinstalled all the client modlauncher files and other client mods. EDIT: Now even this doesn't fix the crash problem. I get barely into the game, then it is gone.
  9. 0% aggro public servers?

    I give them a peaceful old age, with a spacious pasture and old buddies to chew their grass with. I guess there are nice and non-nice ways to do it.
  10. Actually, you just need to specify the coordinates in the configuration, and uncheck "Random spawn points." It's not necessary to make deeds and set them as the spawn points, unless you want to add more possible spawn points down the line.
  11. @SylvanasI can send you a checklist to help you install a custom map and make it work, if you like. I just need to know whether you're using a server host (such as Pingperfect) or just your own computer. I'm not a techie or a modder, so my checklist is very much dumbed down to my level, lol. I'm pretty sure almost anyone could make it work, unless they're completely computer illiterate.
  12. This seems pretty standard for any of the map generators. I'm not sure what's not working when you make yours?
  13. What about your own custom maps isn't working? Maybe we can help you get it how you like.
  14. Hi @Sylver Sending you a PM now. I'd be happy to log in with you sometime and sail you around a bit to look at the world.
  15. 0% aggro public servers?

    Frenetia is a "non-combat" server. It's so non-aggro that it's impossible to kill anything or for anything to attack you. You can't drown, you brand your animals by creating ribbons for them instead, and you get your pelts/hides etc. by bringing home venerable animals and waiting for them to die. It's a really nice server, very peaceful. The same people also put out Santa's Reindeer server, closer to Christmas time. Same non-combat. More challenging maps for a different experience.