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  1. If we move a Stone of Soulfall on a server with random spawn points, will new players automatically spawn to the new location? Or is there more that needs to be done to move that spawn point? I'm aware of the need to move the focus zone, too, for consistency. Also aware that "random spawn points" means it might take awhile for a new player to get this particular Stone in the random roll. We just need to know if it's enough to move the Stone & focus zone.
  2. These are from the in-game help menu: /setskillgainmultiplier <rate> <password> Sets skill gain rate /setactionspeedmod <mod> <password> Speeds up or slows down action timers /setmaxcreatures <max> <password> Sets the max number of creatures that can naturally spawn on the server /setmaxaggcreatures <percent> <password> Sets the % of the creature pool that can be aggressives
  3. @MaldibrenIf you're still stuck, let me know. You could make me a GM just for 1 minute so I can get them out of your inventory for you, then take the GM power away.
  4. Tel Varon

    I was loving this right up until I realized it's PvP. Oh well, I know there are lots of people who love PvP. Wishing you the best with the new server!
  5. I get this sometimes when I've GM-created stuff in my inventory that's over 100 items. I end up having to log off for at least a full minute, then relog to get them. Another option when that doesn't work is to use the GM Tool on yourself - put the stuff in a container in your inventory, then #loadItems it. Failing that, you can #loadItems individually but that takes a long time.
  6. According to my notes, you need to make sure the amount of water is 80-120g. (If you add oil, it works on building a different recipe than cooked rice.)
  7. I had nothing to do with it, just enjoyed checking out the map.
  8. The views in this map are stunning.
  9. It looks good. I'll try it out on my LAN. Update: - Found a good, central spawn point at (1005,1075). Very flat ground between maple and linden forests, on the shore. Lots of clay, peat very nearby. At 40 in each direction, you get a decent amount of water for docks and enough mountainside for a very good mine. - Public mine at (1006,1058) works well - The view from the settlement token: And from the water, facing North: It's a really nice map. Lots of great deed spots, and some challenging climbs. And all the lavender and clay a person could want in a lifetime.
  10. Steam did an update today, and now my LANs are working again.
  11. Beginning yesterday, when I start any of my LAN servers, they start up just fine but then I can't find them on the login list to actually connect to. Anyone know what this issue is, and how I can resolve it? I've tried validating WU, and it said there was one file that needed updating. After that, I did a reboot of Steam, Wurm, and then my entire computer. Finally, I decided to just shut my computer down for a day and see if it magically resolved itself, which it did not. As it is now, I can't log in to any LAN server because they don't show up on the LAN tab.
  12. Tip: in the winter, it's better to use 10 or 11 as your daytime timelock, to avoid snow glare.
  13. Hi Barry (Glenson), it sounds like your toon is an Admin. It is normal for all admins to be invisible when they first log in each time. You just need to type #invis to toggle your invisibility on or off. If you're a higher level admin, you are also likely invulnerable and therefore can't hunt. Toggle this off or on with #invuln The blue outline makes me wonder if you have WurmESP client mod? Sometimes the outline colour for creatures is different with WurmESP than with vanilla Wurm. If this is the case for you, you can change the outline colours in the ESP properties file.
  14. Just FYI, for anyone considering joining us on Sitheil: there is, of course, no mission to build a guard tower in order to be able to leave the spawn town. We are quite serious about the rules, though. This is a little haven for those who like our particular way of doing things. If you don't, then we would be happy to recommend other great servers you might like.
  15. Geriatric Wurm

    I tried 3x to log in to Geriatric Hermit 8k tonight, but it kept timing out. No trouble logging in to the Geriatric Survival, though.