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  1. The links are all returning 404 Error for me, and my existing copy won't open anymore. Does anyone have a working copy you could share?
  2. Decorations

    Good suggestion, except that I don't use OneDrive, and I have a gmail account. Also, I downloaded the previous version just by clicking the link. Oh well. Maybe someone else having the same trouble will read this and just go try another browser.
  3. Decorations

    No, I just clicked the link and that is what came up. I'll try a different browser UPDATE: @CuddlesWell, that was the issue. It wouldn't open in Chrome, but opened just fine in Firefox. All good now.
  4. Decorations

    This is the screen that pops up when I click your download link:
  5. Decorations

    @CuddlesI'm unable to use the link, this time. It says I have to log in with a Microsoft account. Any chance you could post it wherever it was last time?
  6. We've seen this a lot, too, including just yesterday. It turned out that the bison was ACTUALLY still hitched, but its model was showing up half the map away. When the player clicked unhitch on the empty tent, the bison popped into place where it should be. Same for missing horses on carts. NOTE: the animals are not leadable, as they are technically still hitched, so they don't wander and nobody else can take them. So it's really just an annoyance.
  7. Decorations

    @CuddlesI was thinking how useful this could be for posting GM messages, such as an image containing all those typed characters that you can't use on signs. But we wouldn't want players experimenting and accidentally wasting their mats by making the GM portrait or landscape picture. Know what I mean? So would it be possible to add a few special ones that can be crafted only by GMs, which we'd then add our own images to?
  8. They do sometimes come back in from a different IP address when you do this. If you really want to keep them out, do #bansteam <theirSteamID#> <#ofDays> <reason> Then they'd have to buy the game again from another Steam account if they are determined.
  9. Ah, we didn't have serverpacks.config, but I note we do have it on my LAN server, with ONLY the line you mentioned. If I just copy it over to my online server, will that cause any troubles, @bdew?
  10. @bdewObviously I've done something wrong (see above) because our panda minipets still look like cows, zebras still look like horses, etc. What am I missing?
  11. Yes! It is in both places. I'll try again now. It works! Thank you so much.