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  1. Decorations

    You just add the chess table as a surface, using bdew's threedee mod. He gives instructions in the mod thread.
  2. No response yet, but we'd still love to have it.
  3. Still hoping for an up-to-date copy of NoHolyGround, if anyone can help me out?
  4. Does anyone have a working copy of NoHolyGround? I just added this one, and it appears to be doing nothing.
  5. Ester is a very small (1K) server intended for maximum 12 active players at a time. Entry is restricted by a whiteList. Our players all naturally share the same play style: they always avoid littering, never leave corpses or tree trunks behind, take only what they need from public areas, confine their mining to on-deed only, respect other people’s space, and do their best to be an unobtrusive neighbour. On such a small map, this is even more important. If you think you’d be a good match for this server, please consider the following before you apply: - must be an active player who wants to interact with others regularly - must be willing to hunt only moderately, as there are not a lot of mobs on the server. This is not a good server for someone who loves to hunt every day. - must understand, agree with, and be able to follow all our rules - must consider every player’s wishes before doing things that may impact them If you are a mature, considerate, tidy player who is looking to join a small community of very good people, please send Batta a PM to apply for our whiteList.
  6. "slight traces" means 2 tiles away. In your case, it's not quite west, probably one tile south of due west. This page on Wurmpedia explains what each of the messages means:
  7. I'm not seeing an actual mod to download, just the png image and source code. What do I need to do to be able to try this?
  8. Hi Phaedre! I'm glad to see you did end up finding your way to Frenetia. If there is ever anything that I can do for you (I'm a regular player, not a GM), please just let me know and I will log in. Isn't it fun to play with no fear of being attacked? And to swim endlessly without drowning? I love this server.
  9. I'm trying to add a personal merchant contract to the starter gear, but it's not working. Does anyone know which code to use for it? doesn't work. ----------------- UPDATE: Got it working! For the next guy, the correct code is just merchantContract without the "personal"
  10. Another update: I tried removing the protectedTiles.bmap file I found, but when I restart the server it just creates a new one. For my next attempt, I'm going to completely wipe the server again and start from scratch.
  11. I'm on a brand new custom map, a reboot of the very same map I've used several times before. There are no deeds yet, no start town, nothing. I'm getting the "Your shovel fails to penetrate the earth no matter what you try. Weird." message. I know this usually means you're in a GM protected area, but in this case there isn't even a GM toon yet and it's within a few tiles of where I spawned. There are no trees, bushes, or other digging obstructions. I tried moving over several tiles, but still get the error message. Some tiles I can dig, others get the message. Anyone know what's happening and how I can fix it? UPDATE: one tile actually now said it's a GM protected area, but my GM hasn't even been created yet.
  12. RESOLVED: when I added names using the wand (as you instructed, lol) I saw the correct formatting. @AusimusI'm having trouble with the WhiteList mod. What is the proper formatting for the list? I tried listing the names one per line, and only the GMs could get in. Then I tried all on one line with a comma and space between them, but got the same result. Right now, we have it disabled until I get the official instructions.
  13. I'd love a copy with no moonmetals and 0.01 sandstone, if you don't mind making it.