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  1. New Avatars and Clothing

    We really could use a medieval style armoured long dress with long flowing sleeves. I'm wanting one for our queen, with gold braid trim and a matching headdress. Would ideally be very hard to craft, require some gold, and offer good protection.
  2. This seems to be advising unchecking the "Use current" box when setting up a mission on an Adventure server ...or did I miss something? We have a non-Epic Creative server. I'm able to set up missions using the ruler, exactly as I did on our previous Epic server. The only difference is that they don't work. For example, if choosing Examine on a statue is supposed to give a bacon, instead it yields nothing at all.
  3. Still no fix for the seryll drops? Just wondering if it happened and I missed it. We would really love to have them, as we have no other way of getting seryll on our server.
  4. Is it possible to make something so that we can use the mission ruler on a non-Epic server? This is our first non-Epic and it's disappointing to be unable to make custom missions anymore.
  5. in game custom timer beep request..

    +1 This would be very helpful.
  6. Real death

    Wow, that would suck. Glad they changed it!
  7. Thanks @bdew. A lot of our players use Privacy mod or kill Steam after logging in, so that must be it.
  8. I didn't want to start an entire thread for my hopefully-related question. Does anyone know why the Wurm Login screen often shows 0 players on my server, even when there are people on? Could it be related to the Privacy mod, maybe? @bdew ?
  9. Real death

    Thanks all. I believe the difference in players is that he is the only one with sufficient soul strength, as a Mag priest.
  10. Real death

    We are all white light. Not sure why only one of us is seeing the Real death choice. But thanks for the help.
  11. What is Real death? One of our players gets the option at the Altar of Three, though the rest of us (even those with 100 Faith & Favor) do not.
  12. Ebony Wand error and can not mail

    Any word on the ebony wand issue? It's quite frustrating to be unable to level with it as usual. It's often impractical to work from a cart.
  13. Bug reports!

    I get this one a lot, too.
  14. Tip collection for GMs

    This is a known bug. If you have the betterdig mod installed, then a GM can still level with the wand if commanding a cart. It's a total pain, but hopefully they'll get around to fixing it soon.