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  1. Requiem of Wurm

    Could someone please post the link to the online map - the one that shows deeds, not the imgur one, please. Thanks!
  2. From Patch Notes 26 May 2021:
  3. A lot of us do read all the WU forums. Just not always able to and/or inclined to respond unless it feels like I/we should.
  4. Now changed from 1x/4x to 3x/4x - faster skill gain but same timers. We'll try this out for awhile and see if we like it.
  5. With the reboot, players no longer get locked in and there is no starter quest. Instead, we have a screening process that begins with the whiteList and continues with a set of questions in Spawntown. If you answer the questions correctly (mostly just choosing "I agree" or not) then you get ported to a very nice campsite where you can stay while you build up coin for deeding.
  6. I had a whole genuine comment here, before I realized that this is about someone complaining without proof that there was nobody playing in April - though obviously there were many. Next time I'll read more carefully and not assume it's a real issue, lol.
  7. Agreed. But we also really need yellow, for yellow brick roads.
  8. Having the same issue here, on a non-Epic server. Can't advance the mission because "[11:56:45] Failed to locate deity called Fo..." We definitely have guard towers.
  9. Mthec's "Custom Traders" mod does what you want, though not randomly - you set it up yourself when you place it. You can determine the QL, rarity, weight of items, price, etc. For example, if you want to sell a group of 10 olives, just make the weight of the sale item 10x greater; it will divide into 10 when you put it into a FSB. You can set your custom trader to sell all the usual trader stuff, plus any additional items that you wish. Excellent mod!
  10. Old Fishing

    After all this time, we still hate the new fishing system. We'd love a mod that allows us to go back to the old way without all the different rods, bait, floats, etc.
  11. Just Fyi, I play on lots of servers and I don't get any extra amount of lag on Scallywags unless I'm near a place with lots of junk piles, tree stumps, statues, etc.
  12. [RELEASED] Live Map

    You need to type the server size into the console in order to see the ore qualities. For example, if it's a 2k map, you open the console and type "serversize 2048" (without the quotation marks)
  13. @GovernorWould it be possible to add a second feature to this, so that players get a small bounty for bashing tree trunks, too? Or is that too different from burning corpses to work with the Bounty on Burn mod?