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  1. The properties file says it's 1 to 1, so 2 = 2 tiles.
  2. @GovernorThe actionDistance on Bounty on Burn doesn't seem to be working. We have it set to 4, but still have to be on the same tile as the corpse to be able to burn it. The rest of the mod settings seem to be working as expected.
  3. I'm looking for the mod that allows players to regain stamina on steep slopes or while swimming, just by standing still. Can anyone tell me what mod that is? I've seen it on a couple of servers.
  4. Sorry, @CrimsonsplatI've never seen this happen before. Creatures normally have a NW "drift" that causes them to head NW no matter where they spawn from. I can't imagine what's making yours spawn in the NW and head SE.
  5. NOTICE: As of tonight's backup, crop ticks will change from 6 hours to 1 hour, by overwhelming player request. Enjoy!
  6. Any ETA on this mod?
  7. Horse disappeared

    This is a bug that resolves itself, usually at the very next server reboot.
  8. Yes, it's a great server. Almost everyone I know maintains a toon & deed on Calysto.
  9. We start with 40,000/40% aggressive, then boost to 60,000/40% aggressive when there are roads and players have some ok fight skill.
  10. Desert Map

    I started working on the map you requested, despite the unplayable nature of it, but found that it takes FOREVER to load that much of a dirt (sand) layer onto the map maker. Literally hours, on the same system that usually takes me about 2 minutes. Might be more workable on a smaller map? Or with some other mapmaker than WGenerator.
  11. Pingperfect has the ability to just transfer your complete files, map, etc. to their hosting service, if you decide to switch. We had trouble with previous server hosts, but all that went away when we transferred to PP.
  12. You can still use the #changepassword option, and they definitely don't have to be in-game when you do it. I've used this as a "soft ban" several times. Once you change their password to your own Steam ID, you can even log in with their toon name and see what they've been up to more thoroughly. This also gives you the option to assign the toon to someone else, or even give it back to the original players if you ever need/want to. The server host we use is Pingperfect, and we've found them to be excellent over many years.
  13. The easiest in-game way I've found to ban a player is to just change their password, like this: Assume the player's name is GMToon Type #changepassword GMToon <insert your own Steam ID here> Then, if they're still online, type #kick GMToon to boot them out. They won't be able to log back in from any account except your own Steam account, which I'm assuming they have no access to. EDIT: This page will show you how to find your own Steam ID, or you can find it using the GMTool in-game You can also activate ebony wand, right click it, choose Server>Manage player powers and drop them to 0. I'm fairly sure this works, even if they are equal power to you. Or do it from the server host's "Set GM Powers" button. I've had terrible luck giving RL friends GM powers. Basically, I've found that anyone who really likes being a GM is going to either use that power or experience stress when they resist it. It's a great way to damage a friendship. So now I give GM powers only to visiting GMs from other servers, in which case it's for just that one visit, or I badger a friend who is very reluctant to be a GM, into doing it, then allow them to rarely log that toon in.
  14. Desert Map

    No vegetation at all, anywhere on the map? Many animals would die of starvation if they had nothing to graze on... Players would have to eat only raw meat. There would be no ability to make tools or weapons.