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  1. Is your GM Level 5? This works only for the top level GM.
  2. The mods go into a "mods" folder in Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server folder. Make sure you don't have a mods folder inside the mods folder, too.
  3. Are you sure it's not supposed to be: #rename <oldname><newname><adminpassword> If you're on a hosted server, try the password you use to log in to your control panel.
  4. Server Vote Reward Mod

    I'm embarassed to say I figured it out and the problem was that I hadn't deleted the lines after API= before pasting it. When I went back and removed them, it worked. I post this dumb error here in case it will help someone else. Now I'll go hide my face for awhile, lol.
  5. Server Vote Reward Mod

    Hmm, so it's just us. I copied and pasted the api, but I'll check anyway. Thanks.
  6. Server Vote Reward Mod

    Is this still working? I just tried adding it to my server, but when players vote it keeps saying they have already voted for this server today, but then when they /vote they get a message that they have either not voted yet or have already claimed their reward. More than one player had the same experience. In-game, they click a link and it takes them to the vote place. That's where they click the Vote button and get this message.
  7. @CuddlesFyi, the GM Deedmaker mod is still working great for me, both on my public and my LAN server. @Deathlyghost Are you checking under "Settlement" when you right click the deed stake? It actually doesn't show up there, but lower down the list. Look for "Make GM Deed". This confused me at first, so maybe it's the same thing for you?
  8. While you wait for an actual techie to help... I did get this exact error message a couple of years back, and nothing I tried was fixing it. In the end, I had to delete absolutely all traces of Wurm from my computer (not just reinstall a fresh copy) and from Steam. When I installed again, the problem had disappeared. I'm sure there must be an easier way to achieve this result, but this did work for me.
  9. In my experience, it's almost always a mod conflict. Are you using server mods? What I do is remove the most recent add-on first, to see if it fixes it.
  10. it's PvP, not mixed PvE with PvP zone?
  11. @VersengoldIt looks fun, but wow! lots of aggro mobs! Can players load items when they spawn, or do they really start with only 20 Body strength? Also, are there priest restrictions?
  12. Max deed size 40x40 -- does this mean 40 in each direction (i.e. 81x81 total), or like 20/20/19/19? Also, someone mentioned Crafters, but I haven't seen any around town or in the crafting workshops. @Kingtren
  13. Not sure whether it was okay or not to post my copy of the mod. If not, I'll take it down without argument.
  14. I summoned the custom trader. Whoops. Thanks for the clarification. Would it be possible to add a config to the item sizes? I like to stock a "GM merchant" with exotic wood logs, but only 4.00kgs each.
  15. @Mthec The default items on the custom trader are coming up free. I logged on an alt to confirm that he could just take whatever he wanted with no charge. FYI