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  1. Inglenook [1x, PvE]

    Are client mods disabled on this server? I couldn't use timelock, and without it it's pitch black at night on my monitor. Also, there is a starter town but I got a message saying it would be illegal for me to take any of the food in the "free food" bin.
  2. Emerald Expanse (New! 10/25) 8x8 PVE map

    ? I'm not seeing that option, nor in "Custom".
  3. Settlement outposts

    I've been on so many servers where players built 1x1 shacks all over the place, just to effectively claim more land than they had deeded. Since nobody else can deed over the shacks, it is a way to beat the system (on servers that allow it) and basically claim extremely vast areas. Your outposts would do the same, wouldn't they? Basically tie up large areas where nobody would be able to deed. If an outpost was placed strategically enough, it could make it difficult for newer players to ever find a big enough area for a decent deed. Or are you thinking that others would be able to deed right over your outpost?
  4. dedicated server not responding

    You can reinstall a fresh copy of the file in a couple of different ways. The way I like is: Turn off your server. From Steam, choose Library, then Games. Right click Wurm Unlimited from the list on the left, and choose Properties Click Local files Click "Verify integrity of game files" It will go through a validation process. If it finds something missing, you'll get a message like this: "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired"
  5. Tip collection for GMs

    Except that @ozmods mentioned here that the bury action isn't working, so I'd say the mod has lost 100% of its value.
  6. Closed due to lack of interest.

    I see this server listing now says "Closed due to lack of interest." I'm really surprised, tbh. It's true that it wasn't a heavily populated server, but I think that isn't unusual for a 1x with a challenging map and low starting skills. I'd love it if @Milowere to make us another server like this one! I've never seen a better map, and the small number of players were pretty cool to interact with.
  7. [Released] Craftable Pauldrons

    We took photos of all the pauldrons. You can see them here. I've posted the copy I have of this mod here, but please don't ask me to help with it in any way. I know almost nothing about coding, and am just sharing my copy while we wait for a working link. earburns: @Devily and @Calthaza
  8. That's interesting. I'm still getting messages from people who just downloaded it and didn't get the files. I wonder why some are getting it and others not.
  9. This has been an issue since the last mod update, but since it's still a problem I'm mentioning it again. Scriptrunner and serverpacks currently come without properties/config files, and they don't generate new ones when you start the server. We are sharing around existing copies for those who did a fresh install and didn't get them. I have no idea if this is a good practice or not, but I don't know of any other way to resolve the issue.
  10. How I wish it was

    Scriptrunner and serverpacks currently come without properties/config files, and they don't generate new ones when you start the server. We are sharing around existing copies for those who did a fresh install and no longer have theirs. EDIT: I suppose I should post that on the server modlauncher page. Off to do that now.
  11. That would be SO helpful. Also, right now it will copy a max of 10 items at a time, but could it copy an entire stack, no matter how many? Or at least up to 100 items at a time? We also notice that some copied items are not the same as their originals. For example, a copied meal no longer gives any CCFP, and copied prepared ingredient (for example, chocolate icing) no longer works in a recipe that needs chocolate icing.
  12. Paint

  13. We did the same on our last server. However, it's still useful to have a catseyed highway, for getting directions from waystones. We also use the highway portals mod, which requires the catseyes.
  14. The wagoner isn't available on WU, as far as I know. Or was it added when I wasn't looking?
  15. I tried this server today and it is very nice. The start town has all that you need, but nothing more. Perfect. There are not too many mobs, so you do not immediately, lol. The map is fun, and very good for boats (Ocrea map). Friendly, helpful GMs. They speak English if you prefer. Normal starter gear, so you do not have to make a stone ax or anything. I recommend you try this world. Eject's other servers have been going for a long time, so this one will probably stay for a long time, too. EDIT: the translate is getting some of this wrong. I hope you know what I meant!