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  1. We have Piebald, Piebald Pinto, Ebony Black, Bloodbay, Mangalargamarchador, Rocky Mountain, Regular Bay, Skewbald, Knabstrupper, and Knabstrupper X Apaloosa horses with this mod, as well as the plain grey, white, gold, and black.
  2. Not really. It's a tunic. Females can wear one, as well.
  3. Yes, I hear you. Just saying my own thoughts about this, not trying to argue with you. I gave it -1 because that's how we do this -- if we strongly agree with a suggestion, we say +1. If we strongly disagree, we say -1. It's not meant to be anything personal.
  4. -1 The voting system is meant to help players determine which servers are better than others. By bribing players for votes, it makes the whole voting system pointless.
  5. Most of us just push the regular ones into the wall so that the posts no longer show. They look exactly like wall mounted.
  6. Are you saying there's a way to do this? Our server has been overrun with sol demons for months now. When we kill them, Fo just sends more. I'd love to know a way to remove them, if you know of one.
  7. Is there any way to add to this so that we can make animal skin rugs out of the new creature models? I would love a zebra, ocelot, or panda rug!
  8. Do Highway Portals work on non-Epic servers too?
  9. Wow, weird. The one I have is action-0.1. I wonder how I managed to get that one yesterday?? I'll just download the new one now. Thanks!
  10. That was fixed like 4 versions ago, make sure you have the latest version. I just downloaded it from the OP link yesterday. Is there maybe another link somewhere within the 6 pages of this thread, that I should be using instead?
  11. act_show off says that it's turned off, but the numbers are still there beside all the actions.
  12. That is such a drag. We were really hoping for the bulk goods delivery on WU. Also, the Wagoners add colour to the server. :-)
  13. Where do I write something else? The greet file is a java file. Do I need to find a way to open it? Never mind, I just discovered I can drag and drop it into Notepad++. :-)
  14. Oh good! Thanks. :-) Omg, bdew. I've just re-read this thread from the beginning and realized that virtually every question I've asked had already been explained in one of your previous posts that I simply hadn't understood. Thank you so much for your patience!
  15. @bdew Is there a way to remove a surface, if we got the code wrong? I mean other than closing down the server without saving the new surface? A command like #surface remove 644 would be really handy. :-)