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  1. -------------------------------------------- Lyra server opens on December 1st, approximately 12 noon Pacific time. -------------------------------------------- Lyra is a slow-paced server with minimal mods, minimal rules, and minimal tolerance for griefing or littering. If you are a mature, non-competitive player looking to build in a cooperative environment without GM help for anything besides server glitches, this might be a good place for you. This is NOT the right server for you if you: - aren't willing (or able) to follow our few rules at all times - think freedom of speech includes a right to alienate or abuse others - believe that it's better to ask forgiveness later than to ask permission first ---------------------------------------------------------------- Game chat via Discord (link on our website) Game Settings: 1x skill gain / 1x action timers Characteristics begin at 22. You will be able to ride a horse, but you'll have to work to be able to load a cart. All skills start at 1.0, except Fighting at 10.0 Custom 4096 map, 40,000 creatures, 35% aggressive. These figures may change as gameplay progresses and there are more ways to escape. DEEDS: vanilla Wurm settings. This means you need 4s 21c to found a deed, which includes cost of the tiles and 3s toward upkeep. See Wurmpedia for more info: Bounties are set at default rate, making trolls 10 copper and rats 2 copper. Using steel & flint to burn any corpse gets you another 2 copper. Crops tick every 8 hours, and won't rot if you leave them. Players can farm a 3x3 section with one action at 30 Farming, 5x5 at 50 Farming, and 7x7 at 70 Farming. No priest restrictions. Faith gains every 20 minutes, limit of 5 gains per day. All spells available to all priests of sufficient skill level. Meditation skill gains every 30 minutes, limit of 5 gains per day, with no "fail to relax," but you will have to move each time. Lyra village is being built by players - the public mine, as well as any public cropland or shelters. In addition, any player is welcome to claim (by fencing) a 15-tile rectangular plot within Lyra village, on which you can make a house, crops, animal pens, or whatever you find most useful. One plot per Steam ID/actual person. Your alts can share with you. When you leave town to deed, you may keep your plot as your town home, or turn permissions over to another player (or to Batta, to give to someone).
  2. Are you using the same action number as for other "plant" actions? Because many actions need their own special number. I find the actual number by turning "act_show on", then in this case activate the catseye and right click the tile corner. Whatever number it shows after "plant" is the one to use. (Toggle "act_show off" when you're done.)
  3. Could this be an opportunity for a fun mod? Like if the model says "stump.halloween.<treeType>" then return a Halloween-ish tree stump image? Like orange with black jack-o-lantern face. Same for the other season.
  4. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    I think I haven't had any problems because all my Custom NPCs are set to static.
  5. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    It works with the current version.
  6. crafting window

    It's the same with fences.
  7. crafting window

    For houses, make sure that your tool (in this case, trowel) is in one window and the wall plan in the other. If you put the mats in the crafting window, it doesn't work.
  8. Hmm, I see nothing there, just a blank space.
  9. Caught naturally. The reason I mention the clams is because the properties file says they are sellable to the Fish monger.
  10. @GovernorFYI, "clam" is currently missing from the mission items. Would you consider adding it?
  11. @GovernorI have the latest version of Fish Monger, but it's not recognizing clams as something to buy. Also, the max per fish (1s) isn't working. I just sold a huge catfish to it for over 2s. Otherwise, it appears to be working great. Here are our settings:
  12. @GovernorHow does the Leaderboard and Titles mod work? I opened the properties file, but it's unclear to me. Do we add titles to the properties file, then just bestow them on players? Or is there a way to connect them to skill achievements or other achievements?
  13. Several of my players downloaded them and didn't get a fresh properties file. The trick seems to be to completely delete all of the mod, then add it back in.
  14. bdew's Better digging mod allows you to choose what actions can be done from a cart. However, it doesn't automatically drop the trees into the cart.