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  1. The trouble we found with going over 40 is that players often have trouble finding a good spot to open a mine. They have to be way up from the shoreline to even have a hope of hitting rock that's at least 20 height.
  2. Here is a countdown timer to launch:
  3. While we wait for someone who actually knows the answer, I have a suggestion for something I would try if it was me having this problem. Open Steam, click Library, then Wurm Unlimited (not Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server) Click the Settings cog, choose Properties, Local Files Choose Verify integrity of game files I have no tech skills or knowledge, but this one trick fixes a myriad of problems for me. I don't know how my files get messed up, but this procedure fixes everything without causing me to lose any data or settings. Maybe it will fix this issue for you?
  4. The Deposit to Bank and Fetch a Snack features are wonderful.
  5. Wow! This is easy and fun. The spirit gate here was a marble brazier pillar, and the worg in the lower right was a tortoise.
  6. Do you mean that every player can change models, or that every player can see the models that the GM changed?
  7. We've had a great experience with Pingperfect, and an extremely terrible experience with Citadel. Those are the only ones I know, so if you don't want Pingperfect, I recommend you at least avoid Citadel.
  8. Not sure when it came back online, but I'm able to play today!
  9. I'd love to see a tutorial, as long as it's not too technical. I usually just use the WU map generators.
  10. @SkordeanOh yes, now I understand. I'd love a solution for this too!
  11. Possibly I don't understand what you're looking for, but did you know that there's a client side mod that lets you set the timer to make a noise when it's done? I usually set mine to sound=sound.bell.handbell in the properties file. I've been using this mod since it came out, with no issues.
  12. As far as I know, this only works if you are in a ship. If you're heading toward the correct connecting border, then you just sail. But if you're heading toward another border, you need to Set course on the boat first.
  13. There are probably lots of possible reasons that I don't know about, but here are the ones I know can cause this: - The cart is stuck, maybe in a hedge, fence, or wall. To test this, try using Pull on the cart in the opposite direction of anything it might be stuck in. - Your toon is already carrying/wearing enough weight that it can't bear the extra weight of pulling the cart. To test this, you can use a GM to temporarily boost the toon's body strength and see if it fixes the issue.
  14. It currently requires glowing hot nails to make. Is it possible to change that, so it doesn't check for glowing? Also, I'm unclear how this works. Does it have to be on the same tile as the furnace, or will it work if it's on the tile beside it, or if it's partly on the same tile? Is there anything we need to do to "link" it to the furnace, or does it automatically fuel the nearest lit furnace?
  15. @ArathokWhich link do we use? The one in the OP goes to version 2.0, which says released 15 days ago. Is there a newer one from Wednesday?