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  1. I guess it depends on the GM and the server. Since it doesn't change the deed borders, on Green Dragon we'll just move anyone's token for any reason at all, including Feng Shui. :-) The last one I moved was because the deed mayor wanted to move his roads over 1 tile, and didn't want the token right in the middle of the road. Another player before that wanted to build a house where his token was, so we moved it over for him.
  2. I have had this problem when one of my mods was interacting badly with the others. Once I removed whichever was causing the problems, then the server started up just fine with all the other mods.
  3. While working on a guide for nomadic players on my WU server, I discovered the amazing benefits of spit roasted pig, sheep/ram, or rat. Each begins with an unbutchered corpse and a branch, and is cooked over a campfire. Large rat gives you roasted rat-on-a-stick, Pig gives you roasted hog roast Sheep or ram gives you roasted lamb roast They are very easy to make, and require not even a pottery bowl, just a branch and some kindling, but they give exceptional nutrition for a newbie meal. The creatures are even easy for a newbie to kill.
  4. Hahahaha this totally struck me as hilarious. I appreciate your sense of humour.
  5. I have even had other players walk right through me, totally ignoring me even though I was emoting at them. It's a pretty awful feeling. This was on WU servers, but has happened more than once. I understand that people are busy, but "virtual" rudeness and utter lack of caring is still a crappy way to treat someone, and caused me to question my choice to try to play on those servers. Have also had more experienced players (at the time -- before my bazillion hours of play) actually mock my inability to figure out how to set up and begin. The game is obvious to me NOW, but we need to realize that it's a huge amount of info for a newbie to take in all at once, especially if they have no gaming background at all. It can be a lonely, scary world when you're brand new!
  6. Cool! I look forward to a day when I have some clue how to accomplish this, too. :-)
  7. Okay, problem. Since changing it to false, all of my mods stopped working. The server still runs fine, just without any mods at all. So I went back and changed it back to PRUNEDB=true, used the Update Server Settings and Fast Downloads Sync buttons on my server host that include the patcher function without my having access to the actual patcher, and restarted the server. But my mods are still not working. Did a Restore World to a few days ago, before I did the PRUNEDB change, and nothing happened. No world restoration, no mods working, world still runs just fine when I start it up. I don't suppose anyone knows what's going on? The server host is Pingperfect. They are referring me to advice about making sure I have matching properties files for each folder with a jar file, and so on...but none of that is the issue. All mods are in their proper places, no changes made and they all look just as they should. I just can't get the mods to work AND I can't seem to restore back to an earlier date before I tweaked anything. Any advice or input would be great. Thanks! ------------ UPDATE: This was fixed by reinstalling the modloader and mods after restoring from backup. The backup itself still didn't take, but at least we have our mods back!
  8. Yes, I'm getting that. I guessed that it's something that has been removed from this harvest time. Checking the calendar... Leaf no longer has Olive in week 1 Omen no longer has anything all month, but used to have Lemon in week 1 and Orange in week 3 Silence no longer has Chestnut in week 3 I wonder whether "None" corresponds with one of these?
  9. Ohhh, ok, lol. :-)
  10. It seems that Steveleeb has run into popularity issues when suggesting this elsewhere (see his post above).
  11. Would it be possible to offer this on the Github page as a separate download, as you've done for AshProduce, EpicMissionHints, FireBurnTime, and NoMailCost? Would be much more convenient for me. :-)
  12. I wonder if the people who don't like the idea realize that the way it is now (where GMs can do it), it actually doesn't change the deed borders at all. All it changes is where the token is in relation to the borders. Maybe that would make a difference. No tactical advantage in PvP, as there could be if one could just advance the token a few tiles without penalty (i.e. the loss of upkeep paid, the cost of deeding and rehiring templars).
  13. Can anyone help with a link to how to make a PMK on an Epic WU server...or can this even be done? nm, found it here
  14. Ok thank you. I'll keep track.
  15. After some hunting on my server host, I found this under server\dist\Creative and made the change. I have a couple of questions: - does the F have to be capital? When it originally said true, it was all in lower case letters - is there anything else that would normally be "pruned" that will now be changed? In other a non-techie, have I just done something I might later regret? Lol Thanks!