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  1. Very helpful. Thank you!
  2. idea

    +1 Great idea!
  3. This would be really handy.
  4. We recently did a Caveman Challenge, where we had players spawn with no starter gear AND no steel and flint. We did give them a troll club, though, because hey, cavemen. Everyone scrounged around as fast as they could to rummage rock and iron rock for crude tools (while fighting off mobs). Once we could make woodscraps and kindling, they could be used together without steel and flint to create a campfire.
  5. What we are getting is "one" ash, but that is one stack, 6.40 kgs, which is 64 ash.
  6. Thank you for this advice, but mainly we want to get 12 ash in a campfire, but even one of the ash stacks is 6.40 kgs (64 ash). If a campfire lasts 10-12 minutes...are you able to work out the math so that we end up with only 1.20 kgs total? Edit: Is it 19,200 minutes? I don't know, I suck at this sort of math.
  7. Another thing that works is to ask the GM to summon the corpse even half a tile from its current position.
  8. Oh okay. Thanks!
  9. Yes, we have a waystone at each end that is on a deed. Could the problem be that the road switches from 2-lane with gravel to 1-lane with gravel, between the waystones? Maybe it's confusing the system?
  10. We are still hoping someone can offer an explanation or solution for this. Anyone know why it's happening?
  11. Any chance of making the size of the ash "stack" configurable? 6.40 kgs of ash is 64 pieces, and that is far too much for what we want. I would love to be able to make it so that there is a max number of 12 ash (1.20 kgs) from a campfire and 1 ash (0.10 kgs) from other items. @Ulviirala what do you think? Is it possible to give us this option?
  12. When I do this, I get only the Freedom wagons and banners, not white. Any idea why?
  13. Check whether you have a Mods folder within your Mods folder. Often missing mods end up there, and you can just move them up a level to where they should be. Worth a look, just in case.
  14. Sometimes this happens, and can be resolved just by logging out and back in again.
  15. The highway doc says: Ours is 1 tile wide, at one point, but has gravel on each side