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  1. Ohhhh, didn't realize that. I was using a low-level GM. Thanks!
  2. We've been unable to use this mod since the 1.6 update, even if we disable the vein cap. Is it working for anyone else?
  3. server

    Down for 2 weeks now. Any fix underway for this mod? We miss having it!
  4. @bdew The taxidermy mod is currently not charging any Karma, even though we have it set to do so. Here are our settings: We don't get any error messages or anything. It just allows players to create one without decreasing their Karma by it. EDIT: Players have to have sufficient karma to create the preserved corpse, but none is actually used.
  5. Just in case, I tried disabling SteamIdBan mod, and the problem is completely fixed.
  6. Is this the relevant info? I don't really understand much of this, it saying that the SteamIdBan mod is causing the trouble, maybe?
  7. Just in the last couple of days, I've lost the ability to do a server shutdown countdown via ebony wand (levels 4 and 5 GM). The form comes up, I fill it out, then nothing. This began the same time I changed the .ini to add those 3 missing lines, though I can't see how that could be anything beyond utter coincidence. We've changed nothing else, added nothing else. Does anyone know what's wrong, and how I can fix this? There are no error messages that I know of.
  8. Wait, what? On "newbie friendly" we had bears and even trolls. I assumed it just kept out the uniques.
  9. I am so curious...what is the benefit of a completely flat, square map? I am trying to imagine, but coming up blank. Hunting? Really, really hard PvP?
  10. Does anyone know a link to a discussion about this mod? I didn't understand a word of "the javax-json jar needs to be referenced in the modloader's manifest file or be added in the mod's manifest file." I don't speak that language, lol. Just want to know precisely what to do to make it work, hopefully in non-techie language. I DO understand words like "place the jar and properties files in your mods folder," lol. Also, how do we find out the Steam IDs that we want to ban?
  11. Yes, only those clients with client modloader are able to see the new animals. The others see a brown cow shape that attacks them (panda), a mountain lion for an ocelot, and a white horse for a zebra.
  12. I tried it before I deleted the keybindings.txt file