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  1. Can anyone tell me how to post a message to a GM sign on my server?
  2. @Governor In AddKingdomItems v1.7 we no longer have the ability to toggle or configure flying carpets. I'm still able to craft one with an ebony wand (haven't tried with a non-GM yet), but also they don't seem to do anything. Have magic carpets been partially removed, or something like that? If not, then please add back a config for them, plus maybe instructions how to use them? Thanks What we want ideally is for only GMs to be able to make them, so they can be used as prizes or mission rewards.
  3. New materials

    Where are these numbers found? Items 94 and 95 are a fishing rod and fine fishing hook. There are 2 moonmetals, adamantine and glimmersteel, that can be mined, and a 3rd one, seryll that comes only from drops. An adamantine vein is 227, glimmersteel vein 228. Sorry, I know this isn't much of an answer. Maybe with more details it might be possible to figure it out?
  4. Well, yes, but...we wanted to know what would happen. She is extremely tough!
  5. What is Lady of the Lake blood used for? I couldn't find anything about it on Wurmpedia, but I had some pop into my inventory when we killed her. RESOLVED: potion of carpentry, same as Black Dragon I'd add this to Wurmpedia, but only WO users are allowed to do that. Maybe someone else will do it?
  6. Mission ruler

    It worked! I've been getting double rewards for so long, but simply adding a 2 second delay fixed it. Thank you!
  7. [RELEASE] TimerBeepMod

    You can configure the sound that goes off when the timer runs out. Default is the handbell, but we are already using that for recall runes, so we changed ours to sound.bell.dong.5 The dong sound rings twice, which is nice because if you missed it the first time due to game sounds, you'll most likely hear the second dong sound.
  8. [RELEASE] TimerBeepMod

    Omg, so helpful! Thank you!
  9. Thanks for this, but it isn't quite what I need. I'm not looking for the skills of templars and guards, just their base CR.
  10. WurmMapGen v2 - interactive map viewer for WU servers

    @LordOfAwesomnia Is there any way to make this map also show highway portals, or is that something only the town portal mod maker can do? @bdew We have almost entirely highway portals, very few regular ones, and it would be helpful to know where to find them.
  11. Can anyone tell the me exact CR (combat rating) of spirit templars, and of tower guards? I'm looking for the base number, before applying any variables. EDIT: If not exact, then at least a close guess?
  12. Copy items with rightclick

    +1 This would be extremely handy.
  13. [RELEASED] Discord Relay

    Now how do I link my bot to my Discord channel? I added the Client secret to the properties file, patched the change. But the bot is not on my Discord, and I'm guessing I've missed a step maybe when creating it? There was some permissions thing, but all it did was give me the number 8 as a result, and I didn't know what to do with that. OK - For the next guy, here's where i found my answer:
  14. [RELEASED] Discord Relay

    I'm confused about how to set this up. Drop this in the mods folder. Open the properties file for editing. Go to to make my bot. Click "Bot" In the Build-A-Bot section, click Add Bot Pop-up asks, "Add bot to this server?" Choose "Yes, do it" Immediately get an error message saying: Too many users have this username, please try another. I wasn't given any option to create a username... My Discord server is open. I already have the Pokecord bot on it. Now what? OH. I needed to go change the My application section to the name I wanted my bot to be, before clicking Bot. Got it.
  15. Mission example

    I know that we can make a one-time-only mission, OR one that can be repeated endlessly. But on another server I saw missions that could be done once per day, per player. How is that accomplished?