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  1. Omg this mod is awesome! Now we can plant "crops" in our cave dwellings! And cocoa beans galore! Thank you very much for this great mod.
  2. Ok, thank you for the quick reply. I'm excited to try this!
  3. Do we add a comma then space between items? Like this: 440, 464, 246 ...or no space, like this: 440,464,246 Or does it matter?
  4. I found the file, and it was almost 13MB large. I deleted it, and just like you predicted, almost INSTANT connection to the game again! Thank you so much for this help! <3
  5. Just since the last update, when I open Steam, then click the Play button for Wurm Unlimited, it takes an EXTREMELY long time to see the list of servers. If I want to change names and try clicking another name on my list, again it takes an unreasonably long time. I'm talking about 15-20 minutes to even see the list of servers, and another 15-20 minutes to change login names. Sometimes I get a "not responding" error message and have to start the whole half hour process again. Very frustrating and time consuming. Once I get the login name I want to use, I'm able to click the server name right away, it's all as quick as ever to connect. I have other games on Steam, and none of them are having this issue, just WU. Every other game pops up within the usual few seconds. Does anyone know what's going wrong here?
  6. In the meantime, what we do is to create a fountain over a water tile, wait until it's full, then drag it to where we want it It takes a really long time to use up the 1125 litres of water. When it starts to get low, we drag it back over to the water tile to refill. It takes a bit of labour, but allows us to put fountains wherever we wish. Haven't tried it with a well yet, but I'm guessing it would work just as well for them...just would need refilling more often, as wells hold only 125 kgs of water.
  7. It would be cool if cactus plants could grow in places where there were "X" number of sand tiles within a certain area. Would be great for when you're crossing a desert and need something to drink?
  8. +1 Sounds like a fun feature!
  9. +1 I think it would logically give approximately the same protection as leather or studded leather armour, but would look way cooler!
  10. Is it a single bugged mailbox, or all mailboxes on the server? Because if it's just one, I'd simply replace it, build another one, or go check your mail from someone else's mailbox.
  11. I created this thread in the Mod Requests thread, fyi. Inscribable Books
  12. The idea comes from this thread: Book Making The more I think of this, the more I feel like we NEED the ability to create books, even if only for GMs. Signs are just inadequate for conveying info to new players, especially because of disallowed symbols that we might need -- for example, the @ symbol to give them an email address. Are there any mod makers out there who might take this on? Here's what would be on my list of ideals: A book that could be read but not taken away / optional config to allow it to be Taken Written in, then finalized ("bound"?) so it couldn't be altered by readers / optional config to allow it to be altered Allowed the use of certain symbols, such as the @ symbol so that GMs could pass along a contact email address, if they wished Off the ground would be very helpful -- on a stand, like the book of inscriptions at the Altar of Three? or some other model? Perhaps the author could add, remove, or rearrange pages later...but not an essential feature If it was somehow a container, so that Bag of Holding would work on it, that would be a serious bonus -- more pages! Is this do-able? I don't know enough about code to even know whether it would be easy or difficult. But I know I would LOVE to have such a thing! :-)