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  1. I understand these things happen, most times more often then any of us wants. But I just have a few questions, if this is out of their control in this instance, then is this supposedly something client side, or is it an issue that they are paying for? How long will this probably take to resolve? And for those of us that cannot connect due to no fault of our own, will we be compensated for the time seeing as alot of us pay to play this game? Thanks
  2. Help has been recieved from the Kind and Wondeful Mizova of Valoria.
  3. Looking for a quick turn around on this: Willing to pay for help in uploading a custom map to my server. I have tried several times and although it works when I run it locally, as soon as I upload it to the my server host...well server hangs and will not start. Please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. Looking for someone with references, as well as mention rates you are looking for
  4. Looking forward to it....Sunday is now important to me...and it is not because I watch football(American Football anyways)
  5. Well I am not that great at RP, but I am willing to give it my very best effort. I like the idea that you are trying to create with a harder server where trade and economy are necessary to achieve individual's goals. Looking forward to this, in fact I check multiple times a day to see if the server is unlocked to play on:P Thanks for the server, and thanks in advance for all the hard work thus far.