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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Hi my 2nd deed is up name Nacho temple a place for my Nahjo priest to relax and to keep some farms. located at 2997 -2774 and yeh nacho temple with ch
  2. server down?

    lets all move to deli
  3. thx for the discount hope eveything is ok and hope to see you guys back soon
  4. Just make PMK items not changeable = problems solved
  5. new fresh server

    yes but all the infrastructure is already there like bridges, highways, canals, major starting zones. Like I said the population is already spread out pretty much and adding a new medium sized/small server wont change that or make it worse, in contrary I think a lot of people would come back to the game to check the new server out so it would bring in more people, at least for the first few months. after that it would stagnate but the newer server would still draw in a lot more people then a server like celebration. and like I said its more about the experience of working on a fresh server.
  6. Channeling Locked Features

    +1 we need more lava
  7. +1 I'd like the fact that with hard work you get rewarded for it and how it would make the priests a little bit more diverse.
  8. new fresh server

    well the oportunity to start on a new fresh server has been given to the older people before, why shouldnt the newer peopel get to experience this aswell?
  9. new fresh server

    I liek this idea aswell but I'm asking for a new fresh place to build and progress on, something like that wouldn't be able to be done on a hunting server. either do that or make terraformed lands decay and slowly turn back to normal aswell. Maybe the decay of buildings should also be increased so it would be more lifelike.
  10. new fresh server

    Hi all, I wanne suggest a new server to be added maybe one the size of indy. I know a lot of people would be against it cause the playerbase is already pretty much spread out but hear me out. I wanne be able to create a deed on a "fresh" piece of land where not everything has been terraformed already by other deed owners. It has been a lot of years since the last server has been added. I had a realy hard time finding a spot that was untouched and the only place nowdays you can find these spots is Xanadu. All other spots that look ncie either have been mined out already or have been terraformed and frankly look like ######. So give us a new untouched place where we can shape the land to our desire and where we don't have to spend the first month undoing the ugly terraforming someone else did. This is mainly the reason why I moved to Xanadu and still there all the nice spots have been occupied before already and nothing realy seems natural, this is even worse on the smaller servers. I am a recently new player and would love to be able to see a server grow from the start (starting new tunneling projects, see the starter villages grow, etc. I kinda feel left out on this and I'm sure a lot of other newer players feel the same. I dislike WU and would rather have this fresh world in WO but sadly this option is not avaible atm. or better yet make it so that the terraformed land decay's and turns back normal like it would irl having these huge terraformed mountains sticking out in the wilderniss just doesnt look verry natural. I think the playerbase is already pretty much spread out and thats a good thing, adding a new server wont make this much worse tbh.
  11. Reworks of Darq Canal

    I will be bringing my mining alt over this weekend to help clear out some veins. are there any lib altars in there so i can do my prayings aswell?
  12. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    +1 pve players should get this aswell. or make pvp less pay to win so more of use would venture to the pvp servers.
  13. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    1. D3 2. WoW 3. Entropia Universe 4. Civ 5 5. Lotro 6. Path of exile 7. Ark survival evolved 8. War thunder 9. Minecarft 10. basicly all shooters since they are the same and I like to shoot stuff for about an hour sometimes
  14. I'd like to buy thisone with monster demise can you cod to flamoush?