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  1. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    hehe started out today you might be right that it might become my 1st home . At least there are more people online then on a WO server . I already made some friends
  2. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    I have been looking for a wurm unlimited server for a while now but couldn't find anything with an active population, I have played on mythmoor for a w hile but hardly anyone was ever on when I play (Usualy morning EU time). What is the population here? and how active are the players during EU times? Can you tell me an average of people online? I cant see these stats on the website. I wanne play Wurm UL to try stuff out and to have a second home when I dont feel like playing online cause of the grind I have few other questions when I look at the map it seems verry crowded even the new map, I love exploration and looking for the perfect place to settle however due to there is no upkeep costs on deeds on the server I was wondering isnt it crowded with settlements of inactive players? also is this the bigegst server curently out there?
  3. Games with the feel of wurm?

    Now people might say I am childish but I had a ton of fun playing Minecraft back in the day, the possibillities are endless, you can do way more then in wurm when it comes to building and you ahve economy servers where you can trade / sell your goods and compete to be the richest person on the server. Once you can look past the cubical graphics it turns out to be realy good.
  4. Ship decay question

    imo ships should even have more decay, the coastlines are littered with abanodened ships from old deeds from people that stopped playing the game. Its sometimes verry frustrating to write a ticket to remove a ton of ships when you deed a place.
  5. Delish - A Deliverance Marketplace

    looks great I will surely pass by one time and have a look
  6. well I have played on deli for some time and I had a deed right in the middle of all oak trees, I didnt like the view so I left it to disband. I dont know anything about a hunting party and I have taken a break fo the game myself due to some conflicts and discussions with other people. but just saying one of the reasons I didnt get back to my old deed in central deli was the amount of oak trees and how it F'ed up the view from the top of my old deed. He might be scaring of all his neighbours cause of that. I support odynn and the decissions made by the GM's to define it as griefing. But now I am living on the north coast far away from a massive oak forest and I like it edit: I think I actualy got invited a couple of times for some unique hunts by said hunting party. and I didnt have the feeling that it was invite only or an exclusive group.
  7. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    Hi all, After a long break due to rl the wurm virus hit me again due to some problems with my neighbour I have decided to let my old deed decay and make a new one, a fresh start . I made a deed next to an old friend of mine at 35X 41Y southeast of the bridge from Yoitsu meadow in order to prevent further conflicts with the people from liberty the name of the deed is Brasschaat. Feel free to visit and say hello also thx to you guys for keeping the indy map up to date!
  8. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    hello I have been away from the game for a while due to rl I have re-deeded my old tradepost deed @Jk2 the bay area over there. There is also peat, clay and tar for everyone to use. Name of the deed is Kalmthout. Shamflam HQ I wont re-deed just my old coastal one. Thx for keeping the map up to date
  9. I have to get this of my chest

    Just to make it clear I condamn my own actions I have said that before it was not a nice thing to do and I fixed it. I was a bit upset about the bricks that I didn't have them on me at that time and plenty of people have some lying around somewhere. But still I fixed it. When someone calls me a stalker I find that calling me names.. I said before that she never told me or indicated to me I was stalkign her, I wrote her 3 messages in the course of 2 weeks, when I was digging the holes and making the meteor sign it was more of a troll to me and I never tought about it to be stalking. and talk trash about them with others well if there is a conflict between 2 people or between 1 and 2 others well that might be just what humans do. I'm pretty sure you are talking trash about me now with others but it's your right freedom of speech so is me talking trash about someone who used me as trash. I just wanne enjoy the game and play with other people that do respect me for who I am so this will be my last post on the matter. I had to get this of my chest to explain why I did this and to get feedback from others who went to a similar thing. I got my feedack and heared some other sides of her stories they where so contradicting that obviously 1 side must be lying now that this has happened to me I guess maybe she might not always be telling the truth about people but hey that is my side of the story it's up to you to choose what you want to believe or not. I have been nothing but honest in these posts.
  10. I have to get this of my chest

    If sending 3 messages in 2 weeks to someone you know and been talking to daily on ts is stalking than yes you are right. obviously this post did help because I did get some people to respond who went through the same ###### with her. You can call me names all you want I already left this behind me. I'm on deli working on my deed with others. But your definition of a stalker is kinda vague so maybe you are gonne say that that is someone what a stalker does aswell. also I guess a stalker deletes stalked person from his friendlist. Also she never mentioned anything to me of me sending to many messages or stalkign her. I said the planting of the sign was out of frustration and to get her attention and was wrong of me to do so but still it was a one time thing. Maybe look further then your nose and think a little before acusing someone of being a stalker. I dont want any more drame then you do. Like I said before I left this behind me but yeh being stabbed in the back is not fun. If you think this thread is about drama you are wrong. I got my answers so I don't have anythign against this thread being closed.
  11. I have to get this of my chest

    No I don't I specificly said it was wrong from me to do these things. But that I did them because I wasnt been given a reason for my silence and because i was frustrated. I don't want anyone to say I did the right thing cause I didn't. I want people to agree with me it's not the right thing to keep a person in the dark for no reasons given. So I don't know where you get these kinda standpoints. I'm always the first to admit i'm wrong I tought there might have been a misunderstanding about what exactly I did wrong. Maybe the person made a mistake and tought I did something that I didn't do (Happened multiple times with said person). The reason of this post is not to say it was a good thing I did cause it wasn't. The reason I made this post was to maybe clarifgy what happened, ask other how they handled similar situations, and ask for advice on how stuff like this won't happen again in the future. I don't have the best social skills but i'm not stupîd I know what is going on here. This is a quote from someone else I talked to. "Just leave her be man we are just passing by actors in her drama movie". This is enough for me to know I made a mistake to thrust certain people. I realy don't like 2 faced people. And that she ahs had the same issue with multiple players. And that's all I realy want to hear the reason although now I care less but I still want to know. I've said multiple times I wanne know why that means I realy want to know why Its nice to hear you are right and other person is wrong it's safe to say we are both in the wrong here. And I have no problem adimitting that.
  12. I have to get this of my chest

    Stalking? I did not stalk her lol, I have send 2 or 3 messages over the course of 2 weeks. And this happened after that period of time we talked after that, at this time she came online daily and I gave her the time to answer to my messages. I respect if someone wanne take a time out She has done that before and I always have respected that. It's not a reason to ban someone from TS. And yes I think she does have to answer to me if you decide to drop all contact with someone you have known for a while. Knowing that this kinda ###### happened before with said person. Is already reason enough for me to let it go. I think it's rly imature to block someone totaly off so they have to resort to these kinds of posts to find out what's wrong. So don't acuse me of not being an adult. And I am able to let this go no problem I just said I had to get this of my chest. I might not have the best social skills but I know when someone stabs me in the back nad I wont allow that to happen twice to myself. If she want to break off all contact and ingore me completely I will accept these wishes as they are now mine aswell. I heared enough to know I made a bad choise to think some people where friends of me. fyi: I only send a message AFTER I got banned from their TS so saying I got banned because I was sending messages makes no sense
  13. I have to get this of my chest

    I do respect the fact that She doesnt want to talk to me anymore and I will leave her alone. However I simply can not accept someone breaking of all contact with no reason given and who doesn't wanne say anything to me in what may have caused it. After 3 years of everything to be ok? This post seems like the only way to reach the person cause I know they'll be reading this. The post and griefing might be a bit of a ###### move but if that is the only way to voice my concerns so be it. What they have done to me certainly is even more of a ###### move. So I totaly agree with what you are saying Jack but still I stand by my actions and by my standpoint. I think I lot of people would react the same way I did. I have always been fair t these people I always tried to smooth things out between people when there was a fight. I was hoping they would respect me in the same way. I still want to voice myself even if that hurts their reputation. I have been digging around and been contacted saying I'm not the first one nor will I be the last one. So at least that makes me feel a bit better that they ahve done this ###### before to other people and that it's not just an attack on me. They have been telling me the stories about these people and I believed them only now to hear the other side of things.
  14. I have to get this of my chest

    well I see that however this thread has nothing to do with the griefing but more with the reason why. There is more to it. I know I'm in the wrong with the griefing part I am repairing it. I was asking for opinions and people in likewise situations and how I should react. Thats obviously not griefing. I want to get this griefing crap behind me I fixed it And at this same time I'm fixing the bricks. I feel upset I have known this person for 3 years, we talked about personal stuff and where on ts daily. I considered the person a friend. All of a sudden they stop all contact. I must have done something terrible wrong to them, I don't know what and they wont tell me. How would you react?
  15. I have to get this of my chest

    I wont say any names so the people I write about are being kept anonymous but I hope they know that I am talkign to them So I have been cought griefing apearantly I was digging holes in the higway and put a sign down meteor strikes. First of all I want to apologize for every problem I have caused by this traveling. Also sorry for the bad English, English is not my native language. I wasn't aware of it being a highway However I do was aware I was griefing. Long story short there was a "friend" of me living there between these 2 deeds I did the work and she has been ignoring me for about 2 weeks now with no reason given to me. I mean I play chess the day before 'no signal' we where talking about chess hustlers in NY central park everything was fine then all of a sudden complete silence none of my pm's where answered I was bloked from TS and the forum of the website. I completely understand it's their right to do so if they had a reason for it but none was given to me and all was fine before. We even agreed I would buy silver from her and she was gonne finish up on an order of marble for me. Didn't hear from that aswell. So I had to take matters in my own hands, the plan was to go over there and plant a sign it would take forever for ehr to destroy it so she would ahve to talk to me to remove it. But things escalated I was frustrated and I overdid it I dug 2 holes and littered the place with garbage. The next day I felt kinda bad and decided to login again. I was gonne drop some stuff off at my deli deed and come back to fill the holes backup if she would reply to myself. Well I didn't even got of indy or a GM contacted me asking me to explain 'the job' I did on the highway. First I was a bit confused about highway then I knew that he meant what I did Iand I remembered it was a highway. So I explained the same thing I said here and told him I was planning to fix it anyway and told him to tell the person in question to talk to me so we could sort things out and so I can finaly know what I did wrong. The GM told me he would do so. if she replied but he told me I had to do it anyway. So I did fill everythign back up and packed the dirt missed 8 bricks but I didn't ahd any on me so I went on a weekend trip to my grandmother.This mornign I login finding a huge buildboard in front of my face telling me I have to add the 8 bricks. Now I don't know what to do anymore they treated me like ###### like ###### x10 not telling me what I ever did to them x100 for not letting know anything was up and everything seemed fine x1000 cause I considered that person a friend we have been on TS for several years and I have been playing other games with them aswell never had any problems and always had fun when I was on TS with them obviously they told the GM I had to add the bricks and at this point I wont unless she talks to me. They can ban me I don't care might be even good so person in question feels a lot of guild. She always believed me and valued my honesty (at least thats what she says so I hope this honest reply might clear things up. and if this is one big troll of you I have to tell you good job you succeeded but I don't think it is I know I handled this a bit wrong by starting to grief said person but I am still open for other opinions or people that have had people like this aswell and if you think to know who I am talking about please don't say any names and respect that I want them to be kept anonymous edit: the no signal time was prior to the griefing