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  1. as title says i am looking to improve my current weapon. LT and nimb is what i am looking for. also interested in lower QL with high enchants
  2. How does this make cotton sueless? Yous till need it to do everything with tailoring. And new players will kil off all the wild sheep.
  3. actualy thats a false comparison :s . You can still do all the basic professions on any class in WoW. And the difference between priests is more compareble to the different classes in that game then comparing it to non priest abilities wich are mainly gathering and crafting (this can be done by any character in WoW as long as you have the right professions). I wasnt talking about the healing or tanking spells but about the restrictions on BASIC things like mining, digging, imping, something everyone should be able to do including priests. BTW a paladin can heal, dps and tank
  4. +1 good idea and can be realy helpfull for new characters
  5. tbh I don't get this they ban RMT in all their games yet they have a marketplace with RMT where they take a cut ... Is it obvious I don't rly like steam ?
  6. Why not add custonm channels like in more MMO's where you can make your own channel? I remember we had a channel in WoW for our healers tanks and casters like this.
  7. thats why I said in the meantime before they bring a better version into the game. If this helps at elast 50% of the players for now I don't see why not? Thats why I adviced it as a temporary solutions untill there are better implements in the game itself.
  8. might be a good idea to open up a russian wurm discord in the meantime (if it doesnt exist alrdy)
  9. -1 although I agree RMT had its charm and it was a nice addition to the game I think the steam market is pure cancer think we have to see how the game evolves without the RMT first. This can be said the other way around aswell. I know many people that left the game because of this. One of my friends did, he was a diehard trader in bulk items for big building projects. I think nowdays there wont be any big projects soon because of this. People are less likely to sell like 50k mortar in one go simply becasue there is no purpose in grinding 50k of mortar in order to 'sell' to others for fake silvers (cant trade these back into real money) so the motivation for these traders is pretty much non existent. The only bad thing it causes was that people where a bit greedy trapping draggons private to sell the scales and other stuff for real money. But the first draggon on the new wurm online steam servers was also a private slaying so I dont realy see any big difference there. If people wanted to pay to be ahead of others in gear, bulk items, tools etc. I wouldnt realy mind. It would allow people who had daytime jobs and not much time to be online to be able to have good gear and big projects without to much time lost. Instead of using the market on steam u can just make an order on the forums here
  10. Or make a priest that can imp and do most of the other stuff (restrict it on fighting or something else). with skills focussed on the crafting/building part of the game.
  11. I play this game mainly for tis creativity and crafting so no way I am gonne make that my alt also think the majority of the playerbase is not interested in pvp and mainly focusses on PVE (including myself). PvP is just an addition to the game but the main focus should be PVE. I am kind of a hermit I liek to do most stuff myself including enchants and spells etc. Thats why I would like to see less restrictions its more friendly towards the solo player that doesnt rly want to rely on other players for their casts. But I also don't want to level up and prem 1000 alst to accomplish that goal. In the end this is what makes me take loooong brakes from the game. and I can say for certain I am not the only person thats get worn out because they have to level 3+ priest alts
  12. I kinda like this ideay to make a new priest based on crafting and imping. maybe get some abilities on that and not so much on the enchanting weapons and armour .
  13. Well I wouldnt rly like this for reasons stated above but this can be a nice solution for the people that only want to pay 1x for premium. The thing that is botherign me is that you cant rly main your priests and every single priest out there is an alt. They could remove the restrictions and tweek around with the priest abilities though. maybe nerf vyn a bit so its not so OP. Or just add more benefits to other priests e.g. make lib cast strongwall in PVE aswell and maybe give a tool enchant to fo or something. I just think it would be better for the game to see more main priests out there, and make it so people that only play 1 char can priest without much problems.
  14. - on making it faster + on making it bigger (as in more storage, the model is alrdy big enough )
  15. Hi, I kinda got into a discussion on the freedom chat about the restrictions on priests. Now I am not talking about the differents spells and all, I am totaly behind these restrictions as they help the game economy bring forth demands on certain skills and enchants. but it feels fairly useless to prevent some priests from digging, mining, woodcutting. I dont seem to find any other reason then it being a money grab to get more premium accounts. I would rly be able to make my main a priest, I alrdeady have an alt lib priest but it would be nice if I could priest my main without the other restrictions that non priest players dont have. My suggestion is to make all priest be able to do the things non-priest players can do. My question is why are these restrictions there in the first place? My 2nd suggestion is to make the penalty way less severe if you turn off faithful if there is a legit reason these restrictions are in the game other then make people not able to main a priest. I think this would be beneficial to the game to see some main chars being a priest. Nowdays every priest is just an alt. Edit: 3th suggestion is to add a crafting/imping/building priest so the people that play the game for its creativity and not so much for its economy and selling enchanted weapons/tools also have a reason to main a priest. Now If you want to make your main a priest you can't because you missing out on 1 or more important necessary skills. This takes away from the imersion in the game and feels more like a penalty instead of reward for your hard work. and Like I said above if you want a priest you basicly have to get more then 1 prem account. Now I msyelf dont mind paying multiple premiums for alts, It's a way to support the game for me. But these restrictions are bad for new players or players that dont want to make alts and still be able to be a priest. What bothers me is that I cant max out basic skills if I went to main a priest. thoughts?