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  1. I play the the game for fun and not to make money and its realy sad tos ee RMT gone. You see I don't have to much time to play and when I play I wanne do something creative, like building huge castles and stuff. With RMT gone, the people that provided the economy with a shitload of bulkitems to make a real time buck , will all disappear. I will have to make 10k bricks where before I could just buy them and have them delivered a few hours later. No matter what people say (market is overflowing with bulk, people will still craft and sell bulk, etc). This is simply not true. The demand WIL be higher then supply and I fear not being able to build what I want, when I want, is going to take the fun out of the game for me. I never sold any items or bulk for real time cash. But I fear that RMT will also affect people like me by a lot. I realy fear for the future of this game and that is because I love it so much. Sham
  2. I am not sure what to tell you, there are plenty RCE games that have had bigass investements. eg second life, entropia universe, ... people made a lot of money in these games. I always felt wurm was a little like that but on a smaller scale.
  3. what about trades for services like terraforming> I could pay a guy 1g to dig me a canal. the devs will only see the 1g I payed a random player
  4. It does affect me since I bought a lot of stuff from a player with assets from another RCE game. and people have bought armour sets and rare/supremes thinking they could always resell it . so how does that not affect the buyer?
  5. I am all for banning account selling. But what on earth is wrong with RMT for items and/or silver. This is what makes wurm wurm, it's all about the grind and the trade. Some people simply don't have the time to be making bricks on their deed all day but still want to build some big projects. The supply will be good for a while since there is a lot of bulk items in the system. But a lot of resellers will just quit the game, supplies will come to a hold and these people who are the greatest donators will eventualy leave aswell. Only players that will stay behind are the diehard wurm players that play the game all day. another point is a lot of people have invested a lot of real money in armour sets en tools etc. a lot of people bought it to use in the game and will probably never sell it. but whit their initial purchase they always knew they would ahve the option to 'cash out' again. So it might have persuaded a lot of people in making that purchase initialy. I never bought an account but I did buy a lot of large bulk quantities and tools for real money in order to keep me going on my big projects without killing the game for me. Since these players will probably leave there will be no supply for players like me and we'll eventualy get bored of the game because we dont have time to make bricks or mortar all day. I play this game for the creativity of building not for the grind and I know there are a lot of other players like me. I feel cheated and lied to with the removal of RMT. I cant even imagine how people feel that litteraly spend 100's of dolars on an account to ahev an easy go at the game. I understand why people don't like it and want it gone. but implementing it and then removing it with less then half a years notice is close to scamming these players out of their real money. Not a nice thing for the devs to do in such a short notice. Do whatever you want with the steam release but please keep the current servers with the curent ruleset ty Sham
  6. don't know about this. I have always been for a new fresh server but a total wipe of all character on that server I dont know about that. Tbh as an existing WO player I feel kinda left out since i'd have to start all over again if I wanted to play on this new server. I put far to much time and effort in this char to start over again but I still want to play on the new server. I hope they get merged in a couple of weeks so we can also check it out with our existing chars.
  7. Close plz :)

    Oh this looks promising. I think i'll give this server a try Been looking into picking wurm up again. I started at sklotopolis but hatone has so many abandoned deeds and mutulated landscape I've been looking for a server where I can be part off from the start
  8. Hi my 2nd deed is up name Nacho temple a place for my Nahjo priest to relax and to keep some farms. located at 2997 -2774 and yeh nacho temple with ch
  9. server down?

    lets all move to deli
  10. thx for the discount hope eveything is ok and hope to see you guys back soon
  11. Just make PMK items not changeable = problems solved
  12. yes but all the infrastructure is already there like bridges, highways, canals, major starting zones. Like I said the population is already spread out pretty much and adding a new medium sized/small server wont change that or make it worse, in contrary I think a lot of people would come back to the game to check the new server out so it would bring in more people, at least for the first few months. after that it would stagnate but the newer server would still draw in a lot more people then a server like celebration. and like I said its more about the experience of working on a fresh server.
  13. +1 I'd like the fact that with hard work you get rewarded for it and how it would make the priests a little bit more diverse.