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  1. I will need to cancel my order, as i have not gotten them yet. Getting a villager to do it for me instead. thanks.
  2. [CLOSE]

    Also, I was at overture 3 hours after i said i was sailing, and i tried PM you and you were not online.
  3. [CLOSE]

    That is why i asked why you are usually on. To easier be able to meet up.
  4. [CLOSE]

    OK, I have arrived at Overture. What hours are you usually on?
  5. [CLOSE]

    I am sailing towards Overture right now.
  6. [CLOSE]

    Alright, i will Sail over today!
  7. [CLOSE]

    Ait, I did not manage to get in touch with the one that owns the boat, so i need to build a rowing boat on my alt
  8. [CLOSE]

    Right, i spoke to CA Help, they told that travelling between servers by ship is doable. I might be able to lend a ship and send an alt.
  9. Hi there, and welcome to Verdant Bay Blacksmith Shop Our Prices and range: Blacksmithing: Leatherworking: QL50 Tools - 1s QL60 Tools - 1s25c QL60 Toolbelts - 6s Some items in stock, others are currently made on order. PM Calthasa ingame or comment below.
  10. [CLOSE]

    Wait, Melody? I am on Harmony. NVM, jsut realzied you can mail between the servers
  11. [CLOSE]

    Hi, ingame name is Calth. Please COD, and i will pick up asap