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  1. I have a little experience brewing IRL in my room. Water + honey + various berries mashed up in a fermenting container = mixed berry mead, or melomel. There are all sorts of combinations you should be able to make. Allowing more affinity combinations by adding other ingredients to the wine barrel would be good too. Side note here - if you want to go for realism, drinks like cider and mead improve with time as well. If I start drinking mead straight away it will be cloudy and the yeast in it can effect the taste and feel of the drink. IRL there are ways to speed this up (cold crash, finings, filters) but Wurm only lets you wait.
  2. Letting priests do everything would make everyone become a priest, bad idea. There should be some kind of downside to it.
  3. Give it a go, see if you can predict it and then call some people and ask them for their skills, does your prediction work? You could probably get a rough curve fairly easily, getting an exact formula may be harder.
  4. Silver Trading

    I would think designing a deed should count as an in-game service, but it is an interesting point. Especially as a lot of it can be done out of game with deedplanner.
  5. I know a lot of people disliking how restrictive priests are. I get that is a fair point, alternative idea though what if there were more useful things you could do as a priest that were still kind of unique. Recently subbed and converted my alt to mag, not a priest yet but already actually kinda looking forwards to casting light tokens all over the place as I'm mining for ores. More utility things and low cost casts that can be nice to have. You can't imp, but you can cast, give casts that we will use day to day as well as the powerful ones everyone loves like enchants, heals, strongwall. Also it gives low level priests something to do, rather than just sit and stare at far away goals.
  6. Yeah, its annoying to imp stuff in the world compared to in the inventory.
  7. Rifts I would think somewhere around the middle, runes are pretty nice to have, rifts themselves are alright but the travel times are a little tedious as someone who lives on Xanadu. Plus the times of them mean I have to plan it around real life quite a lot.
  8. I kinda like the fishing changes and kinda don't. I dislike the fish mechanics for volume/weight, as well as being unable to use multiple fillets in a meal if you were to fillet the fish. If it was more practical to make good meals using a large amount of fish I would probably be much happier with fishing. Instead the current mechanics would suggest if I wanted to use fish I should damage them to the right quality to fit them as their volume rises faster than weight.
  9. Wouldn't mind making the subskills easier, but not the main skill its self. Making lots of arrow heads can be tedious.
  10. Yesterday caused more discussion in discord than on forums, today though, sub zero without a doubt.
  11. Server Crossing

    Could you try to test if it's possible in WU? Maybe make a script to rapidly create and drop vast amounts of dirt. Run it all night and see what happens.
  12. You are enjoying the game and that's what counts. Maybe consider socialising with the locals and joining an alliance if there is one in the area. It's a good way to hear about projects going on in the area if there is something that interests you and you may be able to trade with alliance members at more favourable terms than trade chat. Possibly working on local projects and someone may make you a few better tools to use.
  13. This should help with the project to level Xanadu. I support this idea.
  14. Are they free or subbed alts, been thinking of adding a few more free alts for tasks like this. How much does it help? 10 alts = 30 ore removed when I poke them, although may need to find ways to reduce the usage of RAM for each alt.
  15. Due to scarcity, I would think that makes the high prices totally fine. Im not playing on the new servers, but supply and demand obviously applies. A knarr is cheap on Xanadu because everyone and their dog has one, they keep getting built and as very few are going to decay, the supply is high compared to demand. While on the new servers many people want a knarr, it is a ###### lot harder to make due to lack of skills and infrastructure in comparison to the old servers. So higher price tag makes sense. If you have 50 people wanting to buy something you have 1 of, you can raise the price until only a few are willing to pay the highest prices. Give it time, supply will increase and no one will be able to sell for those high prices because they will be undercut. This happens in new servers on MMOs, I saw it a lot on Albion Online every time they reset the servers. Prices are ###### crazy for a while before settling down after a while. Demand for many things is the highest it will ever be, and supply at the start is zero. Things will stabilise over time.