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  1. That's asinine. He's construing the graph out 4 years prior, it's not like the game has changed in any meaningful way in 4 years. What else can I expect tho.
  2. "hey guys i think the game is dying is there a problem we should be discussing" *everyone including staff starts screaming and ignoring reality* okay thanks that what i thought
  3. We were at like 3600 or something at the beginning of the year and now we're in the 2800s, whats happening?
  4. The MR likes brigade has hit this it seems. I'm glad you enjoyed a carefree pvp experience, however I'm referring to players who actually only ever play on pvp servers and visit freedom for giggles, not vice versa. ? Epic is dead. Chaos actually interacts with the game community and sees large numbers of people. Epic is crap and onto of that it's map is absolutely terrible. Do you think all the epic players formed together to buy accounts and stomp chaos because epic was so great? No. It's because people actually play on chaos. Sorry to all the 5 people from each kingdom who log in on occasion
  5. Why is epic so holy. It did not complete it's originally intended objectives (run term+full reset) and has become stale and died. At this point the only way epic could be good again is a map + character reset which won't happen because the remaining population which hasn't self terminated will defend violently the corpse of the server. Adding more endgame witchery and meta and tooling with valrei will only lead to other crappy balance changes or just literally nothing. Look at the state of high end pvp. Only the true diehards or wallet warriors can compete one on one and the meta is so convoluted and only gets worse. Epic is a bombed out ruin and chaos is the waiting room for account trades. New players will never get truly involved in pvp like this unless someone gets them an account. A lot of pvpers are reading this road map and consigning themselves to oblivion until other games release
  6. I've done personal testing, you need a coc shield of exactly the right ql to fight a troll and parry about half the time. I've been able to get .12 shield skill from a single troll if i cheese it without even stacking sb Edit: this does require bringing like 3 shields hunting, .12 was the most I ever got off 1 troll before killing it , my rate gain vs weapon skill genociding everything within a few km of my xan deed is shield gain is now TWICE as fast as weapon gain. Overall weapon skill is still monstrously slow
  7. You can spend literally half of every day of your life doing fatigue draining actions in wurm. People are hitting this limit consistently. Spending 12 hours of every day doing actions only. This is a bad thing though to the wurm community. Not because spending 3/4s of your waking hours in wurm is unhealthy mentally and emotionally (likely physically as well) but because you can't spend 100% of your time in wurm. I bet this'll get decried as toxic but for once in my life I actually kind of feel sad for the wurm community. If I ever hit fatigue I'll probably go for a stroll and reconsider my life. Or if I have no operating legs Ill have my nurse wheel me to the porch so I can cry in the fresh air. I mean just hitting fatigue to begin with takes what, almost a full 24hrs of grinding? More if you sleep 8 hours? I only knew one guy who would hit fatigue consistently and people considered him a madman a decade ago for doing so
  8. the account has pvp potential but its fighting stats are extremely mediocre, its id cap its value around 200e MAX for the faith, sotg primarily. there is fighting stat groundwork and body stat groundwork, it isnt worth that much imo... but its worth as much as any fool is willing to pay for it
  9. What kills atleast the pvp pop that I've known of is the unbalanced endgame for pvpers and the absolute misery of a situation without accounts and gear that great effort or money have gone into. It started years ago with champions. At first there was very few, as perma death sucked. Then as the apparent power of champs became noticeable an arms race started with more and more people undertaking the decision to be a champion as there was no greater source of strength. That got fixed so the players wouldn't literally wipe themselves out. Then epic was released. Uniques started respawning frequently on all servers and get farmed for loot. Then tomes. Before all this there was meditation which added SOTG which is ######. Rares came out. Shield gains got (((adjusted))). Being top tier competitive in pvp has a minimum time barrier of the wait time for sotg and meditation ticks. You need literally +95 fight skill and +90 in multiple weapons and your shield. Your body stats are perhaps thr least urgent of your skills but cant be overlooked. Less than 50 body and you suck. You NEED enough body control for a hell horse plus high taming. Have fun grinding that, and your meditation. And your fighting stats. And faith if you ever want to have a useful group, aka choose a meta faith (smegain lmfao). You then are pretty much crap unless you're kitted out with high quality dragon armors and moon metal helmets and weapons. Rares give you an extra edge expect your enemies to take advantage of that. Same goes for boats (plus the hot new rune cancer). Plus tomes from your kingdom for stoneskin/truestrike (ignore 3 hits/100% crit chance better have 90 huge axe idiot) if you aren't that then you better learn to cheese as hard as physically possible in ways other people are too well endowed to care for or else the game isn't worth playing on pvp and you might as well go live on freedom/quit. I know loads of people who refuse to play the game for this reason. They do not want to spend months grinding 90 different things and still be crap (or barely on par) or dump actually hundreds of dollars into this game just to get an account that can be good with the right gear. Chaos hovers in the mid 40s to 50s on a good day, if they fixed the pvp to not have such a stupid barrier to entry and minimum gear requirement without intense luck and game play cheese abilities I could see that spot amount increasing by 2.5x the current with total pvp premium accounts probably 3x or more.
  10. pvp is pay to win if you think otherwise you either are new, grinded really really hardcore and are brainwashed or you paid to win
  11. Obv you'll need to start with dirt walls. Slap some long houses on top of that. Congratulations, you have the starting of the stupidest looking castle in history. Next of course you need a token house, your "keep", so noone drains your token. Don't make this pretty, just make this really really annoying. Next, stuff your deed with disgusting houses and horse pens, keep those hell horses separate and be sure to plan a specific reinforced mine with high quality steel minedoor to hide all the ###### you're too afraid to leave deed with. Once this is all completed congratulations, the game is completed. You can insult whoever you want however much you want and they'll never have the energy to spend 90 hours catapulting in to get your 90 woa trowel you forgot to log off on an alt. Welcome to chaos Oh wait you're on freedom ######
  12. We murdered some Jenn kellon we are relevant so join us already wtf