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  1. So for the volume change to beans. Will that affect all the beans I have now? Will they all grow in size in my fsb or will the number I have change. Like how cocoa beans half in number when added to fsb? Are Ibrik volume going up as well so I can brew more than 2kg at a time? With the beans going up in volume we can make more coffee per bean. Sounds like we need half as much coffee to reach max power now. So we make more and need less correct? Debating if I want to keep being every day or horde beans til they go up in size if they are.
  2. Warehouse getting a bit full. WTS a full BSB of 33ql Lead lumps, 16,000 total. 5s BSB included. That is just about 31c per thousand lumps! 36,000 (120 large crates) of low quality sandstone shards. 6s with crate swap (Less than 17c per thousand). Or 12s including the 120 crates, 5c per crate.) This would be pick up only on our deed and could be arranged for offline pick up with prepay. We are coastal located not far from the server border, see below. Reach me here or in game as Eleraan!
  3. Gods yes. Dealing with deep water marsh on a steep slope is a huge pita.
  4. I'd be fine with each monthly skin being marks on introduction. Then straight cash buy after. Make the cash buy no trade. So the marks version market stays for those that do that or want to pay silvers instead. ATM they are wasting a potential revenue source and greatly limiting thier milage out of the work to make skins imo.
  5. Attention

    Thanks for all the well wishes!! <,< As soon as they add mixed drinks I'll get on it.
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    Thank you! My first 100 skill.
  7. Attention

    [17:12:55] You have just received the title 'Cocktail Shaker'! That is all. Thank you.
  8. Just so the highest difficulty drink actually has a purpose. It is supposed to be super awesome divine drink for the elite and all.
  9. More pan filling. More wondering at what to do with all the barrels of Xocolatl. Anyone found a use for it by chance?
  10. I like this idea alot. So many uses. Hmm can the wall be taller than normal? I got some raised 280 sections I would love to be a wall lol.
  11. On all servers I wish traitors had to spawn within a few map grids of an online player and had a rift style light beam on them. Yeah I know the current setup is supposed to give an exploration style game play. But really no one does them. The rewards don't match the effort. Either remove them in general or make them better ie more realistic to do for the rewards so we don't clog up the missions all the time. Just my 2 cents
  12. I roast 1k+ a day normally. I always get rares. Not sure how the window works but I've never not gotten atleast a few rares. I do my roasts as one big batch. So over a few minutes while lighting ovens. Also, brewing rare coffee grounds makes normal coffee too sadly.
  13. This drink is the highest beverage difficulty item. So, I've been making alot of it lately. But the more I make the more I wonder what role it plays in Wurm. As a 90+difficulty item I would expect it to do something... anything. But it has no real nutritional value. 85ql gives 30 min affinity timers per sip. Not sure even if it had long timer it could be used to produce all affinities. My question is, other than just something to grind beverage with does it have any purpose? If not, why not? It just feels pretty meh that the highest difficulty thing, something that takes a decent skill and is a minor bit of a pain to produce is basically no better than drinking water. I mean, I'm glad to have such a high difficulty for skill grinding but wish there was something else to it as the pinnacle of beverage skill. I mean unfermented moonshine is by far the best thing and anyone can make that at low skill. Just a random thought. Don't mind me, pan filling messes with the brain.
  14. Let me peg seal my large barrels. And the Huge Oil Barrels look like giant casks, let me seal them too! Let me store all my silly amount of beverages easier. I'm running out of places to put barrel racks.
  15. Roofs in caves please
  16. Can we get a farming skill tick for moi while farming atleast?
  17. I hate farming moi. I have a whole pile of rare peat. Can't even fuel my stills with it because it's rare. Any change to these useless moi would be appreciated. That said I don't think they would ever give us selective rare rolls like suggested sadly.
  18. What is wrong with it? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. I sell coffee. Making it the meta benefits me. But we were asked how to make it casual focused and not the meta. I tried to find ways that work for that with out making it total trash. Giving it a down side can help offset all those bonuses. We forget to include the reduced resource cost we get by compressing some skill grinds. Channeling. Getting more skill for your favor/gems is a good point. I'd take less skill gains after a channeling grind to get more out of my limited resources. Again, making coffee the new downside free meta would be fine with me But doesn't sound like that will be the case so trying to find middleground ideas. Just my nooby 2 cents tho so don't put much into it.
  19. Because it doesn't actually stop them. Now you just use caffeine to get all your sleep bonus front loaded then grind away normally. There would be zero reason not to caffeine when ever you sleep bonus as the end results would always be better. If I have 2 hours sb and 5 hours to play. Why would I choose to do 2 hours boosted and 3 not when I could do 1 hour caffeine and 4 hours not. Getting more skill in the same time. My only penalty is not getting to use caffeine for a bit. But still coming out better using it when I can with no real downside.
  20. This would be a total change but might be what you are looking for. Depends on what you want to consider casual. Instead of just increasing skill tick size while using sleep bonus. Increase the chance for ticks. Make actions faster too with out affecting skill gains negatively. Roid out the sleep bonus drain. So it does what it should. Those with limited time can make seeable progress at a cost of being highly inefficient if you have more time. If you really want to make it casual specific. Add a debuff that ticks down on or offline that makes skilling harder. This might be to harsh but would have the effect of helping those with limited playtime with out just making it the new norm for all. Still, if the chance for gaining skill ticks is big enough. For certain skills even your "hardcore" might use it for certain grinds, even if that meant some other less important skills went up slower while just playing. Prayer before the change comes to mind. I would have taken playing with a skill debuff after a session to have done it in small burst with better results. Just an idea on how it could be more casual, ie short playtime, friendly while still having niche uses for others. As for ease of use. Longer buff timers and the no water impact alone make it usable. Buying it should be easy enough and the price still has a way to go down before I think it will settle. Just my prediction. Edit: thought I should make it clearer what I meant by easier skill ticks. You know that whole odd system we have for ideal skill gains. Just have caffeine + sleep bonus make all actions count as ideal for skill gains. This has the added bonus of making it easier for those who might not understand the system. Or because of time restraints not able to set up a perfect grind setup. With tools at the perfect ql to the action. Or wounds to make actions slower for better gains. Perfect nutrition etc.
  21. As the name says, it take way too long to light stills. Annoying I can't cast BOTD on a flint and steel either.
  22. Depends on how how many skill ticks they give us. Instead of 5 hours 100k ticks of caffeine boosted skill. That's more than 5 per second. Most skills would never beat that while outliers like cooking wouldn't be able to just exploit the ease of pan filling. I'd take that set up as one with limited active play time over just 5 hours and some skills, ones I'd want effected, exempted. Comes down to how they did it. But tbh a max skill tick boosted amount is more fair and balanced over all skills than flat time. Then no need to limit any skills. Just my thoughts and I'm a nobody so take it with a grain of salt, there is always plenty of it around. >.< Edit: The more I think about it. I wish sleep bonus worked like this. Instead of an hour of double skill, 20k ticks of double skill. Casuals just toggle it on with out worry and play as normal. Or save it for some intense skill grind. It would be so nice to be a le to use it for grinding weapon skills or other ones it's a huge waste to toggle on because chances of skill ticks have long breaks between. Same for long action timer skills. Or ones like meditation where you might just get nothing for the spent sleep bonus. No more being worried about pausing a short time and forgetting to toggle so. Sure it auto offs but still is lost. Meh, I'm probably rambling now. Probably ignore me.
  23. I understand there are some skills that get the benefit of caffeine and sb with out the balancing side effects. I just would ask that before you go out of your way to balance against them you wait until you can address the core issues with those skills. Will it really be game breaking to leave caffeine working on meditation until you can work on it? I get one or two meditation attempts per day. Maybe an actual skill tick 2 or 3 times a week. I enjoy the bonus when I get it. Do I care someone is getting more boosted ticks? Nope, just glad to see any progress. Kinda wish the intoxication built up on skill gains while caffinated instead of just while used. That would fix meditation, cooking, etc not suffering it. Call it brain overheating from too much knowledge too fast.