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  1. Maybe a dozen items? I didn't keep that much of a track. Just after I got done and was looking at my few iron items I thought it was odd.
  2. Added Statue of Crab and a few other things.
  3. I don't have as much skill as Kochinac but I did go and gather 189 fragments from catches. 96 were statue but of the rest only 3 of the tools/armor were iron. No steel. upper 80s arch and upper 70s resto. Seemed way worse than normal.
  4. Hmm does this make draft Bison even worse for draft animals than before? Weren't they already beat out by basic draft horses with gear even on wagons?
  5. Hmm thanks. I have a good LT 2h. So it isn't that I am struggling. I was just curious which was best defensively generally. Since speed isn't that big an issue, I fight mounted. I guess I'll stick with plate.
  6. So curious which armor is best for PVE. I don't see much real difference between them based on the wiki. Why use the greater penalty and heavier chain over studdeded if they basically do the same. Is the 2.5% difference for plate just make it the best overall? I know there are damage differences based on the different types of damage but for General PVE it is what, Bite, Pierce, Crush? Studded matches or exceeds plate. Is that enough to outweigh the 2.5% from Plate? Or does the extra 2.5% from using Steel boost it over studded even further? Making steel plate the best "cheap" armor? Just trying to figure out which armor I should keep wearing
  7. I have 3 12/13 swordman 1 12/13 axeman 5 loose axeman and 2 loose swordsman Let me know if you want me to send them over.
  8. Ore Veins

    Anyone need the 25 ore veins mined out? My last person is done. Let me know if you need them and how many. I'll message you as I get them prepared so you can come do the last 5 mine actions.
  9. https://independence.yaga.host/#1896,3524 Guard Tower Agness 722 https://independence.yaga.host/#1823,3674 Guard Tower Dragonelle 626
  10. https://independence.yaga.host/#1943,2454 Guard tower Syirian 562 https://independence.yaga.host/#1944,2505 Guard Tower Tritus 282 https://independence.yaga.host/#1923,2642 Guard Tower Perodin 946
  11. New to me

    Booze is bad for you and never should be consumed... unless you bought it from me. Treasure maps are the new hawtness
  12. Working on getting this fully updated but figured why not.
  13. I have too much tar. It doesn't have enough uses. Let me use it as starter like kindling. Thank you!
  14. Still need roofs on my underground city. Please and thanks.
  15. Gods yes. It is so annoying constantly double clicking to add to settlement one at a time.
  16. https://independence.yaga.host/#1801,809 Guard Tower Musely 364
  17. https://independence.yaga.host/#823,1911 Guard Tower Thalion 410
  18. https://independence.yaga.host/#2122,2965 Guard Tower Pruce 450
  19. https://independence.yaga.host/#830,2208 Guard Tower (Not freedom, an old style guard tower) Eyerobot 362 https://independence.yaga.host/#807,2083 Guard Tower Alterbridge 34 ( Altal Coast Tower)
  20. https://independence.yaga.host/#675,2479 Guard Tower Hughmongus 290 (Skye Way Tunnel-West)
  21. https://independence.yaga.host/#572,2509 Guard Tower Hughmongus 626 (The Skye Way 10x 41y) https://independence.yaga.host/#579,2465 Guard Tower Webleyvickers 114 (Albia Safety Twr 42) https://independence.yaga.host/#615,2463 Guard Tower Hughmongus 34 (The Skye Way 11x 41Y) A tunnel connects from https://independence.yaga.host/#693,2473 To https://independence.yaga.host/#800,2362 I don't have a mapping of the exact twists and turns but I have used it a number of times to cut thru that mountain while doing maps.
  22. I don't know about on NFI. But SFI I don't really see a huge market for rift materials. Not the ones that make runes. We have a pretty big stockpile of the from the few rifts we have been to. I think you are missing how this could actually increase runes value and in turn rift materials value. Right now I mostly dispell runes off arch items and don't bother with them on tools i plan to use. Why? Because to get best enchants I have to dispell them. Which normally eats runes doing. So I don't bother. If I could remove runes with only a chance to destroy them I'd use runes more on my every day tools. That is assuming you guys aren't going to fix enchanting and dispel anytime soon. With there being a chance for runes to be destroyed removing them I'd eventually need more. Ie use more than I currently use. Just a thought.
  23. https://independence.yaga.host/#279,2712 Colosus of Libila (Path of Shadows) I think this can be a map location. https://independence.yaga.host/#504,2652 Klumzee 386 Guard Tower https://independence.yaga.host/#588,2651 Icabod 618 Guard Tower