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  1. Actual DNS Work Around to Play Wurm Online

  2. Dreadnaught Dynasty --------------------------------------------------------- Dreadnaught Dynasty is a HOTS Template Chaos PMK that is looking for recruits to join dedicated and active players in the hopes of spreading fear and Mycelium as far as the eye can render. With players active throughout the day, The opportunity to get on Discord or talk in Alliance with other people working towards the same goal is never far from reach. Inside DD, The ability to help and start contributing to the Kingdom starts as soon as you are logged in, from there you may pick up your sword, shovel, or frying pan and feel like you did something of consequence. Fighters are just as important to us as Farmers, and even someone with no PVP experience can be as valuable an asset to our day to day operations. Joining Dreadnaught means... FIGHTING Every member of the Kingdom is at the ready to passenger a boat, mount a 5 speed, or defend from those that look to encroach our lands. With a core of veteran PVP'ers, It's hard to not learn something new after each fight and there will be many. All those involved in the slaughter receive their fair share of the spoils. CREATING As a fairly new PMK, The chance to carve your name in the foundations of what will be an unstoppable wave of red and black are at your fingertips. Each stone brick laid and every spider butchered adds to our force in someway. Towers and tunnels are the key to victory and the people who create them are the ones who are remembered. Death and Decay comes for us and our Tall Stone Walls but together we can leave a mark on the pages of Wurm History. GROWING With something always going on, be it a group dig-along or a monthly event with the promise of shiny items, You will feel apart of a community of players from every timezone, walk of life, and play style each time you log on. Respect, Loyalty, and Ability are words taken to heart by every Dreadnaught and it shines through in our fun and easy going community. Sound Fun?... If you are interested in becoming apart of our Kingdom, You can contact Threap/UnknownOrganism/Wulfgar/Valist or our King, Worldtender in-game or through the forums and we will be glad to answer any questions! "WE FIGHT!"