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  1. Wine making title

    25,000... I'm can't even. I assume you're referring to grapes and maple sap. Without that personal,goal deadline I don't think we'll see such ridiculous prices ever again. But with this title you suggested, they will at least be worth more than 0 like they are now.
  2. VoIP

    B-but that's the customary greeting for some of us provincial backwater islander hicks...
  3. A serious post about mental illness

    Be a leaf on the wind Cap! Soar!
  4. A serious post about mental illness

    Good on you for baring your soul. Takes gorram courage, some say more than stripping off in front of an aggressively judgemental mob of hens night sisters on the hunt. I hope you keep fighting to get better.
  5. OOS while sitting still

    Goddamn that is just schei├če!!!! Pls update us with the outcome - whether you get justice or zilch.
  6. What has made you hate Wurm?

    +1 to DELETE button. In your case, why not sell?
  7. In chainmail, moon metals or dragon carcass.
  8. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    I initially thought all this was exaggeration, but, 6min?? SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Is this contageous?? BUILD THAT FIREWALL!!!11!1
  9. Let me tell you a story

    +1 Epic storytelling there! Always good to read a recount of history, especially of a noob band of brothers struggling to survive in the early days of Wurm. Now, give us moar.
  10. Celebration's Extended Downtime

    Multiple downs? I reckon those Cele peasants deserve an extra dose of sb.
  11. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I cannot understand why GMs are even allowed to play in a pvp, factional environment? That is a whole box of issues, conflict of interest, bias, fairness etc. Even on pve world, player staff can cause similar issues.
  12. -1 on mob spawn triggered by tracking. Tracking skill should be just allow one to detect past passage and activities on a tile. If a player wants to track down a lost horse, a mob or another player, they utilise this skill and interpret the prompts given to achieve the objective (eg. "Recent tracks of horse Tichdance detected heading west", "Detected tracks of champ hellhound heading north east"). +1 on adding content related to tracking, utilising the skill without limiting it. For example: Player sets out to hunt a troll camp rumoured to be somewhere in the wild forests of north west Cele. Said player rides there and starts tracking around, following the tracking hints about troll tracks and eventually locating the camp. The player makes the decision on what happens. They can choose to follow the tracks of trolls that will hopefully lead them to a camp, or track down a sheep has passed through the area, or ignore all the tracks and keep on going with whatever they are doing.
  13. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    In no particular order: 1) Timber and Stone 2) Ultima series 3) Star Wars Galaxies 4) Fallout series - everything except 76 5) Star Citizen 6) Black Desert Online 7) Mount & Blade 8 ) Codespells 9) Street Fighter V 10) PUBG...
  14. quit all afk systems

    +1 to this. +111 MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
  15. Achievements

    I feel you brother Waar. Only way is to buy the grapes & maples, quite a bit out there in the market.