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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    @Retrograde pls do not turn uniques into a Rift-esque theme park affair - serve on a platter, ring the dinner bell once every x weeks, have folks turn up in their Sunday cosplay best to swing huge axes for a bit, loot up and roll back home. These have been mentioned in past threads: - make uniques make noise: dragons roar, drakes shriek, GLs meow, TKs and giants fart or whatever, audible within some radius. - make uniques leave traces of their passage in the environment: fallen trees, corpses of cows, lambs etc. Let folks use their tracking skill to actually track them: someone riding through the woods notices fallen trees and dead sheeps strewn about, gets off their mount to inspect the ground for tracks. Thus begins the hunt. Meanwhile, a peasant is out foraging for shrooms in another part of the forest, and hears a roar that shatters the serenity and made him ruin his freshly-washed breeches. HALP! He runs back to his village and spreads word of a dragon in the area.
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Overly mollycoddling imo. Please do not turn WO into a nanny state. Let those who hunt and slay such creatures earn the loots of the battle. Do the work, earn the rewards. I speak as a mediocre peasant who rarely gets mad invites to such slays. Even so, it is plain ridiculous to imagine getting splattered with blood and bits of scale, hide and other exotic bits while out in my farm tending to my cotton plants, or having one of those much coveted tomes fall right into my hands while milking my cows, just because some folks hunted down and slayed one of them creatures. Or to get the call out to one such slaying while out doing my peasanty stuff, not because the hunters were overflowing with generosity and decided to make it public but because it has been mendated as such.
  3. Trying out PVP - a PVE perspective - Week 2

    I hereby resurrect this thread and make my demands: @Nappywhere be Week 3??? Have I missed it somehow? Weeks 1 got me interested and Week 2's cart chase through the woods got me hooked. Damn it man, complete the saga! Nice writeup and recount of life in pvp land. Gives us Freedom aristocrats and peasants a glimpse of what we be missing.
  4. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Privyet tovarisch I know not the full depth of the debate, but from what I gather, I sympathise with both sides. Seems to me the root of it is that pvp folks are against the devaluation of their source of revenue for kingdom operation, while Gofs mainly wants to see his art in the game. And i have to say, they are awesome works of art. I say to you Gofs, why don't you show us some ideas of what you can do, in a separate thread? Judging from the quality of the Crow design, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork.
  5. the mean players

    Those mean kids. Especially that crazy damn peasant zien. Pls share what mean things they said or did to hurt you. Throw up your log. As I remember, people were telling you to stop running into the mob. And they were giving you sound advice on gearing, game mechanics etc. Maybe they were not eloquent enough to express their advice in a nicer, more palatable manner. As a fellow noob, I know that the truth hurts sometimes. Makes you feel stupid, like a disappointed donsky, or a silly dumb bell maybe. But hopefully, if you stay on, you'll one day look back and laugh about all these. Or witness a noob make these very same mistakes you made and you'll see things from the other side, and perhaps, deliver your sage advice better than those rudeboys you have galantly mentioned. As the wise @tclunatic said: In the meantime, let's chuck back a few coldies and have a laugh about all this malakary. Perhaps be good to also grow thicker hide, like Oakshell, so kind or evil words said in jest or otherwise might just bounce off us like inconsequential little darts of null import. As always, have good day.
  6. the mean players

    I'm sorry you feel that way. The scenario you described sounds terrible. But I was there and it did not go down exactly like that. People were trying to give you advise. Regarding dual sword, get the hard facts. Does it work? How effective is it? Knowing the facts, are you happy with how it works? Then do what you like. You asked for a horse, and I said I had no spares. I usually bring spares to Rifts, but was in a rush today. A few of us saw you run naked into the Rift mob and dying, for the nth time, and someone found your dead grey horse and body, told you about it. You could have asked for help locate and secure them, instead of going solo and dying multiple times. Many of us have suffered death at a Rift and know how it feels. Just got to ask, no biggie. I have Rifted with you a number of times. I have to say that it is not unusual for you to perish a few times in a Rift. Something about your current gameplay doesn't work so well, and might benefit from some adjustments. Having done more than 30 Rifts is ok, but if your performance and survivability can do with improvements, maybe take those advise under consideration. From one noob to another, we get told our mistakes, one way or another. Just roll with it and play on. See you at the next Rift!
  7. Star Wars IX Trailer

    I find your lack of pessimism disturbing They have messed up a lot of the legacy but there's still much more they can break and on. It's like someone made a grand majestic deed over decades and bunch of kids got perms to it, to further improve upon the existing grandeur. Instead, they started digging up the ground, chopping down all the trees and smashing up the buildings, statues and bridges, griefing like a pro while calling it their interpretation of the vision.
  8. Fashion in Wurm

    Hey Loinkydoinky, why bother with cool threads when we all have the same faces?
  9. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    I pick Votip. He will make tapestries and cover whole willage for max lag.
  10. [Fixed] Movement while meditating

    I have been getting the same movement bug during med. No tabbing out. This has been happening after the latest update.
  11. Wurm is never going to be a mainstream MMO, and will never appeal to the majority. That is just its nature. I see a few suggestions that seem to be wanting to change it to be more WoW, with instanced events etc. There are also some mentions about its grindy nature and rng being unappealing to the general population. Wurm caters to a niche market. It has its strengths, and it dominates in these fields. We should focus on building and expanding these aspects, which will in turn enrich the Wurm experience. A good example of what we did right is the cooking update. It opened up a whole new aspect to the Wurm life - folks who used to eat simple meals or even raw foraged veg and meat now cook or buy elaborately cooked food, to get better nutrition and also affinities. The colour dye update is another interesting update which adds creativity and fun to Wurm. Now armour is not only functional, but can also be a fashion statement. There are many things in the Wurm mythos/world system that are just ripe to be expanded upon. One example is alchemy, enabling us to make various potions (not just from unique blood), poisons, salves etc. Imagine the cooking update but for alchemy. Another example is arrows, making the metal properties apply to them. These are just a couple of suggestions, and I'm sure the community can think up a long list. Instead of trying to overhaul Wurm and turn in into a WoW/other-more-popular-mainstream-MMO clone, we need to stay unique and build on what we already have. With the correct advertising strategy, we will get new players. Not all will stay on, but the ones who see, realise and appreciate Wurm for what it is will do so.
  12. With the current team, how long before they produce a beta even? 2 years? 5 years? Meanwhile the existing population, left with 0 updates, will die out more. I say advertising is the way to go. I'm glad something is cooking. Better late than never. Wurm is not, and will not be, a mainstream game. Fact is 90% of the gaming crowd will be turned off by its nature (grindy, rng etc that's been talked about to death). While I also believe that Wurm's already got most of the players it's ever going to get, there are still some out there in the wild. Advertising will hopefully get them. When they come to Wurm, all we can do is try to retain them while their fight/flight reflexes fire away, and try to sway that tug of war in our favour. +1 also to the suggestion about offering free 1-month prem with every WU purchase.
  13. Close plz

    Bump for good bargains.
  14. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    @RoccandilI'm curious about what you think of the casting system. Enjoyable or equally unbearable?
  15. Rift Dragon (NOT A NORMAL DRAGON)

    Why this? +1 to the general idea of a tougher mob/boss. However, instead of the kill rewards automatically appearing in inventory, I propose this: Corpse of vanquished boss cannot be picked up. Anyone wanting rewards need to harvest with their own equipment (butcher knife etc). Harvest success, amount and ql depend on: - skill level - equipment ql, state and condition - player performance during boss fight Also, -1 on the instant travel portal. Personally not the biggest fan of travelling, but I see its value and neccessity.