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  1. I think this is a problem of attitude, rather than breeding numbers, caused by a number of factors. Defiance is a brand new server, populated by hundreds of players who have vast experience but started out, universally, without developed skills. Naturally, it being a PvP server, people are going to want to PvP, and set out to get the required equipment to PvP as soon as possible. Breeding times have already been drastically shortened to help this.


    However, as I've often said, Wurm is a marathon, not a sprint. Even with those shortened breeding times, people are still lacking good numbers of horses. Given that Defiance is so new, this doesn't surprise me; the horse production farms of old didn't exist when the server began, demand is much higher due to high player numbers, horse breeders all started from scratch, and the nature of the skill involved meant they couldn't possibly level as fast as someone who can sit at a forge all day. Thus, there appears to be, for now, a shortage of horses. People are not happy about this, hence the existence of this thread, and want breeding times to be obliterated even more than they already have been.


    I'm not going to comment on the nature of PvP requiring a lot of horses; I lack knowledge of these things, but requiring a mount for PvP makes entirely logical sense. But thinking of horses as nothing more than 'equipment' has led to this clamour for yet more evisceration of breeding. Horses cannot be compared to the weapons and armour that smiths can mass-produce. They're living creatures, with all the quirks that entails, and breeding them is a specialism that demands more time and attention than mere smithing (I say this as a smith who has a glorious 1.00 in Animal Husbandry). It takes a work of minutes to make a sword; breeding a good horse takes so much longer, and that is simple logic. If people are going to treat their horses as nothing more than another PvP-enabling tool, without recognising that they are fundamentally different, then that is why this desire to make breeding faster arises.


    And that is why I cannot support making breeding even faster than it is already. Treat everything the same and all your Wurm devolves down to is numbers on a screen. Rather than clamouring for ever-faster breeding times, I suggest simply applying patience; wait for the breeders to build up their skills and herds, wait for them to get to the spells that will enable better breeding, wait for this server to mature, rather than rushing in for the quick fix that, ultimately, will dilute the Wurm experience.

  2. 23 hours ago, Taranis said:

    Hi all,

    The question in the title is pretty clear. What's your game plan?
    I've seen some people post already, most of them about making a big market, village or dwarven home. So basically making a home for themselves early on.
    Are there any of you with a different approach?

    As for me.. I can finally start hardcore on a fresh and wild online! server. That means 5 seconds in game, after having a look around, I will throw away everything on me!
    Oh yes.. no starting tools, compass, toolbelt, tent, rope, not even a steel and flint (and that's a pita).
    I know it will have a negative effect on my progress (read: skilling) the first couple of days, but it's an idea I tried on unlimited a couple of times and now the time has come to do it on the real deal!

    After the initial struggle I will set up a base camp to get up some of the most important skills to roam around the land in search of a sweet spot.
    Once I find that spot I will take it on me to start a village, essentially a picture I have in my head. Alone at first.. But in the back of my mind I see/have a vision of a 1 deed community that have fun playing this game together. We will see how far we can get and I'm pretty sure I will enjoy the journey ahead!

    Ooh.. one last and important thing in my gameplay I will stick by!
    No alts!!! Even though I want to jump into this game as a solo player, I will always need other people since (as an example) I can't play as a priest and do the things I want to do.
    Something I want to make a rule in the village that's envisioned.

    So that's my story... what about yours?


    Ahhh... I sense a kindred spirit. I too dislike alts, they're not something I'll ever use, but your hardcoreness far outstrips my own; I can never be separated from my pickaxe.


    As for my plans... looking around a bit before temporarily settling in a half-decent spot, where I can make some tools, prepare for journeys, and generally get used to Wurm Online having only ever played Wurm Unlimited. And THEN the real work begins... exploring the vast untamed wilderness, trying to avoid getting eaten by sheep, looking for a bit of nice land to call my own/a nice deed to join and figuring out what I want to do besides mining.

  3. I've been playing on this server since it started, and I have no doubt I'll be playing here for a very long time to come; the server itself is here to stay, that's for sure, and so am I. There's still a vast uninhabited wilderness out there to explore and tame, and the community is small but growing and most definitely friendly and welcoming.


    The mods are good at preserving the core of Wurm (as does the 1x/1x nature, it's a marathon, not a sprint) but definitely improve the quality of life (Meditation for sure is improved), and greatly aid communication by linking to the server's Discord channel. Any long-term projects you've always dreamed of can be fulfilled here, or you can just set up a small farmstead somewhere and relax. This vast world is yours to explore and enjoy, and I thoroughly recommend it.


    (Praise Fo) 🧐

  4. Having been on this server for nearly a year now, I suppose it's about time I did some cheerleading/advertising. It really does have everything you need; 2x/2x so it's a proper marathon rather than a sprint, dozens of missions to keep you occupied even if you do get bored, a lot of varied terrain, an attached PvP server with a survival mod (haven't been there myself yet), and a discord server for out-of-game communication. The map is huge; the only thing it (and the server in general) really lacks is players to fill it with. So come and join us; there's a player-made sort-of town to the north of Entika where you can build your own place to start off, or if islands are more your thing you can come join me in Trakorien, or you can strike out into the (vast and untamed) wilderness on your own; there's plenty of space. I can't recommend this place highly enough; I've been on and off in my presence sometimes, but I know I'll still be here for a long time to come.

  5. I've only been on my server for a few months, so I have nothing to offer in the way of majestic palaces, vast building projects or noble settlements. Thus, instead of glorious views (which I might be able to offer in future), what I have is two bulls faceplanting into a dock and a Spirit Templar taking a bath in a barrel of olive oil.