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  1. [21:51:57] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:51:59] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:08] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:21] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:25] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:36] A venerable son of nogump bashes Stun immunity means nothing you get stunned for like 15 seconds each bash, cant block or parry when stunned
  2. Join us and you get to be cool like JIB
  3. Looking for recruits people!
  4. DD payed us a nice Visit the other day bit of a skirmish but no death tabs look forward to more fights in the future!
  5. as per title Stone keystone shows as picnic basket in crafting window
  6. Competition Extension, Hello all due to the time of year we have had a couple of requests for an extension to allow time to finish of their designs .. We will be extending to the 26th of December .. this is the date that we will publicly be announcing the submissions as well. if the designs are not in on 26th there will be no more extensions. any questions please forward them through to me
  7. Only 5 more days for concept design submissions. Remember, you'll be the first to receive a full set of kingdom set plus the other cool prizes. TheDean
  8. Still recruiting. Apply today. The Dean
  9. bump we have received a two great designs and would like a couple more if possible thanks!
  10. One week left to submit more designs!
  11. We have had a few questions on what colors we want. Just wanted to let everyone know that this is totally up to you and essentially this is out of our hands and the decision will come down to what the Wurm Community wants. Had some great ideas come in and look forward to receiving more designs.
  12. We now have one Design that has been submitted still looking for more!
  13. Just to clarify: All concept design submissions are to be submitted via PM to this account. Regards TheDean
  14. We have updated our idea about the designs. In consultation with well known Kingdom template designers, it's been highlighted that our time frames for submission of a full template design was too tight. So, we haven't changed the time frame but will instead be requesting submission of the Tall Banner and Flag as a concept design for the Wurm community to vote on. This winner will then consult with Wurm University leadership for the remaining templates and then received the prize. This way there's only two templates (arguably the easiest) to design to submit within in the time frame. Good luck
  15. As we're hoping to get the whole community involved, anyone is welcome to create a design, and we'd love if the Community Relations Coordinator made one for the community to vote on! @Saromancould do a design as well(hinthint)
  16. Hello all, We are creating a competition for the design of Wurm University's Kingdom Tabard / Flags / Wagon and Military Tent. We will be taking submitted concept designs for a couple of templates. The templates we want to see as the concept design at a minimum is: The Tall Banner Flag All other templates can be submitted, but we realize that the time frames (with people going on vacation) is a little short, so many may be only to provide the minimum templates. Wurm University will then post them in a thread with a poll and allow the Wurm community to vote on the best looking concept design! The winner will be announced and Wurm University leadership will work with the winner to complete the other templates based on the winning design. The winner will receive 2 full kingdom PMK sets , small moon metal set , 2 x NoGump Hota Statues and an 80QL Rare sailing Boat! 1 Kingdom PMK set = 2 x Tall Kingdom Banner, 2 x Kingdom Banner, 2 x Flags, 1 x Wagon & 1 Military Tent All concept designs are to be PM'd to this forum account (TheDean), by the 26th of December 2016. A Wurm forum vote will be publicly released on the 26th of December which will run until the 6th of January. The Wurm PMK graphics template can be found here: For those of you wondering what Wurm University is, please see the link below: If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask in here or PM me directly thanks. HAPPY DESIGNING! TheDean
  17. Wurm University is a training Player Made Kingdom (PMK) in Wurm Online that exists to train new players in the basics of life on the Chaos PvP server. The University will build a strong PvP reputation in HOTA, roaming PvP and raiding when required. It will have robust management with Chaos veteran players to help build knowledgeable lecturers (instructors) and quality students. The heart of the kingdom resides in teamwork through PvP, kingdom events and cooperative help in the alliance chat channel. Wurm University’s objective is to teach players how to play Wurm Online on Chaos and create more content for all players on Chaos. In order to accomplish this mission we will constantly adapt, evolve and change as Wurm changes. Players are welcome to join us to learn what they can and either strive for a higher position within the Kingdom to help with the newer players, or join another PMK that they are interested in. Wurm University can provide guidance and knowledge on how to survive and thrive on the Chaos server. Our experienced players known as Dean's, can help newer or older players to establish themselves and gain know-how to play as a successful Chaos player. The Kingdom can currently provide: an escort from freedom servers to Chaos established deed (currently the capital) - with room for player built housing. horses kingdom armour sets kingdom weapons basic tools food (nutrition and CCFP) Other kingdom provided wares can be added as the kingdom grows and we have more players to share the load. Wurm University wants newer or older players that are willing to give the Chaos server a try. We want keen and enthusiastic students to learn all there is about Wurm Online and we want the experienced freedom players to shorten the newer players learning curve; and possibly learn a thing or two about the different game mechanics that the Chaos server provides. Our only requirements for player involvement in the kingdom are simply that you: have a premium active account; can ride a horse (21 Body Control); and have a minimum of 70 fight skill. On specific request, we will accept very new players without the two skill requirements if the person is requiring the knowledge or assistance to grind these two specific skills. However, these skill levels will be mandatory before a player can receive Kingdom armour or weapons. If you are new to the game or a veteran freedom player that would like to experience the rush of full loot drop PvP, then consider joining Wurm University. You can apply to join on our forums at: