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  1. [21:51:57] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:51:59] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:08] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:21] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:25] A venerable son of nogump bashes [21:52:36] A venerable son of nogump bashes Stun immunity means nothing you get stunned for like 15 seconds each bash, cant block or parry when stunned
  2. Join us and you get to be cool like JIB
  3. Looking for recruits people!
  4. DD payed us a nice Visit the other day bit of a skirmish but no death tabs look forward to more fights in the future!
  5. as per title Stone keystone shows as picnic basket in crafting window
  6. Competition Extension, Hello all due to the time of year we have had a couple of requests for an extension to allow time to finish of their designs .. We will be extending to the 26th of December .. this is the date that we will publicly be announcing the submissions as well. if the designs are not in on 26th there will be no more extensions. any questions please forward them through to me
  7. Only 5 more days for concept design submissions. Remember, you'll be the first to receive a full set of kingdom set plus the other cool prizes. TheDean
  8. Still recruiting. Apply today. The Dean
  9. bump we have received a two great designs and would like a couple more if possible thanks!
  10. One week left to submit more designs!
  11. We have had a few questions on what colors we want. Just wanted to let everyone know that this is totally up to you and essentially this is out of our hands and the decision will come down to what the Wurm Community wants. Had some great ideas come in and look forward to receiving more designs.
  12. We now have one Design that has been submitted still looking for more!
  13. Just to clarify: All concept design submissions are to be submitted via PM to this account. Regards TheDean