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  1. It just seems like the animation should be of the character sawing.. im a new player and just noticing the random little things that are strange. Another is that when you hold a lantern it is held sideways, where out should be vertical and hang from your hand. I'm sure in the future these small things will be fixed, I do find it annoying that using a practice doll has no action to stop practicing and I have to walk over 2 tiles away before it stops. However; unequiping the weapon seems to do the trick, but is a rather annoying inconvenience.
  2. While woodcutting with a saw, the animation is for an axe and the sound is of a saw. Therefore I get to watch myself beat a tree with a hack saw while listening to something that sounds nothing like what I see. I don't know if this is the right place for this, if not I'm sorry.