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  1. Could I order a WoA 100+ saddle? CoD to Baeowuf, please
  2. Hey there! What QL would you like the blacksmithing improved tools at? I can offer 60QL at no charge and the prices for 70QL+ are in the original post. I can likely do 50QL on the wooden tools at no charge, but the carving knife is weapon smithing I’m afraid and can only do creation QL at no charge if that’s ok? 😁
  3. Hey there! Absolutely, I'm imping those for you as we speak
  4. Updated current 60 and 70 cast stock Up to date as of: 1/26/2023 7:30PM EST
  5. [18:06:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Gerolf in less than ten minutes. Thank you, my friend! Hope to see you back soon
  6. Sent you a few tools for imp! Not a huge rush on them, but if you could prioritize the BOTD 80s of each, I'd be grateful!
  7. 4 x WoA 90 horse shoes CoD to Baeowuf, please
  8. Quick delivery! Quality goods and service! Can't recommend enough
  9. -Added IMGUR links for current tools in stock (BOTD 60 and 70 only for the moment) -Reduced blacksmithing imp pricing!
  10. Order received! Will get it out ASAP! Have a few others I'm working on currently!
  11. Hi! Alternatively you could just use the "long spear" which is wooden and uses carpentry tools to imp, but uses weaponsmithing skill:
  12. Our Magranon priestess is really struggling with the cast. I did see someone advertise selling high casted Stonestrike in trade, I can check my logs for you if you like!
  13. Hopefully you can tunnel through! Maybe you'll get lucky and only a few tiles have collapsed I'm not sure how far you are from home, but that may be the faster option vs. mining all that out
  14. It's not "impossible" to get to, just going to be a pain without a tunnel. You can climb the mountain, be sure to bring plenty of stamwitches or stamina drinks!
  15. Last bit of remaining stock updated 11/8/2022 12:30 PM EST
  16. Hey there! I was speaking with them earlier before I had to run for work. I sent all that I had remaining from your list! I'll have an updated screenshot of all that's left tomorrow
  17. Remaining stock updated as of 11/5/2022 11AM EST
  18. Stock updated, current as of 11/4/2022 at 2PM EST
  19. Hey there! I'll send what I have in stock, which I think is everything except for the iron leather knife I do have some steel leather knives if you are interested in that, however