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  1. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    No, it's not April Fool's! Map Dumps have arrived! The long-awaited updated map dumps are finally here, and what a fantastic start to 2019 they are! These files include isometric, topographical, and flat terrain maps per server. The highway maps will come later on as they require a different method to generate, so stay tuned! Check them out to view or download here: Happy New Year! The Wurm Team
  2. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Looking for single-named 5-speeds, any server. For example, “Duke” or “Ida.” Because I’m extra. Any color, though I would prefer younger horses if I can get them. But you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth! (ba dum tss) PM me in-game, on forums, on irc, or on discord with any leads. Or send a carrier pigeon my way.
  3. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Bump... Back from a long Wurm break, on the prowl for more single-named ponies and heck ponies!
  4. I have a question for the Devs

    At least five
  5. Open Reply to Abuse of Power Public Letter

    I was GM before A-CRC.
  6. The Quest!

    Any updates on this? Curious.
  7. Upon consolidating all of our stuff in one place, Arch and I realized we have way too much! So take some of it off our hands, make reasonable offers, go nuts. There may or may not be more that we haven't uncovered yet. Updated 1/18 Enchanted Tools Rares Misc. We can be reached in game, on the forums, or on discord! Thanks!
  8. WTB Single-Named Horses

  9. WTB Single-Named Horses

    I missed this! Here goes nothing, I might forget some: Sahar Lei Prancer Faith Ballet Sage Jade Flint Vanilla Tails Dalia Coffee Tich Umbra Roman Ida Ibn Waldo Fancy Still need to pick up: Wart Ula "Special horses" from a VEN wish and staff Christmas gifts for Archaed and myself: Melody Harmony Lyric And always buying more!
  10. [Fixed] Can't stop eating

    Go ahead and post in server bugs. I’ve noticed the issue as well.
  11. Sold

    COD Joelle please!
  12. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    I think alliances should be able to pay for their own alliance gear, yes. But I don't think it should be custom, because that would be a huge workload on Saroman to implement. Instead, I think there should be a generator similar to this: with many, many wurm-related options, unlimited color choices, and different textures, designs, etc. to pick from. Gives alliances unique gear without overloading the art team and the database with custom skins for every alliance out there, and it would be easier to add to the game in the long run, I'd imagine.
  13. Valrei International. 076

  14. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Make an offer, don’t really know
  15. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Update: At the end of the weekend, anything not sold will be tossed on merchants at Glasshollow so get it while it’s readily available!
  16. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    @Keenanhas been busy recently and he's the one who uploads these, but it will come.
  17. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Sent items out and updated first post. If I missed you, I apologize, I've been super out of sorts this whole week. Mclavin, go ahead and make an offer, I don't even know what they go for.
  18. All Gone!

    Rare horseshoes to Joelle please?
  19. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Sorry guys, been sick with the stomach flu and haven’t been on. I’ll sort through everyone’s requests tonight and send stuff out.
  20. Arch and Jo's Huge Cleanup Sale

    Sure, pm me!
  21. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Bump, always buying!
  22. WTB Template JK Wagon

    PM on forums, discord, or in game with details. Can also contact Archaed if I’m not around. Thanks!
  23. All Gone!

    COD Joelle: rare explorer tent 5s glass flask 4s necklace 1s Thanks!
  24. Beverage overhaul

    +1 this sounds fun It's clear you put so much time and effort into this idea, I'd love to see it in game! Great work!
  25. Wurm on

    I'm confused, are you asking the community to chip in for this funding, or are you offering to do it yourself? Ads on google are way expensive, but if there's a way you can make it happen, go for it!