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  1. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Looking for single-named 5-speeds, any server. For example, “Duke” or “Ida.” Because I’m extra. Any color, though I would prefer younger horses if I can get them. But you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth! (ba dum tss) PM me in-game, on forums, on irc, or on discord with any leads. Or send a carrier pigeon my way.
  2. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Bump, always buying!
  3. New Year, New Map Dumps!

    No, it's not April Fool's! Map Dumps have arrived! The long-awaited updated map dumps are finally here, and what a fantastic start to 2019 they are! These files include isometric, topographical, and flat terrain maps per server. The highway maps will come later on as they require a different method to generate, so stay tuned! Check them out to view or download here: Happy New Year! The Wurm Team
  4. WTB Template JK Wagon

    PM on forums, discord, or in game with details. Can also contact Archaed if I’m not around. Thanks!
  5. Huge Rare Hoard Selloff - New items added!

    COD Joelle: rare explorer tent 5s glass flask 4s necklace 1s Thanks!
  6. Beverage overhaul

    +1 this sounds fun It's clear you put so much time and effort into this idea, I'd love to see it in game! Great work!
  7. Wurm on

    I'm confused, are you asking the community to chip in for this funding, or are you offering to do it yourself? Ads on google are way expensive, but if there's a way you can make it happen, go for it!
  8. So if you sold the mask for 3 gold and she bought the bone for 7 gold, and she tried selling the mask with a 1 gold start bid (which she didn't even sell, because I saw her toon with the mask on just 2 days ago) how is this a profit on a renamed item, and what are you trying to argue? I'm also not a dev, so I don't quite understand your "you" quotes there. If you want the rest of the challenge items added, please, make a suggestion.
  9. The 10 gold for a mask is because she spent about that much on the fantastic bone and the mask itself before the archaeology masks were a thing, not just because it's renamed.
  10. For Auld Lang Syne

    This conversation has officially delved into "Suggestion Forum" territory, so if you're serious about these ideas, please post there. As for the Auld Lang Syne chests, we are doing trivia giveaways for them for a couple more days, so be sure to pay attention to Global chat this week for those chances. There will be one tonight, even!
  11. For Auld Lang Syne

    [07:58:26] <Madnath> nah no treasure hunt there [07:58:30] <Madnath> just a new year message [07:58:51] <Shagsdeval> gonna be one of these days I see [07:59:31] <Ekcin> quote: "..To celebrate 2019 in Wurm style we've hidden rare small chests  .." [07:59:57] <Joelle> I'm making Retro share what's in the chests, please hold [08:00:04] <Archaed> No [08:00:06] <Archaed> No holding [08:00:08] <Archaed> No sharing [08:00:16] <Archaed> 2019 is the year of no sharing [08:00:33] <Joelle> 2019 is the year of grumpy bearded Australians [08:00:39] <Archaed> Who dont share [08:00:45] <Joelle> Bah humbug
  12. WTB Supreme Knarr

    PM me in game, on the forums, or on discord with what you have! Thanks!
  13. The building of Haven's Landing

    Kelody, we plan on decorating the deed this weekend. With the holidays and the huge update, we’ve been a bit behind schedule on it. As for the roads, we connected the deed to the highway system to the northeast (including a huge update to a tunnel that connects Haven’s Landing to the highway on the other side) but we want to see how players decide to update the roads from here on. The offdeed isn’t meant to be an entirely staff-driven project. We’re still in discussion about merchants, but I think the decision will be only traders in the end, maybe with some info about where to find player-run markets (Freedom Market, Glasshollow, etc.)
  14. [Fixed] Launcher Scrolling

    Scrolling in the launcher is all weird currently. Picture from Punishlife, who is having the same issue. Scrolling down makes the text go up, and the words aren’t clear unless you scroll all the way to the top.
  15. The streamer sneak peeks are just that—sneak peeks. They don’t have any effect on the information we provide for the public other than getting it earlier than before. Without the streams, we’d likely just wait until the update and/or news to give this info. Because we have streamers like Emoo, we can have a little bit more fun with teasing it. We will still be announcing the update in an official setting, as usual, when the time comes.
  16. WTS character

    Where is Zen located?
  17. Wurm Whispers - Community Game Event!

    "The elusive lurking unicorn is forcefully charmed by the crazed Wurmian at a rift." --- deciphered as --- "Grinding puppetry is worse when you're the puppet." by: Saraie, Ancei, Fabricant, Seriphina, Katherine, Perihelion, Ehizellbob, Cipacadrinho, Madnath, Crezena
  18. Wurmiversary 2018

    I am so confused.
  19. Capes ...add capes! Please?

    Did you misspell coops?
  20. Looking for work, but which one?

    Welcome to Wurm!
  21. "Test" action for wand of seas

    1.) I think there are way too many wands of the seas out there... They should be taken out of the rotation of rewards or every server will be littered with multiples of the same island all over the place. 2.) I’m in agreement with the test option, however. It only makes sense, and this is a good suggestion for existing wands. (Seriously stop the madness, too many people have used these lately!) Lol +1 anyway.
  22. new tutorial

    Well he’s asleep right now, Australia and all that.
  23. new tutorial

    As an aide to an autistic child who struggles with auditory learning, I personally think that is an amazing idea! I will absolutely discuss it with Retro tonight.