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  1. Fantastic work as always, amazing prices. Excellent communication, very satisfied! 10/10 would recommend
  2. +1 The best way to show off ones' wealth is with gigantic solid gold statues.
  3. +1. It is objectively ridiculous the way it is now. Say (hypothetically) that I'm mining iron ore yesterday. My wireless mouse glitches out, I accidentally mine a cave ceiling once (or thrice), now I have to move everything out of that tile, wait literal months for it to collapse, re-mine that tile (IF and only IF it respawns as stone, and not a METAL VEIN), concrete the floor, support the floor and probably walls next to it, move everything back, then try to remember what I was doing months ago when that happened.
  4. Great, fast work. Fantastic prices, very reliable, top-tier customer service. 10/10
  5. Currently, several players are unable to operate their "rack for empty bsb". Attempting to add an empty bsb to the rack returns with the error [22:15:57] You can only drop the bulk storage bin. BSB's can be removed, but cannot be returned to the rack. Cannot transfer bsb from vehicle, as there is not enough room in my large cart or wagon for the bsb. Unable to add bsb to rack while standing on foot, horseback, or while commanding land vehicles. BSB is unlocked, rack is unlocked. All containers involved are high enough effective QL to be secured.
  6. Fast work, great service... Always comes online right when I need him. 10/10
  7. I stored some Bow Strings in a Bulk Storage Bin on my deed, but some of the Bow Strings had their own entry in BSB (2 item groups). When removed from the bin, they all stack in my inventory as a single group. They were all created by the same character, using the same Spindle, using cotton grown from that deed. Some of the strings were once used on bows of varying sizes. None of the bowstrings seem to have any special properties. Upon further investigation, when using the group of 5 strings on a bow (long and short), then unstringing and returning to the bin, they seem to get "fixed", but I'm still not sure what happened to them in the first place.
  8. Unable to load the main website, or access the game. Got booted while in the middle of the ocean, not sure where my ship is going to be. ///
  9. 100% agree. It's such a shame there is so little support for trading as it is. No market, no trade history, and this huge gap of time where somebody can just screw you over by holding your goods.
  10. +1 Support With a huge cooking update just released, and so many people scrambling to discover new and interesting foods, this would definitely bring more attention all around. I could certainly see large groups of people getting together to get their server name on a certain item.