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  1. Taxidermy

    Hello People of the Forums! After going out and murdering a few little ugly critters and a few very cute ones, and idea arises.. Taxidermy why is the game limited to just statues? Have you seen how cool some of the corpses of animals look? especially the spiders? trolls? It would be pretty cool to be able to make them look alive, and even have options to change their body in ways (stances or emote) and then display them on your lawn.. I looked up Taxidermy in the forums and only one post showed up from someone in 2012.. Any thoughts?
  2. Grandmaster's Shop

  3. Grandmaster's Shop

    Welcome! Here at the Grandmaster's Shop we don't only look forward to making a few silvers but we aim to teach and practice honesty. If you have any questions about anything in my store please ask I will do my best to ensure the best buyers experience. ~ Moonmetals ~ _____________________________ Glimmersteel Glimmersteel QL89 0.30 kg - 2s Glimmersteel QL50 0.29 kg -1.5s __________________________________ Adamantine Adamantine QL84.59 0.33 - 2.5s Adamantine QL88.90 0.35 - 2.5s _____________________________________ Seryll SOLD OUT _________________________________________________ ~ Unique Hide ~ SOLD OUT __________________________________________ ~ Blood ~ Ask for Quantity Troll King Blood - 2s Green Dragon Blood - 1.5s Red Dragon Hatchling Blood - 1.5s ________________________________________ ~ Potions ~ Potion of Woodcutting QL 24.22 - 1s Potion of Woodcutting QL 71.76 - 2.0s Potion of Woodcutting QL 70.63 - 2.0s ________________________________ ~ Armor ~ Studded Leather Armor provides 0%+ Casting Buff Studded Leather Sets QL 75 - 1s Studded Leather Sets QL 80 - 1.5s Leather Armor provides 30%+ Casting Buff Leather Amour Sets QL 75 - 1s Leather Armor Sets QL 80 - 1.5s ___________________________________________________ ~ Leather Goods ~ Other Leather Items can be Ordered, this is what is currently in stock Tool Belts QL 70 - 50c Tool Belts QL 80 - 65c Horse Saddle Creation QL - 10c Horse Saddle QL 70 - 40c Horse Saddle QL 75 - 50c Archaeology journal QL 75 - 40c Almanac QL 75 - 40c Leather Barding QL 80 - 80c Leather Barding QL 70 - 70c Saddle Bags QL 19 - 10c Leather Backpack QL 19 - 5c ____________________________________________________________________________ ~ Leather working Imping Service ~ Up to QL 85, Leather Armor + Studded + Drake (per piece) 85QL - 23c 80QL - 15c70QL - 10c _____________________________________________________ ~ Weapons ~ Axe, Iron QL 85 - (N87, LT88, C95, MS91) - 4s Longsword, Iron QL 84 (N96, LT82, C87, MS58) - 3.5s ____________________________________________________________ ~ Nahjo Casting ~ Strongwall - 40c/cast Mend - 10c/cast ________________________________________________________ ~ Furniture ~ ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ All Rugs are Creation Quality PM Legios for higher Quality options. Brown Bear Rug -10c Black Bear Rug - 10c Mountain Lion Rug - 10c Black Wolf Rug - 10c _______________________________________________ ~ Assorted Goods ~ FREE Valentine Pottery Picture Bellow Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ Valentine's Pottery - 1s/ea Snow Lantern - 2s/ea Pumpkin Shoulder Pads - 2s/set Large Rat Pelt QL 100 - 20c/ea Leather Knife, Iron Ql 75 CoC 90 - 85c Awl, Iron QL 74 CoC 90 - 85c Needle, Iron QL 75 CoC 90 - 85c Supreme Plate Sabaton, IRON QL 83 - 7s ____________________________ ~ Food Items ~ Milk (Sheep, Cow, or Bison) 20c per small barrel Honey (PM for qualities and quantities available) ~ Sprouts (Pick-up Only) ~ PM Seriphina for quantities and qualities, qualities available up to QL 100 Apple, Birch, Blueberry, Camellia, Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Fir, Grape, Hazelnut, Lavender, Lemon, Lindenwood, Maple, Oleander, Olive, Orange, Pine, Raspberry, Rose, Thorn, Walnut - 1c/ea Oak and Willow - 2c/ea ~ How To Place Orders ~ PM Legios or Seriphina either here or in the game or leave a comment on this thread to place an order. We have a runed mailbox, so larger items can be mailed and arrive in just a few minutes. For pickup orders such as bulk and furniture, we are located in Lorewood at H23 on Xanadu. We do offer free coastal delivery on orders over 5s for all servers except Chaos. Here is a cat drinking milk straight from a cow to Brighten up your day, because smiling is so important to a healthy and humble life.
  4. Item sink: disassembling for skillgain

    Runecape's Invention skill comes to mind.
  5. New PC and Wurm Performance

    I have Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII RANGER G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB DD4 3000 Diablotek UL Series PSUL675 675W GeForce GTX 980 These are my settings ingame : https://pastebin.com/X3EVN8PE I only run these settings on my main client, when I have alts on they are usually on a slightly lower settings but not like play-dough quality. I hope this helps ya.
  6. Hedges and their height

    I wish the bless spell could do such, blessing a tree at a certain stage and locking it to that age without being able to "harvest" or sprout, same for hedges.
  7. I'm still hoping for Beef Cake to be one of the body strength titles
  8. My Food Addiction: Update 3

    I've never seen him buy food... or sell food... so what DOES he actually do with all these ingredients? and the lack of eggplants is quite shocking.
  9. My Food Addiction: Update 3

  10. Fair game play hits a new low

    Oblivionn is only doing the lords work. Good job dude.
  11. Developer Diary : Bring it back.

    Very cringy but very much needed!
  12. More Rose Products and Recipes

    Decorative bouquet would be cool
  13. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    I've been hoping for something like this, I've discussed it many times with my alliance and many others. A global warning alongside with a designated area would truly bring everyone together instead of making people dislike others just because of greed. Our community is small enough for us to be fighting over the little that is left. +1
  14. The new way of uniques!

    Anything that makes a rift interesting in a +1 from me. As for the unique part... that might be a hard sale to the private hunters that live off these kills lol.
  15. Valrei International. 077

    Looks great! keep up the hard work!
  16. Deliverance historical maps

    That is awesome
  17. CoC Enchants Degrading Rapidly?

    I was using a coc 97 hatchet QL 1 and by the time I went from 78 woodcutting to 80 it was down to 92, and this was all in just one day. It seemed fairly odd. The same thing happened when I did prospecting from 28 to 70 in one sitting with a 95 coc QL 1 pick made of steel, by the time I was done it was 89coc All this happened in about 12 hours
  18. Sermons at Xanadu

    Vax keeps spitting in the water
  19. WTS rares and other stuff [UPDATED]

    Damn I completely forgot about this I thought they were mailable...
  20. Valentines is right around the corner so why don't you spruce up your deed for that love one of yours! PM Legios in game for faster response time! Valentine Pottery only 1s each!!!! Limited Quantity Here are some keys thanks to the wonderful Wurm Communities to get 2 free!! Per Premium character!!! Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) If you ever need more than 2 you know where to find more! have a wonderful Wurmy day!
  21. ❤️Valentine Pottery

  22. white dye

    It's about time +1. I don't know what I'd paint white but Is there a reason for it to be broken for so long?
  23. Trader Item Suggestions

    I can def see the mining charge being used as a weapon to grief, but it would save so much time for those who make tunnels often. Everything else seems awesome. I'd like to add personally the mining charge would be awesome as a priest spell maybe something you need to link for etc.