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  1. Valrei International. 077

    Looks great! keep up the hard work!
  2. Deliverance historical maps

    That is awesome
  3. CoC Enchants Degrading Rapidly?

    I was using a coc 97 hatchet QL 1 and by the time I went from 78 woodcutting to 80 it was down to 92, and this was all in just one day. It seemed fairly odd. The same thing happened when I did prospecting from 28 to 70 in one sitting with a 95 coc QL 1 pick made of steel, by the time I was done it was 89coc All this happened in about 12 hours
  4. Sermons at Xanadu

    Vax keeps spitting in the water
  5. WTS rares and other stuff

    Damn I completely forgot about this I thought they were mailable...
  6. ❤️Valentine Pottery

  7. white dye

    It's about time +1. I don't know what I'd paint white but Is there a reason for it to be broken for so long?
  8. Trader Item Suggestions

    I can def see the mining charge being used as a weapon to grief, but it would save so much time for those who make tunnels often. Everything else seems awesome. I'd like to add personally the mining charge would be awesome as a priest spell maybe something you need to link for etc.
  9. Grandmaster's Shop

    Humble Bump
  10. When I approach my doors they do their normal animation and then quickly shut and remain shut but I can still walk through them. https://i.imgur.com/5YPXhQq.gifv
  11. ❤️Valentine Pottery

    Fill a whole room with them!
  12. ❤️Valentine Pottery

  13. What has made you hate Wurm?

  14. Grandmaster's Shop

    Bump and a good song