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  1. Archery has always been hard focused and used for PVP from what I've gathered, which kind of sucks. But they can't make any changes to archery for pve purposes without drastically affecting the PVP side of it. I do feel the same though, I wish it would be put up to par with the rest of the weapon in the games. Or some sort of crossbow that are more focused for pve encounters would be acceptable imo.
  2. Short bow instead of "small" bow... that just seems like a funny way of saying sling shot.
  3. How exactly is it imposible? You can wear any armor and weapon. Pretty sure you can also ride a horse. And as a last resort whoever you’ve been giving your maps away to can help you do your own. Probably a good idea to stop giving those maps away so that you can sell them and buy hard clues. 👌🏻 That way you can eliminate the rng aspect of it.
  4. Trust me, I know we’re you’re coming from. I’ve traveled almost 70 percent of Xanadu on horse back. I’ve seen a lot of good things deteriorate. But I finally came to the realization that if things don’t have a chance to disappear from existence then they’d never be valuable, they’d never be missed.. and worst they’ve never be remembered. Through my travels I’ve been lucky enough to find a lot but if I was able to clean out an abandoned deed completely that presences that once existed there would no longer be.
  5. Makes sense, I know wurm does not like making sense but sometimes you just got to hold it and pry it's mouth open and put some sense in there.
  6. I'm looking to sell my Green Drake set for 2g. This set is entirely made by Artherius. The entire set is dyed R=1, G=36, B=1. Lil twirl:
  7. I miss you man, rip

  8. 6s for the axe, cod to Legios if you accept.
  9. Make me an offer via this post or pm. All offers are good. I'll send whatever sells after I get home from work (about 10 hours from this post time)