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  1. Hell yeah, one of the few things worth looking forward to in Wurm.
  2. I don't see epic/elevation on this list or am I blind?
  3. I wonder if this is the case with Carpentry and fine carp too, I've never really looked at a chair for a maker but I don't see why not | +1
  4. I don't want to fully disagree for the sake of disagree, but as someone who explores a lot I'd personally feel cheated out of what the game has to offer if the option was there to just fly over 50+% of the map. Of course I also know that If it's not for me I don't need to take it or use it or whatever, and that is true. But knowing that this game has a real world economy I know it would be abused in a matter of seconds. On the other hand I'd be okay with something like this if you were only allowed to travel without anything but starter tools on your self and only for the first 24 hours kinda like the food buff you get at the start. Although you can do this by simply doing /suicide as a new player and you can continue to change spawn towns. WU is built on QoL, it's main attraction is things that are not going to happen in WO or things that will take a long time to become available in WO and the zero sub fees of course. I've experienced a lot of these QoL in WU myself but WU does not effer the same risk/reward that WO does nor the community. -1
  5. As far as I know the only thing that could give you rings is rift/rift points. I haven't been to a rift so I can't see the list. But it basically allows you to get any of the rift drops with the points. Jackal points are different.
  6. Sounds like Wurm Unlimited is better for you. All those choices you made like a family and a job and moving out of your mom's basement are yours to live with not to burden others with. Wurm Online has always been a life style, not an arcade game you can sit down for 2 hours and play and get much done. This would fall under my Number 2 answer, there was a risk and a reward. At this point this whole thing just feels like a suggestion by someone who had a shitty first day in Jackal.
  7. Switched my Shares

    The last thing I want to do is be negative about a game I love... but we don't know anything, and from the simple search of the company that bought codeclub out... you can tell that money is #1. But they don't own anything else that's even remotely like wurm to even say... well lets go play w/e else they own and see how they have monetized that etc etc. I know a lot of people have a lot of coin and time invested into wurm... and their whole hedge fund just got wacked out of proportion so I don't blame those that actually play wurm to be a little scared.
  8. Awesome, and thank you for making it public!
  9. 1) You start with a tent at the start of a new account. In jackal, if you can build a boat you can probably build a tent... if you have the tutorial enabled as a new player you'd probably learn about this also although I doubt as a new player you'd jump right into jackal since it's not really accessible to everyone right as soon as they begin playing the game, at least it's hella unlikely. 2) The game has a real world economy so there has to be some weight behind the decisions you make, rather good or bad you're gonna spend hours if not days trying to find your body as consequence of your decisions and risk. 3) This is a skill you eventually developed by exploring, but a map can be helpful although I'm guessing you're talking about Jackal, the unknown world we have all traveled to. Having a map would honestly destroy any kind of mystery behind the whole update. 4) There is a team system which creates a group chat. I still don't fully believe there are new players in jackal but returning players, multiple of which are running multiple accounts but that is just my opinion. JONSMOW!
  10. Switched my Shares

    But is it a certified third party seller or just another G2A platform for selling "shadily obtained keys"? (stolen credit cards etc etc) Because that is what it looks like to me.
  11. Switched my Shares

    I think the worst part is that retro had to tell the founder to be transparent... But I am looking forward to changes.
  12. This is the second Halloween thread revived haha BRING THEM ALL BACK!
  13. +1 I kinda hate it's always asking how many I want, I always want 1 or all!