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  1. I never really understood why this was not a thing from the start... +1
  2. I think it's a safe assumption that we the players know what we want, it's only logical to let us participate in the development/future of the game. I'm glad our opinions were finally listened to and I hope this continues to be the norm when trying to do something controversial or just silly.
  3. Physical media is dead, everyone has been trying to push the digital scene for a long time now, even this move to steam is just that. If they ever consider a physical wurm it would probably be a kickstarter because I doubt the new owners are looking to gamble their trickling profits in a niche dying practice. Although I couldn't tell if this was satire or not lol my response is if it's not satire.
  4. These server names are as out of place as the UI lol.
  5. dear lord I didn't even want to know what you were gonna do with it.. but thanks for the picture!
  6. 2 Weeks after I started playing I was set and committed to ride this ship down with everyone on board. Now one of my concerns is with all these "investigations" when something suspicious happens like @olafhairybreeksstated, "will our private conversations be compromised" and if so will "volunteers" and others posible-biased entities be the ones doing the compromising or is there going to be a whole new set of paid staff separate from the game to look into these investigations? @Retrograde
  7. I like the idea, I've always hoped for some kind of automated travel, especially during those early levels when you haven't really settled anywhere or times like when you don't have a horse or the level to ride one. Having a sort of automatic vehicle running back and forth from starter deed to other starter deeds would be great. Archeage has a similar thing that I experienced on the new relaunch where there is a quest that requires you to travel to another continent... the problem is by the time you get to that quest it's very unlikely you'd have your own vehicle or level high enough to defend yourself on the travel. So they implemented a public boat that takes you to the exact destination, it's like a 20 minute boat ride that leaves every 30 minutes or so. A timed automatic ride like this would give a sensation of a "bus" ride where if you miss the bus you could potentially be waiting for a good 20-40 minutes for it to come around again. ( I know this is not the exact suggestion but something to consider ) +1 from me
  8. He was such a cool dude, he will be greatly missed.
  9. I wish we had more options like Archeage, you just can't find other games like it, even remotely close to it. The glider and the sailing, and naval combat alone set it at a level that no game has come even close to providing. It just feels like one of those games you play for years, and I did too but the p2w got too crazy and I was not willing to pay to stay competitive. Unchained is promising zero p2w so I will be on that bandwagon once again. As for early access games or early alpha access games like CoE I was excited about it too but there is only so much excitement one can have for something if you don't invest in it. I never bought a pack for it so the interest just fell right through. I heard about it a few weeks ago I think and it was only bad news, where people that spent a lot of money just ended up getting boned in the land selection or whatever part. It does seem like an interesting game but the concept just screams niche to me and will probably just turn into wurm with less content. I hope I'm wrong. I also hope it does not turn into a Never citizen.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    Yes, being able to ride a horse right out of the bat will HELP a LOT! there have been WU server where the moment I realized I was dumped in a random place without even the capability of riding a horse and I just alt F4 and try again lol. No idea what that hammer is though lol.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    I never thought of this but this would probably make a lot more sense. I'd also like to add that it would be cool if once you get the client on steam and make your character you get to pick where to go... the new server or the pre existing ones. Giving the new players a choice of what they want to experience instead of assuming the development team knows best (this rarely works out anyway). Of course I also know when they said the steam launch will be free to play it's probably just going to be the same as it is now... with all the limitations, you can download the game and log in but don't expect anything past level 20. Or just do the steam launch and just add the ability for new players to pick where they want to play.... options are a good thing.
  12. Selling 15 Silver for 15 USD, pm me in the forums or in game Edit: Not looking to do business with new players/unknown forum users. PM me only if you're well known or have a forum presence .
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    Although I agree with the there being too many servers part I don't agree with anybodies effort and time being turned away or converted to "silver". As any smart person will pick time over money. Also people have that have spent years developing their deeds with years worth of upkeep dedicated to it would not just up and go easily and if they did I can assure you they are not coming back. I know a lot of games offer server transfers at certain times at a fee, guild wars 2 comes to mind but certain criteria need to be met for the server to open up to transfers. It's hard enough for new players to own land, making it more expensive would not help at all. As a free to play player you start with zero coins, and dropping the deed alone is like 4s for a min size, if that gets doubled or tripled it means not many people will be dropping deeds, let alone paying another 20 euros for a sub subscription + 3-5s a month for a min size deed. Just my thoughts