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  1. Loyalty is something you show with time. Buying gold satisfy the moment, buying premium makes you come back and feel like you have to get your money's worth.
  2. Are these actual 20+kg pizza or actual meals? meals can easily be replaced. It's silly to have a bugged char just because.
  3. I'm okay with this, I know it's something @Seriphinaprobably wants too! I'd love to see the limits of items on bookshelves, tables and other flat surfaces be completely removed or in the 100s of items.
  4. There is already a Wurm Online discord. Which is basically the same thing. https://discord.com/invite/wurm You don't even need to download the program, you can use it right off the browser.
  5. "así que si a alguien le interesa conteste acá y podemos ver si crear un discord y irle dando vida seria super interesante la verdad...." So if anyone is interested leave a comment on this post and we can create a discord and bring it to life, that would be super interesting to be honest.
  6. The lava spider looks like it's made of normal spiders... ugh my skin is crawling
  7. Looking forward to that exploration update. I'm kind of disappointed in the whole combat update so far, I was honestly expecting some more content added to it but it seems like all we are getting is a more descriptive mode to a combat log disguised as an actual feature update. Very happy for you Demona, may your reign bring prosperity and luster to these soiled lands.
  8. Missing Horses

    I'm sure that gear was already taken from the horses and set free. I recently had a player steal my horse from our deed and hide it in a cave to starve it to steal the gear on it... If it would of not been branded he would of gotten away scot free.
  9. Come to Xanadu :3 you will never complain about space/mobs/people.
  10. All I can say at this point is good luck, this will be a lesson you will probably have to learn the hard way. Edit: Ps: Welcome back, I'm glad you decided to give WO another try. We spoke a year ago.
  11. Fast Horse Knife/fork/cooking pan at least 5kg of cotton Tent (only if I intend to die) Water skin Pretty much every tool you can carry Always at least 1 weapon with LT (for internal wounds or high damage wounds that are not easy to heal with just cotton) Here is a snippet of my inventory when I'm out and about Although I don't recommend carrying all this stuff if you're prone to dying or getting lost (at least make sure you have enough karma to recover your body)
  12. Pretty much sums up your post. The same freedom you're asking for should be granted to everyone. And yes, these can be annoying, but more annoying is having someone next door that completely destroyed all your expansion plans or terrain you worked on for it to be a certain way just for your own visual pleasure. Xanadu is old, and people are grumpy. We've experienced all kinds of people around here, especially in the north east side. We take precautions to avoid drama. edit: I'd also like to clarify that a lot of these structures are there for 3 reasons imo. Avoiding newer players from unknowingly creating issues (we've seen these complaints all through the forums where a vet helps a new player do something that turns into a very bad experience) Securing a location for future plans, or preserving an area from being taken albeit could lead to drama/bad experiences Keeping potential neighbors at bay
  13. Moving your deed token should be free or have it's cost reduced to a renaming price , it has been suggested for years now and the only reason why they'd never allow that is because dropping a deed is such a money sink they don't want to give up at the expense of unhappy player base. Changing your deed name imo should remain a paid feature or heavily limited like you suggested also. I'm always up for visual changes too, WU really pushed Wurm to it's limits and we are seeing all that can be done, even if it's always being played down to make it seem like not much can be done with the client/engine. Wood texture is so much better than wood colors imo. I'd love to see that instead especially since we have dyes a pattern would of been so much more important for the game.