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  1. ATLAS

    I don't think a team so dedicated like the one behind Wurm exist let alone is willing to make a game where profit is nearly zero lol wurm is here to stay.
  2. any wurm players going to play Atlas

    I knew nothing about this but I'll def check it out, won't be buying it if it's a paid model though at least not until reviews/gameplay rolls out
  3. As much as I like Drongo and his content, I agree. Not everyone should be subjected to a streamer for information when the information could just be handed to the player. I understand we want to promote wurm as much as possible but this kind of handling of information to be delivered to the player base should not NEED a middle man.
  4. Fully Enchanted 90QL Rare Huge Axe

  5. What do you look like

    @ShrimpiieCome on face reveal.
  6. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Lmao that ###### is hilarious, I love me some Idubz
  7. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    grats on the bone Obliv, greatness goes to great people.
  8. wurm.com scalling problems

    That is kinda weird this is how mine looks using google chrome on my s9+
  9. Newspring starter deed voting!

    Def love @Renatedesign more. I like the openness and simpleness of it. It really looks like a welcoming enviroment. Good Job I hope yours is selected.
  10. Mail Item Expiry Time

    +1 I've always dreaded this moment when making sales. I've always asked why is codding an item such a gamble and it feels like once you throw that item out it's all out of your control. There should be an option to cancel a cod early and pay the 1c yourself. At least let it become an option. 10 minutes after sending and item.
  11. 30c for one of the right stylish shoulder pads? cod to Legios
  12. Silver - What is the going price?

    I'll sign up for 50 a month for USD also