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  1. Heh, people talking about wurm being an expensive hobby...I used to fly light airplanes for fun, that runs more per hour than wurm costs per year. You can spend 100 euros per month if you want, but that's entirely personal choice, as is choosing not to spend your hard-earned shekels on wurm if €10/month is too much for you - there are other options if you have time but no cash at all.
  2. I wouldn't say wurm is cheap, but I wouldn't say it's expensive, either. I keep 2 premium chars, which I play simultaneously - I'm not aware of any other game that allows you to do that without multiple subs - plus a 3s/month deed. At the current pricing, I'd still keep two subs, even if wurm allowed you to keep multiple toons on a single sub (but only play 1 toon at a time). My trader generally produces a few silver a month, plus a few foraged coins and the odd paid sale, which pays for my deed and beer money; the occasional spike in expenses is covered by the occasional unique fight (scale is a pretty good silver bump). All in all, I'm fine with current costs as they stand. Edited to add: I also love that I can take a break for a few months, and stop paying for the game (making sure deed upkeep is topped up in advance), and then come back and pick up exactly where I left off, without losing anything. No need to keep paying a sub or lose all your stuff, etc.
  3. I believe you have to update the graphics pack that the server provides. However, that's as much as I know, having never actually done it...
  4. rat

    Worth noting that he was fired from staff when it became apparent what kind of person he is. So it's not like staff is condoning this sort of thing, just that Necro is good at hiding his true nature.
  5. Wimble? Is that you?
  6. Gonna be yuuuuuge!
  7. WO had the same bug for a short while, was fixed by a client update. I guess once the client rolls out to WU, it'll fix it for you folks as well.
  8. Assuming this works the same in WU as it does in WO, non-epic servers get missions, but they only give karma and SB, they don't affect the valrei board. You have to be on epic for the missions to affect the gods.
  9. idea

    Echoing Angelklaine, requiring registration will be a bar to adoption. Like all service portals, you need a certain critical mass otherwise it withers and dies - maybe freight hauling will be the killer application that overcomes the apathy inertia, but I'm not convinced. Also, many folks don't have Google/Facebook accounts, or prefer not to link them to random third-party sites (especially given the current kerfuffle over FB data leakage), so I doubt that really makes a lot of difference.
  10. idea

    It's a cool idea, but I'm not sure how much use a(nother) third party app will get. Maybe see if you could integrate it into an existing system (WA maybe)?
  11. Wait, I'm confused - the graphs show the number of actual silver floating around, not the amount traded, right? So if there are a total of 250k or so total silver in all bank accounts across the cluster, that 250k must have originally been bought from CC? What actually happens to it afterwards doesn't change the fact that CC earned the store rate for those 250k silver (historical price changes notwithstanding)? In fact, that figure is probably low, since it presumably doesn't include silver that has been removed from the market for deed upkeep, trader sales, premium, etc. Sure, someone buying 50s from someone else is 50s worth of store silver CC didn't sell, but then, there's no guarantee that that person would have bought that silver from the store anyway if player-player trading didn't exist. This is the same level of argument as saying everyone who ever pirated something would have bought the same thing at full market rate if they couldn't have pirated it; it's a fallacy, and the only people who really believe it are the lawyers hired by the rights holders. There's already a secondary market where sleep powders are used as a currency - many traders seem to accept them as part or full payment. I'm guessing that some of them will use the powders they obtain, but I also suspect that most either reuse them as currency or sell them on to folks who actually want powders. Also, it's important to note that the devs don't have a 'campaign against the market' (as far as I can see). They're just not specifically supporting it, or prioritising it over other concerns.
  12. Retro waved goodbye to his sanity years ago. Now he just has disgusting coffee instead.
  13. nope, if you want tame seals, be prepared to fish for them. A lot. They're basically really picky pigs.
  14. For what it's worth, if you read a PM via the notification email it sends you, it'll show as not read, despite you having read it.
  15. Agreed! The improvements over the last year or so have been amazing - from huge stuff like cooking through to minor things that once you start using them, you can't think how we lived without them - bulk transfer and placing object get my vote for QoL improvements of the year!