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  1. I made the butt-naked epic->freedom journey some time back, so the prospect of a transfer is nice. Would have been nicer some years back, but oh well. Personally, having somewhat ground my freedom side skills up a bit (it's hard to summon the enthusiasm for doing the same grind again), I'd have no problem with just transferring epic accouts over without conversion. But then, I have more skills on my epic version than I do on, and I don't bother selling stuff these days, just give it away as I feel like it, so I would say that. A bunch of new accounts suddenly appearing with high skills don't threaten or damage me in the least, and the thought that there might actually be some good pvp again 'back home' is totally work supporting.
  2. Can't you wrap them to stop them decaying? Been a while, but I thought that was a thing. Or does that count as a container or something?
  3. dat legfur
  4. So, to summarise, server-side lag is a lot better now than it was, and is still being worked on. If you want less client-side lag, clean up your crap around Glasshollow.
  5. Promise?
  6. Instead of constantly begging for loot (in all the game chats as well), maybe you should put up stuff yourself? The Shrimpalongs are largely funded by Shrimpiie, for example, and The Kingdom Formally Known As MR are putting up the necessary for the Fire & Sands one.
  7. Wurm isn't reality, although some aspects of it are similar. It's a game, with its own rules about how things work. If some things in Wurm don't make sense when considered against the real world, so what? Ultimately, what you seem to be asking for would involve a significant redesign of quite a bit of very fundamental bits of how the wurm world works; I'm not saying thats necessarily a bad thing (although I'm not convinced your proposal really improves anything), but given the complexity of that sort of refactoring, I can't see that it's likely to happen any time soon, if ever.
  8. Wurm does give some skill gain on every action, if you consider the actions on average, rather than particular, specific actions. So mining 50 times gives a certain amount of skill, but it's 'lumpy' in distribution - some actions got (more than the average) skill, some got none. Adjusting the difficulty vs. skill (e.g. making mining harder by moving to more 'complex' veins, or using a crappy pick) allows you to increase the average skill gain, but it's all about averages. Aside from a few skills (like meditation), there isn't really any restriction over fast you can skill, beyond the in-built intrinsic compound rates (i.e. the basic rate, adjusted by skill, difficulty, bonuses, etc). The problem is that at high skills, the probability of a tick (and the resulting tick size) drops waaaay off - the effort to get from 95 - 100 is probably at least the same as getting to 95. For a lot of skills, you already get skill for every successful action; the problem is that what you consider successful and what the game considers successful aren't the same. As far as wurm is concernes, any action that has a result of 1 - 40 (exclusive) is successful, anything else isn't. For resource gathering skills (mining, woodcutting, etc) this translates as a result item with a quality 1 - 40. You get a skill tick for every one of those. Producing a log of ql 56 wasn't a success on that criteria, so no skill tick. If you want skill ticks, you adjust your setup to give the maximum probability spread of outcomes in the 1 - 40 range. The advantage of gathering skills is that it's really easy to see where your output range is centred, because you get an output item for every action (including the failures); for a production skill, you have no way of knowing the result value directly, you have to infer it based on skill tick size and ratio. As I remember, always getting an item for gathering (even when the action failed) was added to make the game less painful for newbies and low-skill characters. The compromise was that you didn't gain any skill for fails, but you still got some resource (if you're low skill, you probably don't care about ql anyway). If you need to link this to RL, you can consider that an action that is too easy teaches you nothing (or very little), while one that is so difficult you just make a mess doesn't really get you anywhere either - you need to be in that sweet spot of challenged enough, but not too much.
  9. It would probably help if you gave a rough idea of what you're looking for, and what you're expecting to pay?
  10. Do you have a minimum quality in mind?
  11. Won't that wipe out any genuine x3 multipliers (e.g. from a death) as well?
  12. You can do that now - the problem comes in when you're travelling and leaving targetted mobs behind. If you're standing still and waiting for stuff to come to you, then autotarget lets you make a corpse pile already.
  13. "Miss Wong, you have the 'poon."
  14. Is there much that can't be either tamed, dominated, or Fo'ed?