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  1. WTB Full Almanac

    Contact Rollypolly - he always seems to have a few.
  2. New archaeology stuff

    can you get more than one gift if you keep searching? Or is it one and done?
  3. Estate Sale

    3s for the pair of silver rare shoes?
  4. Can I drink or can I drink?

    This looks like the water override in action - essentially, water is excluded from permissions, so you can't prevent someone drinking it (this is a QoL thing that's been around for ages). However, this is specific to water itself, not to the container that contains it - you could have a fountain of brandy. Also, some containers (cooking ones spring to mind) can contain several different liquids at the same time, so that's also a potential breakage. Essentially, if you want a container to be public access, you need to set your permissions to allow that. If you want to be guaranteed a drink out of any on-deed water container, get used to opening it and drinking the water directly.
  5. Supreme Knarr

    I'm curious, is this the same one you were PC/selling recently? Or have you hit the wurm jackpot twice? Either way, it's a lovely boat, and good luck with the auction. And jealousy to whoever wins it!
  6. Interest in Wurm trading site

    The current system could use some improvements - manually running forum auctions is a pain. Having said that, if I have to register on some other site, I just won't bother. It's bad enough having separate game and forum accounts, I'm not signing up to yet another site for something I only need some of the time. TLDR; integrate it into the official game stuff or don't bother.
  7. [Fixed] Client update 03/MAY/18

  8. huh, I thought honey didn't decay at all anyway?
  9. close

    What's the going price on one of those, out of interest?
  10. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    I'm pretty sure that since Rolf left, there aren't any Swedish developers left. Certainly not any salaried ones.
  11. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    Heh, people talking about wurm being an expensive hobby...I used to fly light airplanes for fun, that runs more per hour than wurm costs per year. You can spend 100 euros per month if you want, but that's entirely personal choice, as is choosing not to spend your hard-earned shekels on wurm if €10/month is too much for you - there are other options if you have time but no cash at all.
  12. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    I wouldn't say wurm is cheap, but I wouldn't say it's expensive, either. I keep 2 premium chars, which I play simultaneously - I'm not aware of any other game that allows you to do that without multiple subs - plus a 3s/month deed. At the current pricing, I'd still keep two subs, even if wurm allowed you to keep multiple toons on a single sub (but only play 1 toon at a time). My trader generally produces a few silver a month, plus a few foraged coins and the odd paid sale, which pays for my deed and beer money; the occasional spike in expenses is covered by the occasional unique fight (scale is a pretty good silver bump). All in all, I'm fine with current costs as they stand. Edited to add: I also love that I can take a break for a few months, and stop paying for the game (making sure deed upkeep is topped up in advance), and then come back and pick up exactly where I left off, without losing anything. No need to keep paying a sub or lose all your stuff, etc.
  13. I believe you have to update the graphics pack that the server provides. However, that's as much as I know, having never actually done it...
  14. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    Worth noting that he was fired from staff when it became apparent what kind of person he is. So it's not like staff is condoning this sort of thing, just that Necro is good at hiding his true nature.
  15. WTB Account

    Wimble? Is that you?