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  1. It sounds like you're playing wu rather than wo, so there are mods already that give you what you want. Some work better than others, I guess. In wo, you can't build the npcs, but you can build the rest.
  2. You're posting in the wrong section - the one thing it isn't, is coming to WU.
  3. If your code is so difficult to read that it's quicker to start over, then your code is bad and you should fix it. Documentation, good naming, good layout, etc. Which it sounds like the new wu mod api will be a step towards.
  4. I agree - please make it an optional toggle, even if the default changes.
  5. Oh mamma mia, mamma mia, mamma mia let me go...
  6. I really enjoyed it to start with - the newbie experience of carving out a whole fresh deed and starting everything from scratch was good fun. But once you're set up, you're basically just grinding the same stuff you already ground once before, and that gets stale quickly.
  7. But "they started it lol." I couldn't say it better - what Ekcin posted is exactly right.
  8. -1 no thanks. And it's still a poor idea and impossible to implement in a way that doesn't cause more problems than it solves.
  9. I guess they gave a way to bypass mail restrictions back in the day as well - transforming something into a gift box makes it small enough to fit into a mailbox. They also drastically reduce the weight of whatever they wrap - see the previous Xmas gifts for examples. It'd be nice to have them back, just need to work out a way to make them less exploity.
  10. I'm not sure I see the point of this - people agree what they think something is worth themselves already. And that price shifts regularly based on what stuff is selling for on the open market. The economy of wo is deflationary, so prices tend to go down over time as people undercut each other to try to shift their goods, so any sort of formula is going to be chasing a moving target all the time anyway.
  11. All silver was either bought from the shop originally, or created by staff. When a server is created, the devs generally pump a bit of new silver into the coffers, and there are events from time to time that reward new silver. The coffers are per-server (the king's coffers), and silver paid for deed upkeep and some of the silver paid to traders when buying things goes into these coffers. Coins from foraging etc and from selling to tokens comes from the coffers (so if they're empty, those activities don't produce coin). The vast majority of coin recirculates around the market, as players sell it to each other, or use it to purchase things from each other. There's very little destruction of non-consumables (like tools), although there is an ongoing need for repairs and improving of tools. There's also an amount of upgrading (as players can afford better tools as they progress), and a tiny trickle of destruction as tools go away in the inventories of players who leave, or rot away on fallen deeds before someone loots them.