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  1. What I do during WS grind...is hang around in local, going "is my weapon reimped yet?" ...oh, you meant while I grind WS? Naah, not suffered from that particular madness yet...
  2. Yes, that must be the whole point. In fact, the entire implementation of runes was just an enabler for the archeology update, all so that CC can sell more magic chests. And wagoners and highways were only implemented so that people could get to good dig sites quicker, so that archeology, for more magic chests. Oh, and rifts - those were only added to allow for runes, and thus more magic chests. Gosh, and they would have gotten away with it too, if hadn't been for you pesky kids.
  3. Time is synchronised, exact calendar date a crop comes into season is not. There's always a little bit of variance.
  4. If you feel like your time is wasted, go do something else; if you derived enjoyment from spending the time, then the time wasn't wasted.
  5. A way to remove runes would be cool - at least that way you'd be able to salvage them and place them on something useful
  6. That is a beautiful map! @Retrogradeuse this for the next WO server!
  7. I could, yes. However, it seemed worthwhile to at least ask the author, as certainty (and possibly a bit more understanding of how things work) beats a load of trial and error any day.
  8. It is a cool feature, but beware that you only get one free teleport per character - once you've used it once, you can't ever do it again, even if you get invited to a completely new village.
  9. ok, but if my toon isn't bugged, will this still work for me if I'm still using the 'old' affinity system? Or do I have to have switched to the 'new' calculation (which also presumably fixes bugged toons) for this to work for me? I may just be confused, of course - my understanding is that there's the calculation that was used at launch, which left some people unable to get every affinity. To correct this, an alternative system for working out affinities was offered, with the choice of whether to switch to it or stay with the old system (since a lot of people weren't bugged, and had spent a load of time working out good affinity combinations for themselves). The switch from old system to new system is one time only - once you've switched to the new system (which will re-randomise all your affinities), you can't go back. I'm still using the old system, since I haven't had a problem finding all the affinities I wanted so far. I think there was a check thing going around a little while back, that said I wasn't bugged, but I may be remembering that wrong. Essentially, can your tool work out affinities for me if I'm still using the old system (assuming I'm not bugged, if that helps), or do I have to have switched to the new system for it to work?
  10. Seems pretty obvious to me - if you can't tell whether something is an exploit or not, contact the GM crew rather than posting it publicly.
  11. who's there?
  12. Really cool tool, thank you! Does this work for both the new and old schemes? Or do I have to have ticked the new affinity calculation box in profile for this to work for me?
  13. The usefulness of having your own personal wagoner is presumably that you don't have to wait for the public one to become available, and you don't have to wait for him to travel all the way to you from the nearest starter deed to make the pickup. So probably only really useful if you send out a lot of bulk.