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  1. Mine large shards

    -1 no thank you.
  2. If you want to pvp, you'll need to move to either epic or chaos.
  3. Valrei International. 065

    Just please don't nerf nacho priests. They're the ultimate pve utility char, and given how long they've been in, it'd be pretty jarring for that to change. Buff other stuff rather than nerfing.
  4. Milling

    I'm not sure whether this is something that belongs in suggestions or wiki?
  5. When you...

    That's just crazy talk!
  6. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    The lynchings will continue until we are properly able to convert our high quality pitchforks back into lumps!
  7. Huh, I didn't even realise there were supposed to be checkboxes there - I don't think I've ever had them.
  8. When you...

    If only there was an easy way to get all your skills back up to their normal level, perhaps by paying some nominal fee...then you wouldn't have to worry about getting ganked by random passing wildlife.
  9. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Not cool, guys. That's a pretty horrible nerf, and high ql imping is painful enough already without being able to generate high ql lumps back from unwanted stuff. Please don't impact QoL with however you rejig this.
  10. Going under 23 strength while not premium

    If you had exactly 23 strength, and you died and lost some strength, then that's intended. And being able to increase stats above 20 only while premium is intentional too. So if that's your situation, then it seems to be WAI, and you'll need to reprem and do some grinding to get back. On the other hand, if you didn't explicitly lose BS (or lost more than the usual death toll of BS), that sounds more like a bug. Also, chocolate. Always chocolate.
  11. Who is ready to find the 20 gold piece!!!???

    You know Rolf is gone, right? i.e. not around any more, not involved in managing, running or developing Wurm? Pretty sure he's not involved in any of the ongoing in-game event stuff, either, and I would not be surprised to learn he doesn't even read these forums anymore.
  12. Who is ready to find the 20 gold piece!!!???

  13. I'm pretty sure by default free look is not bound to anything anymore (I remember that being a change not so long ago). If you have a keybind file that predates that change, you'll still have the binding. So the new player problem is less of an issue, since they won't be able to get into mouse look without some rebinding, but it's still a pretty nasty combo of things.
  14. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    So what potions do the dragons that previously gave duplicates give now? The previously-unavailable carpentry/ropemaking etc, or something new?
  15. Tip - Multiplying storage space

    The problem with using storage solutions like this is that they don't prevent decay. It's find for short-term transport, but for longer storage, you want one of the bulk containers (BSB, FSB, crate). Most people split by quality in 10-ql steps, and there are a bunch of 'standard' house designs to facilitate this. There are also BSB racks to make (slightly) more efficient use of the space.