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  1. Repent!

    Who? I didn't vote for him!
  2. Based on the current info, I'll let my priest de-prem and just not bother. None of the old gods are useful enough to justify paying an extra premium. This may change if the spell lists are changed enough to make them more universally useful. It's not hard to see why nacho is the most popular, given how useful they are for general maintenance utility.
  3. Mewt

    Pvp is dead, but given how full of toxic folks it was, that was inevitable. We can blame ourselves for that. Pve is smaller than it was once, but there are still a lot of active alliances around. I suggest getting in and playing a bit to get a feel for the game first - if there are deal-breakers for you (graphics, style, whatever), at least you know not to waste any further time. Wurm is free to try, in that you can create a character and play, but you can't advance beyond basic skills without paying premium. So, try the game and form an opinion - it costs you nothing. Then, if it seems worth the effort, you can find a community. For my money, the friendliest communities are on release and pristine, but that's mainly because that's where I've been based most on freedom. There are active groups everywhere, if you look.
  4. Xanadu has already shown that larger servers struggle. It's better now than it was, but still laggier than the older, smaller servers. I suspect with higher numbers, Indy would struggle too.
  5. While I sympathise with lost effort, ultimately, why should tundra be any different from other terrains? If you really want to lock it down an area, you can deed it - that prevents rifts entirely too.
  6. note that scythes use WS, not BS (picks and rakes use BS). Try imping a similar quality carving knife or weapon? What is your WS skill?
  7. I admire your goals and ambition, but I suspect that if the likes of Google and Apple can't manage to run an app store without nasty malware sneaking in, something as small and volunteer-based as wurm has no chance. I'd like to be proved wrong, though.
  8. The problem with automatically downloading client mods is that you're essentially allowing some random server goblin to execute arbitrary code on your PC. Which is a security nightmare. There are ways to do it properly, but it's not easy. It's bad enough when you've got some company do it (hi Steam!), but allowing some rando on the internet to do that seems like a terrible idea.
  9. How do treasure maps work? I've not played them yet.
  10. This thread is just depressing. The same people complaining about being ignored when they suggest stuff, then turning around and complaining about being guinea pigs. Pace of change is slow, but it's there - wurm now is so much better than it was when I started, and we take stuff for granted. My favourite thing that started out on the suggestions forum and got implemented is the dragging between bsbs - used to have to click and drag, click and drag, now it works like levelling, and is brilliant. And that came from a player suggestion.
  11. It sounds like you're playing wu rather than wo, so there are mods already that give you what you want. Some work better than others, I guess. In wo, you can't build the npcs, but you can build the rest.