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  1. All missions getting a deity name was fixed so hard that it appeared in the patch notes twice...
  2. The number of flat tiles you get depends on how much effort you're prepared to put in, and how much dirt you're prepared to source and add (or haul away). You can get 2k tiles just about anywhere you like.
  3. Spoken like a blind moron who's too tied up in what other people should do for them to actually read what they're blindly lashing out at. Can't think why the stereotype of pvp is a bunch of spoiled children screaming whenever they're not getting attention... We can sit in front of our keyboards and throw random insults at each other until the mods lock the thread or we can try to have a mature discussion. The majority of players who prefer pve is obvious - just look at the server numbers! Or pick one of the 'come play pvp with us' threads over the years, and see what the pve folks respond. I'd love to go back to epic, but given the current game, and what else is out there, and where the dev team are putting effort, I'm just not seeing how a revival is achievable. I would LOVE to be proved wrong, by the way! I didn't for a moment suggest that experience wasn't the most valuable aspect, or that pvp bugs were only pvp. What I did say was that pvp needs a massive rebalance and overhaul, and questioning whether that was a worthwhile investment for the development team. I strongly agree with something said above - pvp dev needs to be by devs with pvp experience. I also think wurm pvp needs a major overhaul to be balanced and viable, and that means significant dev effort, and I'm not seeing indications of that happening anytime soon. But by all means, please carry on making pvpers look like antagonistic muppets with no social ability.
  4. I can't see that pvp as it currently stands can ever be balanced. And even if it were completely overhauled, the amount of effort it takes from the dev and gm team to keep it running is far higher than pve - given pve is almost always the majority of the player base, it's hard to see how keeping pvp is worth it at all. I'm sad to admit it, given where I started, but ultimately wurm just isn't a pvp game, and it shouldn't pretend to be. Also, don't assume that most or many of the pve crowd would enjoy pvp if they only gave it a try. There are a few who would, but the vast majority who play pve do so because that's what they want to play.
  5. Honestly, sounds like a massive opportunity of exploits and bugs, which is probably why it was removed in the first place. -1.
  6. This is because mayonaisse is a special kind of white sauce. Egg, I think?
  7. Lost my faith

    Might be worth putting in a support ticket, if you haven't already.
  8. Lovage (and mushrooms) aren't useless, they still get used for nat subs grind, and presumably cooking. Just not useful for priest favour.
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    I was going to say, this is my understanding of p2w too. Wurm is free to play, in the same way as any number of f2p games are - you just don't get access to all the content without paying.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    Almost as if they were running a business instead of a charity. Imagine, prioritising being able to make a profit and ditching things that don't.
  11. The argument about too many royalty and not enough peasants...it's true, not much fun being a noble if you don't have any lowly peons to lord it over, but thing about that is that it's basically never fun being a peasant. Also, historically, there's a good reason why feudal systems tend to have only a very few people on top, and a huge underclass (who live short, brutal lives) supporting them. Not a perfect analogy, of course, but for all the would-be nobles advocating plenty of would-be peasants (new players) to buy their things... consider what that experience is like for the peasants, then consider why so many players set themselves up to minimise their reliance on other players. Just getting floods of newbies isn't going to give you what you're looking for by itself.
  12. Whether you think the player gods were op or not, they were at least a breath of fresh air into priests generally. Priests should require giving something up in exchange for being able to do other stuff (maybe - one of the most popular mods in wu seems to be no priest restrictions), but making the choice between which half-useful set of abilities to lock yourself to is kinda sad. Priest difference should be more flavour and less basic functionality, but oh well.
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    wait wait wait... Celebration isn't getting any more updates??? How could you possibly treat both the loyal Celebrites still remaining on the server like that?!? Bet it's the Indy guys again, taking up all the dev time with whatever it is they're doing over there.