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  1. Obvious troll is obvious. Probably best not to feed it?
  2. Some people are just ######s, and as above, some ######s become 'citizen journalists'. In the crowded space that is people with opinions on games, being an ###### is probably a good way to generate click-bait, to get more traffic.
  3. I dunno, if you just buy the rewards, that doesn't really seem to be rewarding loyalty. Mind you, I can see an argument for making at least some things available for silver purchase as well (as the magic chests already are).
  4. Thought they removed depriesting on transfer? So you stay the same on both sides?
  5. Black dye wasn't removed - you can still make it with decent skill. You just can't exploit to make loads without effort.
  6. Do you really need to be told that infinitely duplicating black dye is an exploit? There have been some murky things (fountain pans) where it's not clear, but most exploits are clearly broken. Pretty sure staff can still see the stuff that's been removed, too, so it's not like the record is gone, it's just that you and me can't see it.
  7. Yeah, there's an exploit that allows you to trivially make infinite amounts of 1-1-1 dye, once you have a small amount to start with. No doubt the usual suspects have stocked up.
  8. The biggest source of negative reviews appears to be all the people who got themselves banned using the opportunity to crap on wurms parade. And every alt character that holds a deed involves a paid-for deed (and probably a paid premium, at least once), so it's not like people aren't paying for the land they're claiming. Whether someone pays for 1 100x20 deed or 5 20x20 deeds, they're still paying the same amount.
  9. Not for me to share people's nationality, but there are a few.
  10. Presumably you apply in the normal way, via the thread in GM halls? And there seem to be more Polish staff than any other non-English, last I saw.
  11. Honestly, while there could be some minor tweaks to free play QoL (a small crate in a small cart is a good one), this is a business, not a charity. If someone can't afford the premium, and isn't prepared to work to earn it in-game, then they're probably never going to contribute anyway. Making free accounts basically able to do anything apart from really high imps just means that more people won't bother with premiums - why would they? Running the game costs money, and it's a business not a charity. There are already freebies for people who were premium but aren't right now (higher stat cap, etc). There are plenty of routes to earn your premium in-game, if you really want to, both from other players and directly. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. That's it. The free intro is intended to be an introduction, a try before you buy, not a chance to play the whole game before you get bored and wander off.
  12. yes one that lights up. You just gotta use what you're given - wurm doesn't give you easy finished stuff, it gives you the bits to make your own things.
  13. Unless you want to settle right next to the spawn (like 300 other people apparently), there's loads of space, on both pve servers. Yes the first week has been a bit rough, but it's a load better now than it was. And a significant chunk of those red reviews are salty old vets who got booted off the game ages ago for behaving like 9 year old sociopaths coming back to piss on everyone else's party. I've seen better launches, I've seen worse. And please, no more servers that are so big they lag to hell for ever. Indy size is clearly about right, now they've fixed the worst of the lag stuff.
  14. Already available, all you have to do is use the available bits to design and build one.