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  1. Unless your ticket was about how Retro shouldn't leave, and pre-emptively begging him to stay forever, maybe you'd get an actual response if you tried contacting the GMs, instead of randomly posting in someone's farewell thread? Or posting in the bugs section if it's a bug? Try gamemods@wurmonline.com. Retro, despite the nay-sayers, you've done a truly phenomenal job, under trying circumstances. Wurm was so much better with you than it was before you! I hope whichever community you have relations with next treats you better than this one did, but either way, know that you will be sorely missed.
  2. Another awesome slaying from Stan and team! Bad wind isn't a server crossing issue. And the usual dumped out of boats thing isn't new or news. This was one of the busier slayings I've been to, so clearly plenty of people were able to leave home early enough to make it on time, even without the extra 15 minutes grace.
  3. Seems reasonable to help things along a bit, as a one-off. If the playerbase tends to close rifts at a different time (e.g. when most players are one, prime-time US/EU), then the times will shift to that anyway pretty quick.
  4. If you really want to find someone, could you not just ask them (in local chat) to describe where they are?
  5. Maybe take the suggestions to the suggestion forum, and stop pushing your own agenda? Novel, I realise, but there you are. Oakmaiden, I've not been through that part of Indy in a while, so I can't offer anything other than hopes you get your horses back. Good luck!
  6. Be careful trying to interpret how the devs 'intended' you to play. The main intention is for you to have fun, and if playing without alts is that for you, then go for it. There have been many, many devs over the years, and some of them have had quite different intentions on direction, intent, style, etc. Even just looking at the current dev team, 'as intended' may be quite different, depending on who you're talking to. Given the setup, if I had to pick alts or no alts as the 'intended play style', I'd have to say the intent was generally for people to have alts. But who really knows - having a main-only village may well be a fun thing to try.
  7. Obvious troll is obvious. Probably best not to feed it?
  8. Some people are just ######s, and as above, some ######s become 'citizen journalists'. In the crowded space that is people with opinions on games, being an ###### is probably a good way to generate click-bait, to get more traffic.
  9. I dunno, if you just buy the rewards, that doesn't really seem to be rewarding loyalty. Mind you, I can see an argument for making at least some things available for silver purchase as well (as the magic chests already are).
  10. Thought they removed depriesting on transfer? So you stay the same on both sides?
  11. Black dye wasn't removed - you can still make it with decent skill. You just can't exploit to make loads without effort.
  12. Do you really need to be told that infinitely duplicating black dye is an exploit? There have been some murky things (fountain pans) where it's not clear, but most exploits are clearly broken. Pretty sure staff can still see the stuff that's been removed, too, so it's not like the record is gone, it's just that you and me can't see it.
  13. Yeah, there's an exploit that allows you to trivially make infinite amounts of 1-1-1 dye, once you have a small amount to start with. No doubt the usual suspects have stocked up.
  14. The biggest source of negative reviews appears to be all the people who got themselves banned using the opportunity to crap on wurms parade. And every alt character that holds a deed involves a paid-for deed (and probably a paid premium, at least once), so it's not like people aren't paying for the land they're claiming. Whether someone pays for 1 100x20 deed or 5 20x20 deeds, they're still paying the same amount.