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  1. maybe make separate suggestion threads for separate suggestions. And again, -1 to making wurm slavishly Real World Simulator.
  2. The whole waaa-my-corpse thing is just plain wrong. You choose to go exploring in the dangerous places, or you choose to stay home. If you go exploring, you choose whether to take all your valuables with you, or whether to just take the bare minimum. If you've only got an hour or so to play, heading off into the wild hinterland with everything you own in your back pocket is your own stupid decision, why should you not suffer the risk and consequences of that? Dropping a deed (or a newbie shack if you don't want to spend silver) is trivial, and every (pve) server includes a safer zone around the spawn. Also, you can create a team, which includes its own chat. Or use something like discord, if you prefer. There are player-made maps of Jackal emerging (I've seen 2 completely different ones so far, and I'm sure there are others). It's also entirely possible to navigate without a map. Y'know, by actually looking at what's around you. Jackal has had an olive season, so you should have some sort of compass by now as well, being the super-experienced player that you are. Perhaps, instead of bitching and whining about how hard the game is, try learning how to use the facilities that are already provided to you.
  3. Switched my Shares

    Yes, because why shouldn't they keep pushing out new content paid for by wo subscribers to the wu lot, who paid once for the game? wu should get bugfixes and nothing more.
  4. It would be nice to see an aspect of Jackal more targetted at the crafters, beyond 'supply the fighters'. Not sure what that could be, but there do seem to be some avid builders when I wander around the red landscape, and it would be good for them to be able to contribute more directly.
  5. If you're going to invest in something, a decent set of armour (studded leather, 80+ ql) and a good weapon (80-90 ql, nimble + life transfer + CoC). Ideally drop yourself a small deed to start, but you can just find a bit of space and build a shack (with a bed) and fenced farm to start with. Forage for seed crop and get a bit of everything going, but focus on cotton to start with (remember foraging while injured makes finding cotton a lot more likely). Settle near a tower or an open deed with templars to start with (or hire one of your own if you deed), and use them to keep you alive to start with - you can always move when you've got a better feel for things.
  6. Deeds etc are gone after 6 months, sure. But skills ground should translate back to freedom - I'm not sure the exact translation, but the intent (as I understand it) is that any skill gain you get on jackal will be converted back at the end as if you'd done the same grind on freedom. So I guess discounting the 4x gains, and adjusting by some factor for the difference between 0-40 and 0-100. So you won't get all the skill you gained in the hinterlands, but the grind won't be wasted, and presumably you'll get to make good use of the skills while exploring jackal.
  7. Didn't you hear, it's all just a money grab. CC should be providing the whole thing free of charge, otherways it's just literally unplayable.
  8. I really didn't realise how much of the game is essentially closed off without a pelt until I tried Jackal. Used to be, you couldn't do anything without flint & steel, but the change to allow starting a fire with woodscraps fixed that bottleneck. Maybe make very low ql pelts (like 10ql) available from the trader/merchant like F&S? Still incentive to find yourself a decent ql one, as later imping will be horrid otherwise, but at least you're not competing with a horde of equally screwed other pelt seekers on day 1.
  9. The difference between most other games and wurm is that in other games there is grind, but it's mostly for either cosmetic stuff or serious end-game stuff. I.e there's a lot of game to get through before you really need to grind. Wurm is one of the few games where you have to grind just to do basic things, but then the endgame is entirely optional.
  10. Do they need feeding, or do they graze?
  11. I'm going to need someone to explain #3 to me, as I would have said March as well...
  12. Starting everyone around 15-20 skill seems like a sensible base. It gets rid of the irritating early fails, and lets you be a bit more useful on day 1. Given you have to be premium to set foot on the server at all, call this the difference between being a free player for your first little bit of skilling on normal freedom.
  13. While I agree that what attracted me was the lack of external direction, i.e. choose your own stuff, many people find the completely open world off-putting. I've seen brand new players in chat asking, "but what do I do?" so many times. While some of the journal goals could use some polishing, the broad thrust is good, as it's a middle ground between being told exactly what to do all the time and no direction at all: most of the goals are things you'd probably do anyway (to some degree, at least), and they do encourage you to try bits of the game you haven't before. I'd done only a little fishing before journal goals, probably wouldn't have bothered to try the new fishing without the nudge; I found I really like the new system, which I guess is the intention (or part of it, anyway).
  14. If you run it in windowed mode, you can just drag one window to the second monitor and maximise it. There's an option for that somewhere in the settings.