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  1. aaah, that makes more sense. I stand by the hellhole opinion, tho.
  2. wait, it's so hot that your undies are melting?!? Seriously, y'all need to get out of that hell hole! Even Nevada isn't that bad!
  3. For me, pvp was always about the comeraderie of having to work in a group, and the challenge of having other people as my enemies, rather than just computers (which can always be gamed). If you need perks to make pvp worthwhile to you, then you may be missing the point. Who cares if pve and pvp have the same 'perks' - pvp will still have a play style that pve never will, and if that's what you're looking for, then you go pvp, regardless of the perks.
  4. no emoes, we already have pvp drama.
  5. Best impalong ever - it just can't get better than this! All good until next year, but a huge big-up to Shrimp and his team. You're the kings and queens of the community event!
  6. in here.
  7. Taste has a function - I think that's how you tell the ql of sealed (possibly improving) alcohol barrels. It'll also presumably tell you the affinity without having to unseal.
  8. Ah, so as long as you keep the line of catseyes on the North or Western-most side of the 3-wide, it's all protected? Can the links run over 2 tiles as well, or do you still need to plant the catseyes at 1-tile intervals?
  9. See: Ok, so the current system of protecting a 3-wide highway by zig-zagging the catseyes is apparently out. I thought that suggestion came from a dev originally? Ok, so how do you protect a 3-wide highway? As I understand this, catseyes protect a 2x2 square (i.e. the 4 adjacent tiles), and they can link to (at most) 2 other catseyes. So you can't run a double line of them (1 tile apart), unless you don't mind there effectively being 2 separate, parallel routes. So are we now standardising on (max) 2-tile wide highways? Or is there another way of doing this?
  10. So excited for saddlebags, but I hope this doesn't turn into another endless 'coming soon' feature. Which dev is working on that feature, out of interest?
  11. Of course, we could just reintroduce player god missions on pve - more mission opportunities means there's always something achievable on offer (or, at least, most of the time). And one god getting fixated on something stupid for a day has a lot less effect.
  12. I believe the recent valrei changes bought in no more missions for player gods, only stock ones.
  13. I'm inclined to agree with Milkdrop. VR is a cute thing for those with too much spare cash, but it's not a killer app. I've tried some of the main current offerings, and in fact contributed a fair bit of research into early VR hardware (15 odd years ago), and although it's fun to play with, it's just not compelling. It may well be that someone will come up with a really good use, but as of right now, my reaction (and I suspect many others) is 'meh'. I've seen the 'VR is the next big thing!!!' rollercoaster multiple times already, so I'll be saving my excitement for when it actually takes off.
  14. Events that rely on begging for donations for months and months generally end up being less good than ones where someone stepped up and made it happen, without resorting to endless channel spam, thread bumps, etc. Running an impalong is a load of work, certainly more than I'd put in, but the shrimpalongs have always ended up bringing out the best, and it shows.