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  1. unique

    Wonka has no idea why he's talking in the 3rd person
  2. Given how much complaining there was about rift damage, I can't see that being a popular change.
  3. The forums are awful for me, regardless of browser. And why, oh why, is the password page not HTTPS?!? I mean, we're already paying for the forum software, surely CC could spring for a cert as well? Actually, don't they already have one for store logins? C'mon, this isn't rocket science or something that millions of others don't manage to do just fine every day...
  4. What time does the midsummer event launch? Could we have a timer please? Preferrably in UTC? 'cos you know how much Retro loves getting those timers right...
  5. Need to get Elwood to share the gibberish-English translator tool, I guess...
  6. I can't believe the forums are as bad as they are. Especially since they're apparently provided as a paid-for service. Given we have a dedicated server admin, perhaps it's time to move the forums to some other platform, perhaps one of the free ones, but at least one that actually, y'know, works.
  7. Genesis cool-down change - thank you!
  8. milk

    ...so THIS is why we can't have nice things...
  9. Thought everyone was already using the Release TS server?
  10. hmm...could you grief someone by enchanting their item with a low-skill priest, and causing it to shatter?
  11. There is some market in butchered stuff - high ql hides and the occasional 100ql pelt, plus the NS grinders will generally buy bulk glands/teeth/paws. I've sold multiple k's of glands to the Release NS grinder, and apparently low ql is better anyway, she just cares about quantity. If you're moving around a lot anyway and feel like a change of pace, an hour or 2 of foraging and botanizing gives chances at silver plus the odd usefully saleable thing (cocoa beans or high ql woad, for example). Ultimately, if you're trying to make a living, as in wanting to have full access without paying anything, and you don't already have a very high-skilled char, unique hunting is your best bet. But be warned, a lot of servers already have resident kill groups, who often have the support of their general server population, so you may face significant ill will by cutting them out. Dragons always bring drama.
  12. Don't post auctions in Don't post auctions in WTS - that just pisses off the mods.
  13. Perhaps part of the solution would be to flag one of the starter towns somewhere as the 'standard newbie' town, so those who wish to help newer players can focus their efforts in the location most likely to have newbies wanting help. New players who want to be self-sufficient or figure it out on their own, still have the option of going somewhere else. If you know nothing about Wurm, it's really hard to pick a starting town, even with the standard advice of 'go Xanadu'. Some actual sign-posting would help a lot here, and not just 'X is the biggest, Y is the newest, Z is 4 times bigger than A'.
  14. Properly floating tabs (i.e. being able to split event / combat / blah into its own window) has already been listed as coming in the new UI.
  15. ...work?