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  1. I am but a simple tool Smith and have no clue about that business, but good luck for the beastmaster market.
  2. - 1 complete bollocks Same goes for every argument here against the silver in the shop. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  3. This game needs new servers and clusters as much as a monkey needs a tit on its back.
  4. What wouldn't make them more money as well. Its logical and hard to believe someone would be so stupid to think it would raise the income. I buy prem for 3 chars for a year in advance, if black friday is removed i may pay prem for only 2 chars, simple as it is. Happenings in the world and my retarted gouvernment making it more and more difficult to pay my heating and energy, i simply can't afford more safely. And my guess is that 50-75% of the players are in a similar situation, because real life is going down to crap in many parts of the world atm. I'd like Wurm stay for another 10-20 years but a warm cave and a fed cat comes first.
  5. If you start selling pay to win elements like that, you will kill off the game in 1-2 years. Old players will stop playing, new players... well, you won't lure many new players to this game, no matter what you do. It will always stay a niche game (hopefully for the next 20 years...). From my point of view they just continue to modernise the game, reworking the shop and hence traders are even more needless than they already was. Sucking money from player by removing the 20% discount would be a pityful try, i don't think that was anyones intention. (Otherwise they wouldn't give you back the silver for the traders.) Its a cleanup of old and clunky relicts from the past i suppose. Just give the players the choice between getting the silver for the traders back or get a one-use-token you can put on your deed token for the 20% discount and the matter will be forgotten in a couple weeks.
  6. I am not affected by the change (got 3 smaller deeds instead of one large one, no trader here), but to me that sounds like the most fair solution. Other than that a good update, just when i startet to tinker with colourmaking \o/ Bit of a pity that the canoe is rotting so fast, it looks really nice, but a good thing for new players. I remember that my first boat was a real gamechanger back in the old days.
  7. Don't let those lovingly made pizzas i tinkered together get smelly or the tools and weapons rust. Wurm is waiting and so are our fine wares.
  8. I wear only black, as did my last little girl that passed away 18 months ago. The new adpoted child refuses to do so. Some things you just have to endure in life. Weirdly it did indeed. Thank you.
  9. (too stupid for a picture)