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  1. Chickens told to me to say thank you for not letting them break out of the coop and die of old age.
  2. At least its not only me. Hold on to your coop chickens, i will keep trying.
  3. *A fresh batch of wolfish vegan pumpkin pizzas magically appeared* Buy a Smilingcatthing, get a fresh bio pizza for free, only here at Smilingcat's ! Maybe i could somehow ad an advertisement jingle...
  4. Cosy little places with no nasty neighbours around i can confirm. The Traders are very pleasant company too, nice and quiet.
  5. Only in your bubble. But yea, no need for discussion. One can't argue with a wall.
  6. As i wrote and got deleted several times, they will insist that "the code is right" and give a damn. It is logical that the 2 seconds repair timer is causing more damage tics and therefore more damage. The longer the timer, the more tics, that is a basic mechanic of wurm. That we had the 2 seconds time on every repair is simply not true, and if its deleted 5 more times. I am not playing this since a couple of months and make up funny stories. In fact i prefer to play silently in my home deeds and stay away from this forum, for good reasons as i see atm.
  7. That is good to know indeed. I just skilled mining for some hours recently, after i didn't touched it for ages and used my ancient ql 13-15 skiller pickaxe. I was still glad to be able to punch sadstone and don't have to touch my last (utmost) goldvein or my rare silver ones.
  8. Well, i suppose they will still tell you that "the code is right" and mock your testing as "anecdotal knowledge you've gained over one day". I mean why try something out, if the numbers are all here, its so easy. Btw, i found sadstone with a skiller pickaxe as not so bad at 80+ish miningskill. Its at least a nice alternative if you don't have/don't want to waste silver/gold veins.
  9. You see no difference although you didn't payed attention on ql loss? wow... what a surprise. Well i testet it on several different ql 90+ tools several times each with different amounts of damage, thats why i am writing here. I don't guess like you, i don't say "it should be like that because we wrote that line of the code in that way", i tested it ingame for quite some time. What is the least i can expect from anybody who is trying to argue about a matter. Just won't happen in this kindergarden. Now i will forrrrrce myself to stop be here, before i puke on my keyboard.
  10. The QL loss on high QL (90+) on IRON tools with small amounts of damage is now higher than before the patch. I give a crap why or how you did that, its making high ql tool obsolete. What part of that is so difficult to understand? When its affected by certain MATERIALS or MECHANICS then fix the mechanics and don't dabble around with the TIMER which has obviously effects you didn't had on your plan. Well or just ignore it, but then admit you don't care at least.
  11. And now it is 2 seconds even with 0,01 damage and everything above that is worse than before, i never got so much QL loss on high QL tools before and i repair most of the time with very few damage. Maybe go and play your own game from time to time outside of streams. And i said a DAY before this so-called fix "i already got a bad feeling in my stomach when i think about what the dabblers will cause when they're dabbling with the repair-behavior to change this back". Its nice that you concentrate on wringing as much money out of the steam release as you can, but maybe consider to put some work into the maintance of the playability of existing systems too.
  12. Only shows that the people who are putting ###### like this in the game don't use high ql tools or don't even ###### play it. Tinkering around with fancy stuff for the steam release, messing things up and then try to fix it with half-ass "solutions". Just tried to repair some of my high ql tools, is that a joke? Did you even TRY to test what this is doing, or don't you only got starter tools because you don't play the game anymore anyway? That way this crap is now i would spent twice as much time imping my pick than i would spent mining, to talk about the pickaxe alone. When you're scaling low ql tool up, maybe also scale high ql tools down, so we can just forget ql and all use free ql 70 stuff. Wouldn't that be a splendid thing for the freaking steam release? PS: and stop talking crap about "no ql loss on repair". I tried 5 different tools with ql from 92-97 with damage from 0,05 to 0,5 But hey, my repair skill is only 60, probably you all have 99,5
  13. Was too good to be true to finally have a benefit from high ql + high repair skill. Quess i don't try that "balancing" out on my good pickaxe for a couple of days.
  14. My old Wingjolly, a venerable black horse and the first one i ever owned in wurm. He lives at Treehuggers Eden beside my Deed (they got a templar, you never know), has a nice cloth barding against the cold and didn't left his safe haven since several years. When he dies i sell Void deinstall Wurm and never come back.
  15. Buying all your silver for 10 cents per silver only today !