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  1. Just wanted to let the potential gentle customer know that a fresh, delicious batch of pizza just left my paws and is waiting patiently now in our magic chest, forever fresh, forever tasty, to be delivered to you.
  2. You would be surprised how thrilling our gras can be at times.
  3. As long as they don't turn me into monsters and make me freak out so much that i almost fall off my boat... they are quite a helpful bunch Never had a reason to complain, most likely because 1) i don't play pvp and 2) never asked for help with problems which involved other players.
  4. While we still mourn the by far too early passing of cats computer, she is still around if need arises. Well, i am around too ofc, but i am basically good for nothi... uhm... i meant pizza! We still have pizza, too.
  5. It is springtime. Time to work in the garden and deeds, time to cut down something here and plant something new there... in other words, time for new tools. Or for new weapons for the nasty neighbours. That been said, if you don't order stuff, i have to eat all those free pizza before its going to waste and in my age i have to take care for my weight. *purrrrrs* uhm, i meant *howwwls*
  6. Page 2 is a sad place for a merchant with such delicious tools and sturdy pizzas. Or was it the other way around? Ah well. Happy eastern and don't forget where you can get not only your tool or weapon, but also your dinner at once!
  7. server is down?

    R.I.P. Indie... my sheeps, cows and horses are fine, but who will feed the chickens, dogs, the cat and the crab now? ?
  8. Seems like it is getting a wee bit dusty here. That hurts my old, dark, furry heart. *grabs a broom and starts sweeping* All that tasty free pizza... if it stays there for much longer i will be... forced... to eat it all on my own. Ah well, less talking, more sweeping. *sweeps*
  9. My armour is fixed, too. Void is a black Void again. Thank you.
  10. My Mail Armour isn't showing its colour, too. Sails and Furniture are allright still.
  11. I just wanted to humbly inform you, well regarded potential customer, that i just took care for a fresh batch of those delicious, all vegan, all organic pumpkin pizzas. As always made with my very own caring paws and out of the best ingredients grown and harvested on my humble little deeds right beside Treehuggers Eden. So don't let the opportunity pass to get provided with excellent enchanted tools and weapons and get fed at the same time. Cooked food and craftet tools and weapons by the Wolfpaws, some of the best enchants on Indie by the Catpaws, you won't get a better barga... well, i think that is enough advertisement for this business quarter.
  12. Its a small quiet place in the corner of Wolfhaven. She will be there unbothered until Wurm or i are getting put to rest. Now lets find a black rooster.
  13. *pouring a freshmade, steaming batch of pumpkin pizzas to the storage* It's not that we are not prepared, just howling.