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  1. Tervetuloa näin minunkin puolesta, niin käymään kuin myös liittymään pieneen yhteisöömme. Henkilökohtaisesti en ole haudannut Wurmia naftaliiniin kokonaan vaikken olekkaan kirjautunut hetkeen, palailen kunhan saan tuon finanssipuolen kuntoon jotta on taas varaa maksaa premit.
  2. Welcome to Oceanview Estates (D24), in Xanadu. We have housing for temporary visitors but, somesort inn/tavern is under construction in this very moment.
  3. Hi. I saw you come by my profile. We were in a village together, right?

  4. Normally everything that can be taken away from abandoned spots are free to be used by everyone who will have balls to do so.
  5. Lots have changed after my departure to Xanadu, keep up good work and make Exo proud.
  6. Ei ole kyseistä sinttiä tässä kylässä, joskus vuonna papu kysyin että jos kiinnostaa mutta, ei napannut suomi-deedit. Joten, tervetuloa jos kiinnostaa liittyä porukkaan!
  7. Oh does this mean there wont be this incredible difficult to navigate through deed/alliance of Santa Akeje anymore or have you found successor to keep them standing and alive already?
  8. Invasion like this could work if Chaos would consist of numerous independent deeds without kingdoms or even alliances but, it doesn't. There is huge and powerful groups of pvp experienced players who can and will prevent random pve'r surge to happen to its first steps. I think there could be possibility to succeed something like this but, it needs months/years time for preparation and organisation to be even closely ready to launch. You are asking ppl to launch it in couple months, i hope you have planned it years for now with trusted circle of pvp orientated players, else it cant work and will cause lot more rage-quits..
  9. Like i thought last time... Posted 11 November 2014 - 11:54 PM For some reason, numbers wont do much difference i fear..
  10. About TS, headsets and speaking in generally - I can type english fairly well and i understand it even in spoken form but, when im going to move to Chaos, i will be branded as a spy when i open my mouth in TS for surely. (i am a finnish extreme grammar-nazi especially to my own faults in pronunciation)