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  1. Sold for buyout please close.
  2. Update: Current highest offer 750 for items+account
  3. Hello, looking to sell my paawheelr priest. The name is shaco Battery is 45 faith Please PM for questions and offers, thanks.
  4. Sold for buyout close please
  5. I'm not a fan of fixing someone elses mistake for them, feel free to start a collection fund on gofundme or something though Why is this thread still open
  6. If they were only being lent you should have just given him the hash. (Im not siding with him, I'm just saying it was a stupid decision and you should've seen it coming)
  7. Have always been for removing local entirely, but this is a step so +1
  8. Great server. The server's version of hota is great too, does a real good job of causing pvp instead of promoting ninja wins.
  9. Had an offer for 600, but ofc this is only pc. so can use that as a reference i suppose
  10. Obviously, but thats not a pc
  11. Insanity.