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  1. close please

    item has been sent please close
  2. Supreme Large Metal Shield, Iron 82.68 QL - 98 CoC - Can be runed at buyer request Item is not skinned, and is undyed. All bids must be posted in this thread. Private bids will not accepted. Starting bid: 40s Increments: 1s Buyout: 1g Snipe Prot.: 1 Hour
  3. would be nice to get somewhere to put all the spares (or let me put them in a bsb)
  4. Hey everyone o/ Due to my steady decline in playtime on wurm ive decided to sell a few things for the time being as i have little need for them ive not been active for quite abit so im not sure on prices, Drop me a pm maybe we can work out a deal Server i live on is exodus euro is preferred but will accept silvers for some things Blue drakehide set 90QL (no cap) no casts Red drakehide set 85+QL (no cap) has various web armour casts from 83 - 102 80euro each Supreme huge axe 90QL offers has 86nim, 93Lt, 86Coc, 80ms and has mettalic liquid on it Green dragonscale leather 2.07Kg 75 euro for all scale blue dragonscale leather 0.03Kg rare rowboat rare large cart 28x sleeppowder pair of dragon shoulderpads large magical chest Small magical chest (16.08 Dmg) rare small anvil (100ws imbue) rare large anvil 2x rare forges rare bsb rare barrel rare large shield 86QL 4x rare horseshoes (90+woa) seryll lumps various QL 3.64Kg total adamantine lumps various QL 1.76Kg total (rare lump also) glimmersteel lumps various QL 1.06Kg total (rare lump also) would also maybe willing to sell a fo priest i used to use at rifts to heal nothing special but would make a decent starter priest (rock on path of love can enchant grass) looking for offers 95 faith 78 digging 71 animal taming 70 farming 67 hot food cooking 50 channeling 45 animal husbandry various other random stats, currently not premium so most of it shows up as 20 also does still have /transfer ready to use due to work amongst other things i may not get back to you straight away but i WILL get back to you asoon as i can. Thanks for looking and good luck Wurmians
  5. couple bits for sale green scale leather 2.07kg , blue scale leather 0.03, 14 sleepypowder ,socketed ring, 2.3kg seryll, rare glimmer lump 0.33, supreme huge axe n86 lt93 c86 ms80 and has metallic liquid applied and a satchel or 2 of gems looking for offers, pm here or on discord
  6. hi, im looking to sell a few things i no longer need please post me a pm if interested and ill get back to you asoon as i can 1.full black drakeset with cap 90ql --Sold 2. 2.07kg of green dragon scale -??? pm offer offers in euro please--verified paypal