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  1. Spyglass 50c rare pick 2s50
  2. hi i am selling a few items ive aquired from rifts and slayings make an offer on here or pm me ingame 0.33 rare glimmersteel lump 82ql -3.50s 1.01kg glimmersteel lump -sold 1.01kg adamantine lump both around 85ql -7s rare left elaborate shoulderpad 75ql (will give non rare right elaborate shoulderpad to complete the set) Woodcutting potions: 49.89ql 69.93ql 71.27ql 74.51ql 84.10ql 94.79ql 98.66ql -sold tailoring potions: 55.69ql 68.83ql 74.48ql 75.09ql 78.49ql 94.24ql -sold leatherworking potion: 77.97ql-sold bloods: 2x mining potion -sold 3x leatherworking-sold 2x woodcutting -sold longsword iron 76ql (animals demise 62nim69LTCoC84MS65)- sold 6x rare marble bricks sold
  3. i think usual price is around 40-50c per 0.01 so whatever you wannah charge
  4. 3.75
  5. ^ bump added price
  6. sold item
  7. will be there =]
  8. [13:57:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thanks =]
  9. hi im selling these items pm me in game or on forums with a offer rare huge axe 54QL -6s supreme seryll lump 98.98QL 0.26 -3s rare left shielding shoulder pad 75QL -4s fist bracelet, seryll 75QL spear bracelet, seryll 75QL fletching potions 92QL and 84QL-3s for both prices are negotiable and i will also accept trades