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  1. The main problem is sniping, and that with journals and how difficult it is already to complete them, it can get extremely frustrating to be stuck on a single item (such as a global cast requirement) and have that taken from you because someone else beat you to the punch. We should be encouraging more cooperation, not just making things more difficult and not really addressing the main issue. Retro, that's what your plan is basically doing, it won't fix the sniping issue, but it will make the requirement itself more difficult. That doesn't really help the situation. It does absolutely nothing for it. I'd recommend something more akin to a window where where someone initiates the global cast of a spell, there is a period of time where other groups can assist in boosting the spell as well. You can make a requirement that it must be a full link of a certain amount of priests, and that it either shortens the wait for the next casting, or just slightly boosts the spell itself. Just something that encourages cooperative work between people so we have people encouraged to work together again and not just sniping each other. Our community is our strength, we need our community to be strong and together. Without that we're basically fighting each other for any little thing we can get.