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  1. I'll throw a good one out for you lovely folks. If it's cool with you.
  2. Why not name them Wild for PvP and Mild for PvE?
  3. I suggested Respite for PvE and Verocity for PvP.
  4. So does that mean that uniques can only offer up a finite amount of resources (Dragons and the blood/scales that they immediately give to all nearby people on the moment of demise) in a given area? That if people start throwing out alts in a spot, they get those scales and some of those that actually did the hard work go without? Or is it a case of "they got scales and blood without contributing to the battle and that's not cool?" I agree that if it is that bad, it should be set to that those that hit the creature get the spoils of it, especially if it is on the rise. Otherwise, they're not hurting those that are a part of the slaying group. It'd be different if these people were doing something that is actively hindering the slaying group from getting their rewards.
  5. What about me? What about my needs? I was hoping for a true retro Wurm experience. Floppy disks, landline modems, we would have had something special.
  6. Switched my Shares

    Wow... the more I read, the more I keep thinking I need to reevaluate what I understand about this whole share thing. @AyesBasically, passive investment means that they're trying to go for a more stability, it won't really have the same highs and lows that active investment has where things are going to be fluctuating and dictated heavily by the market, but hoping that overall positive returns will come their way. Damn, I'm trying to wrap my head around it, and I feel like I need something dumbed down for me to get it. Even went into Investopedia to look it up.
  7. Switched my Shares

    Sadly, I've seen that happen time and time again. That's the part that scares me too. When a gaming company gets the leash to start making a cash shop and selling things to their player base, they'll just start with cosmetics, and then they'll slowly edge in towards things like exp. boosters and money boosters and things like that. Eventually, you'll have special items you can't get outside of the cash shop, items that require keys that you must buy from the cash shop that contain weapons or healing items that are better than what you can make normally, and the like. It's a slippery slope. It's happened with Guild Wars 2, RuneScape, and Fallout 76 (I know the last one isn't technically an MMO, but it had the good old we'll only have the cash shop selling cosmetics, and then they started going back on that a few months afterwards). I can understand your worry, and I feel the same way. :< I'm afraid too.
  8. Switched my Shares

    Thank you so much for posting this. Seriously, this really helps with easing some of my anxiety. A cash shop wouldn't be bad as long as it's purely for cosmetics and people know what they're paying for. Nothing that gives people an advantage over others, or something that incentivizes spending lots of money to stay ahead. That just makes the game less fun overall and damages the overall community of the game. We do need more people coming in, we need new blood, but that is the hard part. What will draw new people into our game, and bring all of that sweet green with them. It's one thing to bring people in, but we need to have it so that they acclimate nicely into it so that they're not crushed by the difficulty and just end up leaving over it. Getting money is one thing, but we still need numbers. Either getting old players back, or finding a new way to draw people in.
  9. Going with the idea of six month server thing, I like the idea of permadeath, but have that it boots people off that die more than a certain number of times. Or that certain enemies like Rift monsters will have the ability to permanently kill you, kicking you out of Jackal for the remainder of the match. Dunno, just to make it more challenging, more risky, but also give it an element of danger.
  10. Switched my Shares

    If you're onions, I wanna be bell peppers.
  11. Switched my Shares

    I gotta admit that I'm on the fence about this whole company share thing. I don't know what Game Chest Group is, and researching into its brands really hasn't given me much on whether I can say that it's a good or bad thing. Honestly, I have no clue what to think about it. Some aspects about it do rub me the wrong way, but it's less to do with the company and more to do with the inherent negativity that certain aspects they work in have generated due to how other companies have handled them. Things like selling game keys for cheap, and online betting parlors. It scares me. They're not bad as far as I can tell, I can't see any real signs that there a horrible company that will drag us under and enslave us in the salt mines, but at the same time... I just find this completely terrifying to me. :< All I can do is hope that things might work out.
  12. Switched my Shares

    Great... I'm gonna just sit here in the corner. Breathing into this paper bag. Trying not to have a panic attack. Tell me when this is over. *curls into a fetal position in the corner of the room*
  13. If I were a majority share holder, I have no idea what I would change. I've always loved the community of Wurm dearly, and letting that thrive is all I really want. At the same time, it's hard to think of what to do because I'm not a game developer and I really have no clue what is appropriate to change or do that could better a game as a whole. Dunno if I am supposed to take this seriously or not, but I'm giving my honest opinion. ...maybe some coffee beans too. A man needs his coffee.
  14. @WildelfIs the hole in the mine, or is it out of the mine? If it's inside of the mine, you actually don't get fall damage falling down areas in mines (weird, I know), but it does cause problems if you end up falling down in a dropshaft where you basically fall down into a deep area that you can't get out of even with the climb option. Glad you've found a new place for yourself at least.
  15. Crud, I need to edit this and be more eloquent in my explanation. You guys are doing a lot with Jackal, I understand that. However, skins like the first one you put up have brought up questions of what it's going to look like, especially with the 200 Jackal Point price tag. We'd like to see what we're getting. It's important when purchasing any item like that to know what you're getting. This is uncharted territory, we have no idea what a cleaver will look like in the context of this skin, and how it will look in relation to our character. Even after this, with future items, we should know what they look like, but you can make a game out of teasing us up to its release. The biggest thing is that we know what it is when it comes out and what it will look like before we spend points on it. It's not easy gathering points as is. It'd be nice to have something like a preview system, or even showing pictures of characters using the skin to give us a good idea of what we're going to be getting. Preview system would be most ideal, because it would let us get a personal look at the item and see it for ourselves. Then again, that might be more difficult so I can understand more easier alternatives. Just as long as we get that end result. I want to have faith in the Jackal shop. I want to feel confident when there's a skin that sounds amazing that I am positive that it 'will' be amazing because I saw what it looked like for myself. Thank you. I hope to hear from you.
  16. Well, even something as simple as making it so that wildcats don't go aggressive on you if they untame would be nice. I never understood them doing that. Mountain Lions are more understandable, wolves too, but wildcats? And it hurts me to see my guards kill one, or accidentally murder one myself. I love cats, and that just kills me inside.
  17. Perma-affinities have existed, I mean you can hit 4 hours on affinities with food alone. Not to mention if we're talking about supporting negative things then we might as well be talking about over-eating, and the fact that this game allows you to eat belladonna and oleander which are both highly poisonous plants. Oh, and cook with copper and lead which are poisonous too. In fact, lead cookware is better to use than normal iron. So I mean, this game isn't exactly doing well on teaching kids what is healthy and what isn't. :T It's one thing if we portray alcoholism as fun or recreational, but this game just doesn't really show it as anything. You get an affinity, the same as getting it from tea or cocoa. There are other beverages than alcohol. Juices, tea... (one day, I really want coffee here so badly), milk, and there's just more options. Personally, I'd love it if we could have beverages compliment food in a way, either by having the affinities that the drinks give be able to boost the strength of the food affinities you get, or that you just get ones you can't get normally through cooking. Which I guess is another way of what OP said. XD I would love beverages to be useful. It'd give me more reason to make that tea shop I've been dreaming of.
  18. I came up with this idea due to the innate desire to get to know and understand each of the Freedom cluster of islands. So, I want to challenge those who have that itch to prove themselves to try and sell us on why we should visit or even live on that part of Freedom. You can make it into a tourism pamphlet, or just express the wonders and details that you've experienced in person living there. The most important thing for me is that I want you to really give me your best shot at showing your love for your server, and the reasons why someone should be there instead of somewhere else. It'd be awesome to get the best picks of each server, and make a little brochure for those that have never played Wurm, allow them a taste of each server and let them know what's there for them. Bonus points if you can throw together something for the more scarier areas like Jackal, Epic, and Chaos. Good luck, my friends.
  19. Wow. I am just surprised at how this turned out. I've never been to Haven's Landing, but I'm curious... are there no preallocated lots for newbies?
  20. I know what you mean, it can be so vastly improved, but at the same time we need to remember that there's limitations with the current medium that Wurm Online is built on. I'm also still trying to think of what details that this idea could have, genetic traits have always been there, but certain ones in Wurm seem less like traits and more like developments that are acquired through a creature's natural lifespan (which would be awesome as well, building up a horse's stamina and speed and breeding horses that are naturally going to be more faster) but the risk of these things is that for selective breeding is that you might need to interbreed or selectively breed your animals with each other. In real life, some animals like certain breeds of dogs have a naturally greater susceptibility to disease, defects, and just general problems due to their lineage history of inbreeding. There can also be cases for mutations where a trait that wasn't possible or available can appear out of nowhere in an offspring, either detrimental or beneficial and it's up to you on whether you want to pass that on or cull the animal. Training pets fits well with early English sports of hunting, especially for sport, and using dogs to help hunt for animals like foxes. I, just personally love the idea of coming home to a cat, feeding it out of a pottery bowl on the ground and just interacting with it for taming. People like little things like this. Small things where you can feel more attached to the world, pets have always been around since antiquity, and they've been beneficial in being either companions or just helping keep out pests. Not to mention, I am imagining coat options for dogs and cats that you can breed in, novelty chickens, pet rats, and the like. Really, you can imagine that there's probably an animal out there that someone might enjoy having for a pet. Can't imagine keeping a snake until we have the method of creating terrariums (doubt that since we can't make glass, and that's pretty important for keeping them from escaping and trying to make friends with you in the middle of the night). XD Pet spider that is kept in a cage, fed rats and small animals? Really, you can think of a lot of options, and it works depends on how difficult you wanna make it. Imagine how you would capture that animal safely, how would you drag it back home, you'd need to prepare a lot of things in advance for its arrival and expect a lot of work and effort to be put in acclimating it. There's the risk of it dying from stress, or escaping depending on your level. Even if you manage to keep it alive and happy, you'll need to worry about feeding it, and depending on its age and species, you might be able to tame it. Certain ones just can't be tamed, and even after taming, it's not domesticated. Breeding it, hand-rearing those offspring, and acclimating them to people will help speed up the process of taming. Not to mention, if you're a good enough tamer, you might get a docile one. Two docile parents will guarantee a few domesticated offspring which will never go wild. Of course, if they lose their owner, they become feral animals. Feral pets aren't like wild ones, they will always have the potential of producing domesticated children, but they still have the mindset and condition of a wild animal themselves. High enough tamers/breeders can domesticate feral pets.
  21. Domestication has always been around in real life, a step from mere taming where an animal is actually loyal and more than just a step away from going to kill you. In the case of dogs and cats, it's what defines and shaped our histories together, so it'd make sense to include some form of that in Wurm. It'd be nice to have a trait for animals if you're a certain level in husbandry that you can domesticate them, particularly through breeding submissive and docile animals together. Maybe creating normal cats instead of wildcats and... dogs. Yeah, I'm still thinking of what a step up from our normal Wurmian dog would be. Just a thought. Not really anything game changing, and to keep it from being too abusive, you can make it so that only certain animals are able to be domesticated.
  22. I just found this song not that long ago, but I love it. The lyrics, how it sounds, everything just goes so perfectly together.
  23. Yeah, I've got the same problem and I've got a 1980x1080 laptop.
  24. I'm trying to think of something, but my biggest suggestions is that you need to really catch attention with the front page. I'm not really much of a web designer so I have no idea what would work for that, I didn't even get drawn in through the front page. It was from word of mouth that I found Wurm Online. Highlighting some community made things, particularly showcasing the different servers and how they are different from each other. Just something to think of. I'm always the sort of person who loves highlighting aspects of the community, especially the one that Wurm has and the accomplishments that have been done. It takes a lot of work to make a place look thriving, and look like people live there.
  25. One thing that I've noticed and dislike is how quickly people have deeded over important scarce resources like clay, preventing other people from having access to such things. I dunno. It certainly makes the hardest part of Jackal not the terrain or the monsters, but other people and general greediness. That might just be me. I don't really like how silver runs things in a server that wipes every six months.