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  1. If your server's active enough and there are multiple kingdoms, you might start to get some fancy inter-kingdom politics popping up which is (normally) fun. xP
  2. Alright. I can deal with it for now, any idea when the unstable client will be pushed to WU? Just roughly from past experiences.
  3. I've seen that explanation a lot, but I'm using an intel graphics card on a laptop. It works fine in the unstable client for some reason, but I get that texture glitch when I disable GLSL shading (if I don't my model looks like a monster straight from the depths of hell), or VBO (doesn't change anything besides making the texture glitch happen but only if GLSL is on).
  4. I have a problem with Wurm where I get a weird tile pop-in glitch unless I use the unstable client for Wurm Online. I recently purchased Wurm Unlimited and was wondering if there was any way to get the unstable client's settings to the WU client, or anything I could do to emulate the unstable client's effect. (If you have a fix to the glitch, that'd be cool too). ^ The glitch I'm having.
  5. Well I didn't turn on GLSL, I'll test it if you'd like though.
  6. WOO! I FIXED IT! Just go to the unstable client
  7. Despite multiple attempts I can't seem to fix the problem. I did however figure out that if I turn on GLSL shading (which gives me the weird models), and then turn off VBO I get the same tile glitch effect, so they're somehow related. Beyond that, I'm completely lost and would appreciate any more help :P.
  8. Well it seems that if I enable GLSL shading then my graphics card recognizes it as 3D? Maybe it'd be easier to try to fix the stretched player models part if that's possible.. Well, internet diving I go, wish me luck :P.
  9. Since I've been playing wurm initially, the ground infront of me has always looked like this ( ), the entire time I walk the two tiles infront of me look like the intended texture and then everything else is a buggy mess. After messing around with all of the graphics options I figured that it was just normal and everyone had to deal with it. Then I watched a few youtube videos on wurm while playing, and realized that it's not intentional. I went back into my settings, and remembered that I'd turned off GLSL shading because it made my character model bug out ( ). When I turned GLSL shading back on, however, the ground infront of me problem was fixed ( but now my character was a buggy mess. Is this something that can be fixed or just a problem that I'll have to endure without GLSL shading? PS. Sorry if this was in the wrong place, but I figure this has to do with the texturing of a model so I put it here.