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  1. Already set it up for ya! anyone can DJ
  2. Recently got 4 months for 35.99$ that's dirt cheap compared to other MMOs. And we can play the game to make in game money to pay for premium? Thanks devs
  3. Adding to this since it's a separate comment. On a gm this doesn't matter but on a player it obviously does. To fix this issue if it's unintended is have a power level check assigned to this 3x regain, i.e do not let it work on players with power level 0.
  4. So I did this with players to confirm. If you change a new player to 25 mind logic for example, then set them back to your default 19-21 whatever you normally do they will keep x3 until they reach 25. In your case you will have 3x until you get your original according to you setting it. Your example is 99.
  5. Checkbox for settings to not upset the norm. Allow npc target disengage after 5 mins idle? Just like sleep bonus mechanic? If that doesn't work then do distance based on tiles from the player.
  6. -1 Always remember planes of power in eq Fast travel means no more sandbox
  7. Town of, New Beginning.
  8. We run a vanilla no mods server on WU, and putting anything chopped into a FSB stays chopped, putting it into the FSB and pulling it out. Minced meat will not go into the FSB which is working as intended so you cannot do what the OP mentioned. My advice is this is a mod issue. Not a vanilla issue.
  9. @Rolfadd in the option for "premium+" to allow for extra SB loyalty stacking. People want it, you get money for it, everyone wins. Make it an add on option! +50%? cap for premium + or w/e works for you, just my suggestion. make it wurm store only, (added this to avoid the in game currency option for payment of it).
  10. would play mancala with in game gems/rubies +1
  11. It is not just rock and mortar = concrete, there are 3 physical components, plus time/temperature based on the mixture and other properties. Lye is our admixture in wurm
  12. lye in roman concrete ^ ancient chinese using rice as mortar ^ Stop the lies ayes!
  13. What? you're telling me I can't aimlessly click stuff and make what I want? I would prefer to buy from a carpenter who does pay attention. Their material costs are lower, thus their products are cheaper, and usually better quality if attention was paid.
  14. As a non epic player, I still question how much these comments help the state of it either way? ^