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  1. looks better, pvp getting better, thanks again everyone at wurm for all the hard work.
  2. New players joining everyday, come see what our mixed universe is all about! See you on the other tile o7
  3. 3 PvE Events this weekend! Friday through Sunday: Archery, Boat Racing, and Horse Racing. Come help a kingdom grow today!
  4. Horse Racing Events in the track around the starting town. Come check it out!
  5. +1 would pay RL money, to CC, if need be for it happen
  6. +1 for all them having chance to interrupt as well, thanks!
  7. have a wagoneer like npc, that works as a traveling merchant is a thought that came to mind after reading this malena. Could have different ones for each of the template gods as well, if you want more options. keep up the positive work btw!
  8. Sol burn, solved by salve!
  9. the absolute dmg isnt important as the mechanic, the difference would be from the type of wood and its age (weight) vs the armor your wearing. So an overaged oak with no armor should be the most dmg, were as a lemon tree felling with studded leather on would be miniscule. The current way to solve the where does the tree land issue, the tile you chop down, need to walk away from (pay attention) for x time or y event, then you can carry on. As it stands now, there is no threat other than mobs for woodcutters, and yes the pvp meta would be awesome. Lure them to a wooded forest, etc etc (tree collisions) make this feasible now
  10. Can we get felled trees to cause dmg? 10-15-20-25 dmg per felled trees based on armor usage/type/QL. A flat amount wouldn't be a bad option if the calculations would cause too much work or more bugs. Reason: you fall off dirt walls and have to pay attention, you can get collapsed inside mines, why not take tree dmg if you're standing under the tile felled like a loserjack Feel free to say no, just my two irons for the day.
  11. Wurm is love, wurm is life. The new additions are nice but you had me a multi colors and more customization options.
  12. Feb 3-4th kingdom warfare returns. Opportunities to Pvp, pve , RP, spectate or any of the above and more. Join this weekend to see what kingdoms could use recruits first hand. See you on the other tile o7
  13. We have small and large chests, add in huge to fit the weapon naming convention. +1 huge chests
  14. Jenn-Kellon is searching for a long term player to become the future king. Our server community is slowly trying to build the JK empire back up to a competitive union again! Stop on in and apply to JK today!