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  1. November 22nd kicks off our community event festivities Nov 22- Nov 26. ( Wednesday thru Sunday) Awesome opportunity to meet all four kingdoms and eventually join the ranks on or off the battlefield. Pve is just as important as PVP here.
  2. Disagree with you there, but to try and fix this. Thanks for the animal crate suggestion coming to fruition even if it is delayed. Bulk to bulk transfers, new NPCs and more.
  3. Thanks bdew, searched everywhere for anything that helps. This is the only post to my knowledge where it defines anything. You rock!
  4. All four kingdoms are recruiting pve and pvp players
  5. Let's keep the good times rolling.
  6. What stops everyone from priesting then? ^
  7. Rock paper scissors works. Adding in lizard and spock in doesn't work for wurm. ( I agree with grumpy) no player God's with spells), or make a list of the spells based on power level and find a distribution method that ensures a lower and less powered collection.
  8. +1, if we can already slap people...
  9. Turn off epic settings? Do a creature wipe in db? I could be wrong but Sol demons spawn from epic settings not pve vs PVP
  10. -1 already been suggested and shot down, will add the old link to this thread after my coffee.
  11. 3 HOTA events, 3 PvE events. Friday Saturday and Sunday. All weekend long, there will be something for everyone. Come join us if you are new to Pvp pve or both. Best time to join a kingdom and get involved is now!
  12. All you do is attack each other instead of the actual debate itself. Roc, for being a new player it's not a helpful thing to start fights on every thread just to fight. Opinions dont matter when all you think about is yourself and not the games overall health. Talking about fixing issues is the point of the thread not Complaining you need to have another friend to make proper use of a priest. It's not a single player game unless you want it to be. If this is a single player game, stop posting on forums as this is a community discussion not me me me me me my precious ssssssss
  13. If you can make a gold door, lol why not a slate one? +1
  14. Next server wide events will be the weekend of November 10. Come join a kingdom today and be ready for the games by then. We need pve traders for each of the Pvp kingdoms still if that type of profession sounds interesting apply today