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  1. The mod does not leave anything behind after being removed. All mechanics should work as they did before. Did you check the vanilla server settings for farm growth? Maybe try really short poll times to make sure that nothing grows. The default seems to be one hour.
  2. Update v1.2 adds surprise mechanics two flavors of randomness. The first one is the method Nappy suggested and somewhat more hardcore because you loose the resources spent on the task if it fails. The options Chance*=[value] specify failure chances (not success chances) for different task types. A value of 0.0 means no failure ever, a value of 1.0 means only failures. So 0.25 will make roughly one quarter of all tasks fail. The second mechanic randomly prolongs the tasks by at most a given factor of the tasks original task time. The options RandomTime*=[value] specify these factors. So for a task that normally would take time t, a value of 0.0 will add nothing, a value of 0.5 will at most add half of t for a theoretical maximum task time of 1.5 times t, and so on. The actual time that is added to the task time is a random roll between the original task time and the theoretical maximum. This way, the task may take longer, but the resources will not be wasted. The factors may be influenced by skill and item quality using the options ChanceSkillMultiplier=[value] ChanceQualityMultiplier=[value] RandomSkillMultiplier=[value] RandomQualityMultiplier=[value] See the description in the file for an explanation, also for some implications of the combination with continuous growth/age limits.
  3. Yeah, sure. Should be easy enough. You mean e.g. water something and then have a certain chance for nothing to happen at all, yes?
  4. Update to v1.1, introducing support for fields/farms. Rice is a type of field and this mod never supported fields since there is a timer-based growth control in the vanilla game. Until now. You now have the option to let the mod manage fields/farms in the same way it makes everything else grow, i.e., by watering and fertilizing (enabled by default). The relevant options for the file are: AllowFarms=true/false Enable/disable actions on fields. PreventVanillaFarmGrowth=true/false Enable/disable the timer-based vanilla crop growth mechanic. This is different from the conventional server poll, which also grows fields in the same way it grows threes and similar stuff. Both are active simultaneously. Tiles with active tasks are protected from conventional poll by the ProtectTasks option for the duration of the task. It is possible to use mod-growth and vanilla mechanics at the same time, but vanilla growth invalidates a task queued for the same tile. RetainFarmState=false/true Prevent fields from getting messed up on growth. Only works for mod-induced growth. The typical set of multiplier/age options is also available for fields as a whole, but not for different field types since there are quite a few of them. To disable field support, set AllowFarms=false PreventVanillaFarmGrowth=false There should be no major conflicts with other mods that deal with fields.
  5. Yeah, that is pretty much why I started writing this mod. The vanilla growing mechanics are assuming a server is running 24/7 and it's still slow then. Rice must be a recent-ish addition and I'm not up to date with new stuff in this game. I kind of rely on people mentioning something like this here, so thank you. I'll try to add it. Is anything else missing at the moment?
  6. Update to While I could not directly reproduce the exploit as described, I see why it could happen. If the action is aborted by moving, skill would be gained anyway. So I moved the skill gain to the final phase of the action. That should fix it. Also, trellis and planter growth was assigned to the forestry skill, should be gardening. Fixed that, as well.
  7. v0.3 --- There were only two small things to fix. I have quickly tested it with the foraging action and it seems to work. If anything does not work as it should, let me know.
  8. I'll have a look at it this weekend. Maybe it's nothing major.
  9. I'm surprised seeing this revived. I'll try getting it to run again, if possible.
  10. After a very quick test, it seems that everything is still working correctly as of
  11. PollInterval and BaseTaskTime are the two settings mainly responsible for the time something needs to grow after you have finished watering it. PollInterval is the time span between two checks for tasks to be completed (e.g. trees to be grown, etc.), BaseTaskTime is the time that has to pass since a task was started (e.g. by watering something) until it can be completed. Let's ignore all the multipliers; then, due to this mechanic, a task can at most take BaseTaskTime + PollInterval to be completed. The settings WateringTime and FertilizingTime refer to the time spent for the initiating actions themselves, i.e., the blue progress bar that shows up whenever you do something. To summarize: an action, i.e. you clicking, e.g., the "Water" menu entry, initiates a task (and it will take WateringTime/10 seconds for that) whereafter you have to wait a certain time period (at most BaseTaskTime + PollInterval) for something to happen (the completion of the task, growth in this case). BaseTaskTime and PollInterval both are specified in milliseconds, so values 600000 / 300000 are 10 / 5 minutes. To set it to 3 / 1 seconds would mean to specify 3000 / 1000 instead. So your waiting time after watering something would go from at most 15 minutes down to at most 4 seconds.
  12. A very small update ( adds the missing task time options for the new bush types blueberry and raspberry.