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  1. Hi all, I play on Aum's Tamriel server frequently, and one of the features is a 10,000x skill gain for everything you do. Generally up until the higher skill levels, I get about 1 skill gain per action. I made a local server just to test some things, and noticed putting the skill gain at 100,000 or 5,000 doesn't seem to make a difference. It looks like there is a maximum skill gain per action, which is 1. I'm wondering now, at what point does the skill gain modifier reach this cap? And I know this isn't the place for modded questions or requests, but is it possible to mod the skill gain to ignore the cap? For example, 5 skill points per action instead of 1 regardless of the skill level? Thanks!
  2. Loving the server so far! But it feels a little crowded... any plans on maybe adding another large island? Or if that isn't possible without wiping the current map, maybe a 2nd server with a new map?