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  1. Its not posible to transfer the water to any container. The only posibility to have it in a rare bucket is... to make the bucket rare. Anyway, this was a price check ... And I got no prices.
  2. [22:40:39] The water or the water would lose it's rarity. Nope. It seems I cannot add more water, so its unique.
  3. I fear its rarity dissapears, just like when you combine rare clay 2 times
  4. Nope, I cannot refill split it. I already tested it (thats the reason of having 9,50 instead of 10). Its more like a trophy. I ve not tried to refill it, but Im almost sure I cant too.
  5. 1 -. Rare water (inside a 46ql bucket) 2 -.Beautiful meditation rug with 63CoC (13ql) 3 -. Large Anvil with 58CoC (52ql) 4 -. Large Anvil with 80CoC (40ql) 5 -. Small Anvil with 67CoC
  6. I have the Large Metal Shield affinity, if you are interested.
  7. closed

    I have 8 sleeping powders, but I wanting to exchange them for a knarr.
  8. In my mom´s outdoor´s kitchen, while eating pizza. Crouching Naty, hidden dragon . And randomly drinking "mate" (an argentinian herbal tea) in my mom´s garden.
  9. The kyklops has belly button and nipples That means there must be female kyklops. Who is the mother?
  10. Hey... wait. Why are we not using this yet?...
  11. Exodus Deed Map

    Cape Fear (y46, x11) is no more. Today I ve found their ruins, and properly looted them. Chanty´s Bay (y45, x12) followed the same destiny, as Town of Tales (y44, x11). Also... Noticed that Tortuga (y49, x31) is not on the map D: Also, Sheriff, at y48, x26, is no longer there. Oh,... And there is clay, btw, close to my deed. Its actually in the water, just in the shore of the marsh (20 tiles south of my deed, or so). I made a landbridge to it, and the nice guys from the deeds in the other side of the river expanded the "clay island" a bit months ago. Its totally usable
  12. Children

    What are your traits? :b
  13. But that kind of "infections" are only through magical ways, or epic scenario´s mobs. You would never face in Freedom, or just in a random island in Epic, the threat of a plague, or just get urself diseased and be in danger. The actual diseases affect you in a so little way that most players would not notice it most of the time, and their lifes would not change even a bit if they ever become diseased.
  14. Children

    I have been up to this idea before, and Im up to this now too +1 for me.
  15. So... this is it. I was thinking about this game lacks of real difficulties. If you ever get diseased, you dont notice it too much, except by the Event tab. You dont lose health, nor your skills are affected in any sensible way. And most important: you cannot be infected by having contact with a diseased person, and no animals would become infected too if they have contact with some diseased person. My suggestion is to implement at least 2 or 3 kinds of diseases, and make them spreadeable. And from that 3 diseases, make at least one of them dangerous, making it draining health over time (and, why not? based on the travelled distance. More distance, more damage). This could make the herbs and the meds a more desireable stuff, and, of course, I know this could lead to a pandemia, but it would also make it more reallistic and interesting. In the end, it would also make a spot for Fo´s priests and their uses.