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  1. Want to sell 15xSleep powders 1S each can deliver in xanadu.
  2. Bitdefender also blocks the exe even the link to the exe it says it is not safe. if you manage to download it blocks from unzipping and if you manage to unzip it delete the exe first time it runs. But with some exclusions it can be run.
  3. yeah i didint have it them the server announced a downtime for the hotfix and now i have it cant get my damm cart 20 tiles from my mine to my house hehehe
  4. Hi, i think this started on the new client with the new effects showed up. What happens is that during all day 1 ray of sunlight instead of being stationary until the sun moves it follows the First Person view of the player so if i turn my head to the side the light moves together like if the freaking sun is following my head hehehe. Its very strange and breaks immersion, it happens during all daylight but it changes the raylight position so if the sun is at one point i can move the ray but if the sun moves with the passing hours it disappears but i can find the "Moving ray" again but i need to reposition myself and look at other directions until i find it. It happens inside buildings as well as outside, i saw the patch notes about fixing the flickering lights and was thinking this was fixed but it did not cover this problem. Movies of the problem:
  5. Yes its not hard to make them, i think i made already close to 8 to store all the Bins i have outside my house even on the screenshot if you see the log i just made one. The problem here is the creation chance is wrong telling me i cant do it and in fact i can do and its not that hard.
  6. Hi i was pointed here to post this. What happens is that my char has 63 Fine Carpentry and while moving to my house i started creating Bulk Container unit but the GUI on mouse click and also on craft window tells me its impossible and that im not skilled enough, despite this item requiring only 50 FC and i have 63. (And if i try it it gets created on first try or with only a few tries). I dont know if any other skills do this also i just noticed it now on moving to my new house.
  7. COD hammer iron (c96) And Sickle (C93) to Asmodeuss Please
  8. 12. saw, iron 70ql WOA76 - 50c 13. saw, iron 70ql WOA76 - 50c 14. saw, iron 70ql WOA78 - 55c COD to Asmodeuss ?
  9. +1 Really Ugly on marble floor upside is all white but down below is only beams of wood looking the room for a corner 90% of the ceiling looks like its Wood type and not marble But make the ceiling optional, we need to be able to make it only after the floor above is made so we can make a ceiling below him, and the ceiling dont need to be same type of the floor above of course to help we have more colors to decorate. Ugly Ceiling:
  10. Can we give suggestions? i dont wanna to give you more work but it will be nice if on "Labels" we have a little tick box to select "only this floor" so it will only calculate on the floor youre now. I made a Multi Story house but i cant make it fast alone so i make each floor sometime apart from each other but to calculate the Cost on floor 3 for example the DeedPlanner tells me the cost of the whole 7 levels building and some floors are different than others so the cost is not always the same on all of them. Its not a demmand just a idea, i made it work by saving the whole house in one file, load it and delete everything above what ill work now and calculate, them i make the same thing below and subtract each other.
  11. Please COD to Asmodeuss 20. shovel, iron 10ql COC94 - 1s20c
  12. I sent him a 90QL Blank Steel Sword sometime ago and he sent her back like this ?
  13. 11. shovel, iron 80ql WOA76 - 70c COD to Asmodeuss.
  14. 8. wild cat pelt 100ql 0dmg COC89 - 1s10c COD to Asmodeuss please