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  1. Faster faith leveling tweak for EPIC

    Yes, but the problem is how hard it is to get all people together at the same time. Imagine for a second Epic has a similar population from freedom. Now divide that population into equal shares of 3 (the 3 factions.) If say we have 100 characters total and divide it by 3, that's 33 characters per kingdom. Now split that into 3 dinstinct time zones. That's 11 characters per time zone. This means you'd have to herd those 11 characters together for a sermon, assuming they are in your same group/alliance and that they are willing to stand there for you for hours on end without any activity. Even a single raid can throw off your sermon group as people go chasing down content which is more fun than standing idly doing nothing. If you had 11 accounts in the entirety of freedom playing at the same time you play, could you say the same? That its easy to arrange for sermons? The truth of the matter is if people on PVP servers dont prem up an army of alts, semoning is not as reliable as you may think. I personally don't think premming alts should be the solution and I am sure thats not what the devs intended when they created the sytem. Legitimately sermoning is not as easy as people make it out to be.
  2. Faster faith leveling tweak for EPIC

    The best change to this mechanic I have ever seen was on WU at the Revenant server. If I remember correctly, the mechanic was changed there so when you pray once, you get the resulting prayers alloted by a single day to your character, instead of having to pray 5 times. This allows for faster prayer and less time spending tied up to an altar. Then you sermon once every 3 hours like usual and pray again. Most people don't think this is any faster, but if you calculate the time you'd spent either tied to an altar or finding an altar to get your pray in, its a good deal. In the long run its faster.
  3. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    +1 Epic will not last if this is not implemented.
  4. New Client forces restart during installation

    The reboot happens before the prompt. You can't tell it to go suck a lemon because it reboots the computer for you before it asks. Maybe it was different for you, but that's how it seems to be happening to some people.
  5. While installing the new client and after the progress was completed, the installer immediately attempted to restart my computer without warning. I was able to cancel the restart as I had other apps running that it was attempting to close and windows prompted me. Upon cancellation I noticed that the installer was at the part where it asks for you to select to restart now or later. I hadn't touched anything nor did I press continue. The box was still awaiting confirmation, yet the client attempted a forced restart. I don't think this is intended and seems to be the result of some rogue code somewhere, but you could guess the problems it may cause. I had a Word document open that was work related and I was working on and nearly caused me a heart attack. Should be looked into. Running Windows 10 Pro
  6. WTB Bison

    I can fill this order. I got several older 5 speed bison available atm or I can breed you new pairs, Let me know if interested.
  7. WSA: Wurm Online Launcher changes

    It does asks you, but reboots your PC before you answer it. I was able to stop the shut down process before it completed and thats when I saw the box asking for confirmation. Seems it jumps the gun before you choose.
  8. Valrei International. 087

    Jesus. Yes Arakielx -totally- needed those 5 points so bad we had no choice but take advantage of the system to get them! Is not like we could had sermoned for literally a day or two to get to 70! Yup. That's why. /end sarcasm
  9. Valrei International. 087

    This is a flat out lie and misinterpretation. You took a joke I made in private to you as literal and decided to run with it and then accuse us of exploiting. I made a joke about wanting 70 faith, ofc that was not the reason why we did it and I already explained why. Its dishonest on your part that you insist thats the case. As I pointed out before we had 65 faith and over 10 personal prem accounts we can do sermons with, not to mention the kingdom sermon alts. I could name them if you dont believe me and you can check yourself. But that is moot point now, isnt it? As I understand it, this is completely irrelevant since all it takes is for a dechamped person to take the portal to freedom and come back to Epic and it resets their stats to freedom values, since they dont get a x3 penalty when dechamping. So what characteristics are being exploited? Besides, this is a priest, on Epic. Who cares aboit characteristics? You are trying to paint us as these exploiters that deserve to be punished because you are too arrogant to admit you jumped the gun and things could had been better handled. Cut it out Retro, we've talked about this enough. Admit you read the situation wrong and move on.
  10. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    As much as you got concrete for. People arent -1 this because its a bad idea, we are -1 this because within the current game mechanics it cannot be done. You cannot turn a single tile to rock. What this would do is raise the existing rock layer from its current position to where the item was used, thus creating a huge spike of rock all the way up to where the item was used. This wouldnt be an issue if you had a 10 slope for example, but if someone uses it in an area with a 150 slope dirt layer, it will make a 150 slope dirt spike. Or if someone suddenly wants to turn a deed's dirt walls into rock, they could potentially turn a dirt bowl into a rock bowl. This mixed with tunnel entrances and roads/highways, current rock layers existing deeds and the like gives the potential to break current mechanics, cause social issues with neighbors and create areas that will not be able to be settled once the prior owner leaves. What you are asking for can be done with current game mechanics and hard work. Remove the dirt in the area and cement it up in slopes of 40 until it reaches your desired high, then drop dirt/surface mine the rest.
  11. Valrei International. 087

    This is true. Been playing EVE since 2008 and never seen or even heard of sanctioned RMT. Does it happen? Sure, just like any other game. But if they find you (and they will, they actively hunt rmt'ers) they will ban both the buyer and the seller. They have a zero tolerance policy against rmt.
  12. Valrei International. 087

    You can champ at 50 faith. What are you talking about? To become a champion, you will need to be a priest with 50+ faith. From the Wiki.
  13. Valrei International. 087

    I have no problems with punishments dished out when justified. I have a problem when the staff dishes out punishment without first doing a proper investigation and then making an appropriate determination. But when the PR guy jumps the gun and makes a rash decision where he assumes what the intention was, yeah I have a problem with that. This is the second time this year me or someone from my gaming circle falls victim to lack of diligence from staff. First I had an account banned for NO REASON and now this. This mess could had been avoided if a GM would had approached us and been like: "Yo, wtf?" "Oh, sorry Mr. GM, we didn't mean to do that, we'll dechamp." Boom, problem solved. We regrind our faith, everyone happy. Instead Retro went on a Crusade against the multitude of players that rushed to the WL to cha....oh wait it was only 2 guys. Damn, why couldn't a GM talk to them again? The same effort that was put towards shaming and punishing players could had been put towards explaining the situation and solving it amicably. But I guess people love their torches and pitchforks so what the hell.
  14. Valrei International. 087

    First is not my account bud. Second, we already stated we're not playing on Epic anymore. So yeah. As to why I keep posting? Because I want to. Because its my computer and I do what I want. And because I am upset at the way Retro handled this and I am voicing it out. If you don't like it, then stop reading. No one is forcing you.
  15. Valrei International. 087

    The part you dont seem to understand is no one was trying to game anything. You guys created a mechanic that caused this problem and players used that mechanic. We were not trying to game anything. We just wanted a journal entry done, something done by many others before us. The 5 points are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT since, once again, we have our own private 10+ man sermon group.We can get 5 points done in mo time. Sure, it would had been nice to not loose the faith, but that doesn't mean we were trying to game anything. Not everyone who plays on a pvp server is trying to exploit. Maybe if your heart was in the right place you would understand that. Stop being so arrogant!
  16. Valrei International. 087

    You made a punitive and obscure announcement by posting on a thread as a reply that players champing after the valrei international post would be penalized by reseting their faith to 1. Arakiel, a longstanding member of the community who played since the Gold days decided to champ to get his journal entry complete. We had seen the valrei international post that Champs would not loose their faith. Given Arakielx was 5 points away from 70, we didn't think this would be a big deal, so we started sailing. While we were sailing you decided to make this ruling that anyone who champs will have their faith set to 1. An hour later we had champed. Just for your information, it takes over 1 hour to travel from Desertion West to Elevation East. I contacted you and I explained what the deal was. You could had easily said: "Okay Angel, no problem. Just have Arakielx dechamp and everything is good." Everything would had been fine. But you insisted we were abusing the system. We abused what? 5 faith points? When we have 10+ accounts to do our own private sermons. Well, whatever. It then ocurred to Arakiel to dechamp to solve the issue. He was pretty upset at the whole deal and we've decided to not participate on Epic anymore, so whatever. We thought that was that. But no. You went full arrogance and decided to privately message me on discord: You privately messaged me this. Without me asking. You just up and PM'd me. Wow, what a nice guy! He is forgiving Arakiel for his outrageous exploit to game the system out of ... of... oh thats right... out of nothing! You created a crisis all in your head and decided to punish your loving community for their transgressions. Instead of being understanding, realize it was not done in bad faith, and worked with your players to come to a resolution, you decided to simply use your position to exact punishment. And then you wonder why people leave. Your arrogance knows no bounds, retro. You make an example out of people who love this game. We're pulling out from Epic and most likely the game because of you. YOU specifically. The guy who's job is to keep the community together an engaged. The guy who has always said that he has no power and no say on GM decisions. Yet here you are making policy and delivering punishment to your players. I really hope you are happy of what you've accomplished. You are singlehandedly killing this game dude. You should rethink the way you do business.
  17. Valrei International. 087

    He is talking about when the announcement came that the skills would be transfered: the single time this happened. A lot of people rushed to Epic to exploit the skilling system and get easy skill gains on things that would be a pain to do on freedom and to gain skills on their priests that otherwise they wouldn't be able to do without a skill loss. A lot of people did that.
  18. Valrei International. 087

    Thats exactly what is happening. Retro stated clearly to me that we exploited and are being punished because we did not read an obscure forum post he made on this thread (a reply to the thread, mind you, within one hour of him making said post. Basically you are required to read every single post they made instantly or risk violating a made up rule and being penalized for it. So those of you who play this game make sure to follow every staffer in the forums and make an alarm to wake you up as posts are made or you risk running afoul of some made up rule by the Community Relations guy. Faith reset to 1 because we champed at 65 faith. We are obviously exploiting the system. Nevermind our private 10 man group we have to drive up faith on a dead server. Who cares about those things anyways?
  19. Valrei International. 087

    How were we even supposed to know? No in game message, white light was active... we don't live refreshing the forums every 5 minutes. If we knew it was going to be a big deal, we wouldn't have done it. We thought our faith was going to get reset to 50, not 1.... wth.
  20. Valrei International. 087

    Arakiel had his priest champ up with 65 faith so he could get his journal entries finished. Something that has been done by everyone. We were not warned this was an exploit in any shape or form. Now after we see this we are being told we exploited and as a penalty the priest is getting his faith set to 1? From 65? That's so BS. Its 5 dumb faith points. We have a full 10 man private sermon group with which we already worked our characters up with 5 points are not a big deal to do with our own private sermon group.
  21. My friend and I are working on maximising productivity on our Bison. According to the wiki "Carry more than average" increases carrying capacity if I remember correctly. My belief is that on a 5 trait bison, the "Carrying more than average" trait is useless, since you can't ride them or put equipment on them. Is there anything else this trait affects we may be missing?
  22. Possible unique metagaming concern

    This change is not intended to affect new player retention. This is end game content, not newbie content. I dont even see how newbies come into the equation.
  23. Possible unique metagaming concern

    I dont know why a dragon would make a difference to a newbie in deciding to quit the game or not. In fact, I am sure that the amount of help and support he would get if killed by a dragon will be an amazing experience. Getting killed by a dragon is no different to getting killed by anything else. You know whats a more prevalent bane for newbies? Trolls. Or even a hell hound. A hell hound will put you to the ground in less than a minute. Yet I don't see an outrage of newbie retention over hell hounds. No newbie slaying dragons are an excuse. The chances any newbie will come across a dragon is abysmal compared to a troll or a hell hound, and the results will be identical.
  24. Possible unique metagaming concern

    That would be epic lol. But I am sure someone will just locate soul the newbie and find the corpse. Bam! Instant unique.
  25. Wurm Classic

    Thanks for the history lesson. Wish I had played back then.