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  1. Password Reset not working properly

    I have 5 accounts attached to my email address. All 5 of my accounts should be reset when doing reset password from the website. However, when getting back my email with the new password, only 3 of my accounts got reset. The other 2 I am able to log into without issues even though I reset the password on the account. Right now I have 3 accounts with this issue. All of these 3 accounts are unable to be reset from the "reset password" option from the Wurm Website. I logged back into the game with the affected accounts, and made sure the email was entered correctly.
  2. Password Reset not working properly

    I was lucky enough to solve my issue myself but I wasnt able to reset the password by the available means. This is something that definitely should be looked at.
  3. Patch Notes: 21/FEB/19 Moving Independence Home

    tfw you sail to Xanadu to escape the lag.
  4. WTS Nether You wouldn't catch me dead using skrill. Personally i had an issue where they withdrew 500 usd from my account without permission. I had to dispute it with my bank.
  5. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    I think that what the op is trying to do is to get a generalized impression on the team as a whole. How satisfied you are with their service. There is always going to be good and bad GMs, and it always reflects on the team as a whole.
  6. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    Lol dat prayer tic...
  7. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    So are you saying the GM team, who's main job makes them responsible for addressing violations of the ToS and EULA was not who decided who would be banned? What am I missing?
  8. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    No, I am specifically speaking about the GM team. I have had many good experiences with them, but where it really has truly mattered they have fallen short. When it comes to other staff I have very different perspectives not at all similar to my view of them depending on who are we talking about.
  9. Patch Notes: 21/FEB/19 Moving Independence Home

    Again? So we're back to square one...
  10. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    In my opinion, GMs are at the forefront of customer relations. Dealing with people is not easy and no one knows that better than the CAs and GMs when it comes to Wurm. However, it is incumbent upon the team as a whole to maintain an image of impartiality and competence when dealing with the public. This image has been shattered time and again in recent times when the GM team has shown bias or lack of due diligence when dealing with high profile cases. Incidents such as the recent Chaos bans and the not so recent sudden ban of community members under arguably unclear circumstances has called into question the aptitude of the team to address issues in an impartial and fair manner. Because of that I decided to rate my vote as not having much faith in them. When playing Wurm, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells, always wary that I may get banned due to a false accusation, misinterpreted rule, or simply because someone does not like me. I am sure many people will look at me and say: "But how many good interactions have we had with the GMs? Don't all the countless favorable tickets resolved count?" My answer is simple: no, they don't. A teller on a bank that spends 4 years with a clean record and suddenly decides to steal doesn't get to claim the clean record in his defense. It takes one single act to damage the trust your members have in you, as they will be forever fearful you may abuse your power again in the future. There are many members of the GM team who are good people. And even those who I am critical of I am sure are good people as well. Sometimes these actions are done out of complacency, trust, or ignorance and are not done with ill intent, but the damage is done and trust has to be rebuilt. As the team makes changes and improvements to their practices, players will get to see how the overall perception of the community improves. I have no doubt that recent changes will make things better, but until such time as this becomes apparent, the bitter taste will remain in the mouth of those of us who were wronged or fell through the cracks. I still have nothing but the best wishes for the team. I have faith that with time we will get to see a turn for the better and a more enjoyable experience for us all.
  11. Labor for Hire

    Xandice is a great and trustworthy worker. Give this guy a job!
  12. Server go down suddenly?

    Rolf's cat got inside the Xanadu hamster cage. So now the team is rushing to buy a new one. Be patient, peoples!
  13. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Why in the nine hells is this a thing? Do the devs really expect us to sit in front of an altar and pray during my entire play session for MONTHS on end to get 70 prayer? This is an atrocious skill to level and pretty useless to boot.
  14. Magranon's Rest - Recording my descent into madness.

    I need to come visit again someday. See if my old home still stands. Looking great Nad! I came to check this post for Nostalgia's sake.
  15. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    Shipbuilding... Ask @arakielI keep making boats and cluttering the deed with them lol. Can't give them away fast enough.
  16. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Been thinking about this. Or just sailing to Chaos and champing as BL. However Champing would require me to reset my faith to 50 and regrind it, and going to Epic would require grinding on a server I really dont want skills on. I'll get it done. That's not the issue. The issue is that this system was created to allow people to have goals for their chosen playstyle, yet it forces us to deviate from that. Basically it defeats the whole point
  17. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    It doesn't change the fact that many a drama comes from uniques though. When was the last time you heard of drama over a rift? What about a GM run event or a mission traitor?
  18. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    Nothing. I think this is an amazing activity. If I had the skill to do it I would do it myself. This is not what I consider toxic, however. What I consider toxic is the practice of these groups trying to shame other hunters not on their group and act entitled when they dont get their way because they consider the unique theirs even if they dont find it. It wasnt long ago we saw the debacle with the P/R hunting group and a certain fantastic bone. I am from Indy. Would the P/R group let me in? Would the Deliverance team let me in? These groups are selective and their rules generally dont allow cross server members. That in itself causes a lot of issues. I am not against the concept of hunting groups. I am against the mob mentality some of their members have and its effects on the community as a whole. I remember an instance of a group of Chaos players fighting with a local hunting group over the control of a wyrm, and when the Chaos group won the local group took to the forums to crucify the chaos players and label them as toxic for stealing their precious unique. People get tired of bickering and end up quitting the game over dramas like this. I believe my suggestion is a fair compromise that solves the problem while still allowing the enjoyment of an activity for those who wish to participate in it.
  19. Uniques Rework - Fair for all

    Just as you find the rifts boring, other people find hunting an unique incredibly boring as well. I agree there is nothing wrong with the current system itself. But when in this game players are hand held by the staff in pretty much everything to avoid conflict, it just wont do that there is the one event where people are allowed to basically get away with murder. I am of the opinion that hunting groups are some of the most toxic elements this game has to offer and this is one of the ways to end that. I rather open Uniques for everyone rather than have to defend myself in the forums against yet another hunting group that feels cheated because they couldn't secure a dragon against me so they could slay it in private. This would put an end of that.
  20. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    I dont mind working on a skill. This game is all about hard work. I do mind is an useless skill tho. Its like forcing non priests to get 90 toymaking with nothing but creation.
  21. wtb Red Tome

  22. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    Okay if you have an alt you dont mind paying 4-6 months of prem so you can get an useless skill to 70, sure. But what if this is your main? Even if its just an alt, do you think 4-6 months of only praying is a good use of your prem time? 4-6 months of praying. Not praying on the side while you dig and do some casts. Not praying on the side and using your priest as a delivery person. No. Praying, nothing else. Just so you can have in the end a completely useless skill that does nothing. There is not a single personal goal that was replaced by this system that was anywhere near as time consuming and hard than this one journal task.
  23. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    So four months of doing absolutely nothing but pounding your altar through your entire playtime daily and doing nothing else. You have to spend 4 months not playing to game to get what? 70 prayer? And do what with it? Do you feel that's reasonable?
  24. Free Sandstone Shards

    9 bsbs containing over 7k shards are now available. PM me for pickup!
  25. Reach 70 Prayer - WTF?

    How long has it taken you to grind it to 68?