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  1. I have found the way to Wurm

    . . .
  2. I have found the way to Wurm

    Its in Canada.
  3. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Haha pizza.
  4. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    You can feed yourself fairly well with ~10ql meals. I do it all the time. Also, when you create a brand new account, you show up at the new deed in indy which has ALL the materials you can possibly need as a newbie, such as iron, wood, sand, clay, etc. Need a butchering knife? Go to the mine, tink the iron vein once and make yourself one. Dont know how to feed yourself? Ask in CA Help, and someone will point you to the refreshments guy, or will explain to you in detail how to make food or skill for it. You dont need 50hfc to feed yourself. 10-15 is enough, and if you can't grind that, then Wurm is not for you. Sorry. Everything you are complaining about has been addressed and remedied already. Spawning and immediately heading in some random direction and then starving is a self inflicted problem, not bad game design.
  5. Coffee... should be a thing.

    What if its Sunkist flavored coffee?
  6. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Or you can ask the community to kindly help with the strongwall. I am sure there are plenty people out there willing to help, myself included. I have collapsed many-a-mine for people asking for help in global. And even if its a big project and you don't have the silver, there are many things you can offer people in exchange for their time, such as veggies, imps, gear, or even bulk. New and can't imp anything? Grab a chisel or a shovel and make bulk. The issue I personally have with threads like these is that most people try to play the game solo and when that doesn't work they attribute it to bad game design, instead of their unwilllingness to put effort into things or seek companionship and help from the community. You can always barter for the things you need, but for some it seems not to be an option. Sitting down and crossing your arms and saying it can't be done is not the way. Its a multiplayer game. You are expected to rely on others.
  7. I have found the way to Wurm

    Mixing bread crumbs in a sausage is as bad as mixing them in a burger, you heathen! At least we know who to blame for this sacrilege. Grab your pitchforks, bois!
  8. I have found the way to Wurm

    Do it! I dare you! I think this should be on woodscraps tho... shouldn't it?
  9. the mean players

    To be fair, I dont think that during a rift it is anybody's responsibility to heal/keep someone else alive. At one point I needed to get the title for running through the beam, so I got on my horse and crossed it. This had the unfortunate effect of pulling everyone and their mothers, which I did not anticipate. So I bolted in the opposite direction everyone else was and got out of range from the rift. Self preservation should be your priority in a rift. If you get targetted, run out of range and have the mobs reset. If you are injured, step away and enter a pen and heal yourself. If you die, look for safe ways to retrieve your corpse, such as Karma summon or wait until the coast is clear/the wave ends. If your horse dies, step back and pick on outlying mobs, or stick to the group and pull back as soon as you get hit. Play it safe. Running out of cotton, stamina, consumables, water, food or health is your problem as a player. No one is required to provide this to you. If you forget your cotton at home, it doesn't automatically make it so other players have to provide you with cotton or heals because you failed to take care of your necessities. If you die, it doesn't mean other players have to protect you to get your body back. There is not a single instance in a rift where you can blame others for your misfortunes because unless they agreed to in advance, no one there signed up to be your chaperone. You came to the rift on your own volition, and as such you are responsible.for your well being. All that being said, in the world there are nice people and there are douchebags. People will be nasty to you especially when they perceive you are w hinderance to their goals. So don't be offended when people snap at you or act nasty. Its just who they are. Just move on and deal with the ones you have a good time with. The horses offer is still up. Let me know if you need them.
  10. Coffee... should be a thing.

    No wonder you are so sour! Put some sugar in it babeh!
  11. @Mclavin Thanks for offering the community this opportunity! I hope it all was for the better and that the kingdom is satisfied with the results! Thread on, guys!
  12. Coffee... should be a thing.

    You heathen!
  13. wts intermediate char

    @Zienif you are interested in selling, lets talk.
  14. wts intermediate char

    Well yes but we all know you're bad so is understandable.
  15. wts intermediate char

    I dont know how you achieve 50+ blacksmithing with 13 bstr. I'll make a 35e offer. If you manage to produce such a char.
  16. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Yes it was. I remember this vividly when I started. I even found out about the hog on a spit and used it to feed myself because my 1ql meals were not moving my bar. It was that horrible.
  17. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Forage for about 30 minutes and you'll end up with plenty vegetables (and coins if lucky!) You can then toss in your pottery bowl one at a time. Make a ton of breakfasts and eat them. It will fill up your bar. If you do this the right way you'll end up with ~7 hfc skill which will make meals bearable. You need to grind your hfc skill to ~15 to make reliable food consistently. Its a skill like any other. For ccfp you dont need any skill at all, just a knife. If you follow the method I described above, you'll have enough food to feed yourself consistently. As a matter of habit, I always carry a knife, a frying pan and a butchering knife with me when I am on the road, and if I get hungry I kill a mob, butcher for meat, and then forage for 5 minutes or so and chop everything up. Boom, instant food and full ccfp bars. Keeping yourself fed is very easy. It will take you an hour or two to get your hfc to about 15 or so and you can use this near a starter deed where you can ask for refreshments from the npc. Or you can ask me for a few meals, I'll send them to you
  18. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    I think the reason for.the whole change is to fit in the affinity system. My best guess is that changes to the food recipes would affect the results (we already went through this before) and no matter what some think, the addition of food affinities was an incredible boost to the cooking system. You still can toss a meat and some veggies into a frying pan and get a meal, or literally anything in a pottery bowl and get a breakfast, so feeding yourself wasn't adversely impacted. That's what I tried to convey before. The system now has bonuses for creativity (in a way) with no adverse changes, so I dont see how the old system is any better. CCFP is a bonus, not a requirement. You can play just fine without it. And in order to get it, all you have to do is chop your meats and vegetables instead of just dumping them in the pan.
  19. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    To be honest, I want to play Wurm Online, not RL simulator online. Imagine yourself walking 200 tiles at 0.2km/hr because you forgot to bring extra water, then realizing that you cant drink water from a river or lake you got to because you need to boil it first. Imagine not being able to light your forge because the kindling you made form your log is too "wet" because the wood is freshly cut. Imagine having to wait 6 rl months before you can harvest your crops. Imagine having a carrying capacity max of 90kg and walking encumbered at 25kg? A lot of things in Wurm dont make sense irl because its a videogame.
  20. CLOSED WTA: Supreme Sickle with Coc, Woa and BT

    I shall offer 10s for this beaut
  21. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    I still remember when I started, which was before the new food mechanics. I remember the issue with feeding yourself was just as bad. In fact, my neighbor Browndog used to make me caseroles to feed me because I couldnt feed myself. So what people told me to do was kill a pig or a lamb and make a spit. Its huge kg wise and makes it easier to fill your food bar. The best way to get food in the beginning nowdays is to make breakfasts. Forage, botanize, kill mobs and make them individually: 1 meat in a pottery bowl, or 1 corn or 1 pumpkin etc. Make a lot of meals and in no time you'll hit level 10. If you make everything individually, you'll get quick gains. By level 7 you will be able to make somewhat reliable meals, and by level 15 or so you'll be set. Everything in wurm requires grinding and effort. Take an hour or two and forage then cook what you find. It wont take you long.
  22. the mean players

    @christopher I can't do much to change what happened to you, but I can help mend a bit of what was broken. I will gift you two horses along with cages to transport them if you got the means to come get them. Send me a PM and I will have two 5 speed horses (a breeding pair if I have it, need to check if I got a breeding pair) you can come get. I know is not much, but I hope it helps.
  23. Snuffing makes Campfires disappear

    Can we have permanent campfires? Like decorative fountains, but with fire!
  24. WTB silver

    Looking for 50s. PM your rates.
  25. WTS 6k mortar - 10s

    Deliver and send woodchip you know where to!