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  1. New Player Looking for weapon upgrade

    I can sell you a weapon. It all depends what you're after. Hmu if you see me online.
  2. Pc Vyn priest

    You should had said so to be honest if that was the case. I was waiting on that stuff to give you a price check myself but when I saw you didn't post anything I moved on since it was evident you no longer cared. We are not required to give you a price check, bud. A little communication goes a long way.
  3. What is going on?

    I was wondering the same thing myself. Thought a GM tripped and hit his delete key.
  4. Increased Macro Questions?

    I tried doing that before and the connection was so bad and the stream so poor and the touch controls so retarded that I simply quit. It would take the fun out of anything I'd do. So I never done that again with any game.
  5. So.. mend

    Yes, but the purpose of mend is not to cause damage or lower quality to items. The purpose of mend is to mend damage on items. Due to the -2 base ql reduction on every cast you were forced to wait until your item had 20 damage in order to mend it. This was asinine. Basically you were not able to use the intended purpose of the spell until you had 20 damage, or you ended up with an even worse item after mending due to effective quality. Before there was no way to mend things such as a wetstone until you had 20 damage. Now there is. That's an improvement and does not render the spell useless.
  6. Increased Macro Questions?

    I just want to med and chip bricks
  7. 30/day limit

    Because just because people are not living there it doesn't mean they don't care about their 3x3 off deed spot in coastal Xanadu. Many people have hunting homes. They make a 3x3 off deed with some essentials. They don't deed it because they don't want to pay the upkeep for just a 3x3. Inside they can keep a horse or two, a bed, a larder, some bsbs and fsbs, an oven, a chest, etc. Players might spend a week there grinding fight skill, then leave back to their main deed the rest of the time. Or maybe they are from Chaos and have no deed on freedom, but hold a simple spot to store valuables in. Why should they not be allowed to have their little spot? Your (or anyone else's desire) to have the place doesn't mean the current inhabitant should be displaced. What happens when I have a spot like that, live on chaos for a couple of weeks and then have to go out on military drill, come back a couple weeks later to find out my home is gone with everything in it? You have the option to extend your permiter over my little house, sure, but this gives me the time I need to come back to the game and move my stuff out before you melt the place down with accelerated decay. But saying that I am not allowed to have an off deed spot because it means you have to wait to get my spot (No, you can't have it, its mine) its a bit presumptuous. I had some neighbors that lived off deed for as long as I knew them. They two guys lived on the outskirts of Southwind Port in Celebration. Both of them lived off deed, and were very active. They were both bulk makers and produced bulk for everyone at pretty reasonable prices. Should they not be allowed to live off deed? The game cannot differentiate between a person who lives off deed by choice vs. someone who abandoned their place. I get why you made your suggestion. You want to be able to remove the rubble left behind by abandoned deeds with decaying structures. The issue is there is no way for code to determine player intentions, so you either allow everyone to have safe off deed housing, or you don't allow it at all.
  8. Low Quality Veggies

    Looking for low end veggies. Anything from 10ql to 30ql max. Share your junk with me! PM prices!
  9. Low Quality Veggies

    Bought. Please close.
  10. Mountains with snow all year?

    There's a mod on Wurm Unlimited that has this. Revenant server you can go and see locations where there's snow because of altitude. Its pretty cool. I don't know why is not a thing in Wurm Online. So yes, it is possible, and its pretty darn amazing.
  11. Increased Macro Questions?

    I wish I could run Wurm on my tablet... That would be epic... I'd make mortar at work while at the office! @Keenanmake a Wurm mobile launcher! I'd throw money at you for it! Lol
  12. So.. mend

    There is already a spell that its sole purpose is to cause a specific amount of damage on an item exactly as you described and its been in the game since time immemorial.
  13. So.. mend

    What I imagined:
  14. So.. mend

    This is funny. Gave me a good laugh imagining it. What Alyeska means is the reason Mend got fixed is because it was never intended to be used to lower quality. The way it was coded it reduced the intended purpose of it: to mend things with minimal ql loss. That is what Sunder is for. Sunder causes a big lump of damage you can repair and lower the quality of the item. There are other ways too you can use, like catapulting items, burning them (burnable ones) or dropping them in a lava tile. Depending on its nature there is much more you can do. Leaving mend the way it was just because it was convenient to lower item ql was a disservice to the spell.
  15. So.. mend

    Since your creativity seems to be limited, I'll spell it out for you: Set angle to something like 5, give it 30 winches, and fire the item at a wall. Tell me how much damage it gets after that.
  16. So.. mend

    Hint, winch the f**king thing.
  17. Increased Macro Questions?

    I dont think its become a problem to be honest. I was just curious as to if there was an increase and to point out how ambiguous the questions were. We were very concerned about this when one of our villagers answered wrong because he really thought stool was the right answer. Imagine this: here you are doing an action with a high timer, such as leveling, or maybe your character has 7 actions and you are using a lq pick to mine. You alt tab every couple minutes while you watch Netflix. On your next alt tab, you see the question box. You know its been sitting there for a minute or two and you get flustered and see the stork and stool question. You answer stool. We now know you wont get banned for it. But that player may not at that time, and will start to wonder scared that everything they did may be lost. This causes undue stress. I dont mind this system. I think its good, as it is at least one layer of safety to prevent widespread macroing. But it needs to be fixed so this doesn't happen and undermines the system we have in place.
  18. Jewellery Enchants

    *Takes notes. Prepares strategies accordingly*
  19. NEXA - The Alliance of North-East Xanadu

    I can sail, I dont mind. Just need to know where to
  20. [CLOSE] WTA RARE unicorn statue fragment

    Bit pricey considering what single fragments cost and that you are not offering them.
  21. NEXA - The Alliance of North-East Xanadu

    I need an invite (again!). I went back to my spot Who's active late US to chuck me an invite? I'll sail to you!
  22. Mayors who recruit, why do you do it?

    This sounds like the start of a rap song...
  23. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    Independence Player> I'm heading to Xanadu to avoid this lag guys! Oh wait...
  24. looking job

    While you wait for someone to give you a job: 1) Dig Clay. 2) Dig sand 3) Make mortar. 4) Sell it.
  25. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Yes! It feels like my pc is loading the whole Xanadu server into memory everytime I open the client and log in... and my ram usage seems to think so too! Wait... Oh! You mean the actual server, not my PC... Got it...!