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  1. Possible unique metagaming concern

    I dont know why a dragon would make a difference to a newbie in deciding to quit the game or not. In fact, I am sure that the amount of help and support he would get if killed by a dragon will be an amazing experience. Getting killed by a dragon is no different to getting killed by anything else. You know whats a more prevalent bane for newbies? Trolls. Or even a hell hound. A hell hound will put you to the ground in less than a minute. Yet I don't see an outrage of newbie retention over hell hounds. No newbie slaying dragons are an excuse. The chances any newbie will come across a dragon is abysmal compared to a troll or a hell hound, and the results will be identical.
  2. Possible unique metagaming concern

    That would be epic lol. But I am sure someone will just locate soul the newbie and find the corpse. Bam! Instant unique.
  3. Wurm Classic

    Thanks for the history lesson. Wish I had played back then.
  4. Wurm Classic

    That map is so much better than the horrendously flat piece of refuse we have in place atm. What happened?
  5. Possible unique metagaming concern

    The very first time I participated on an unique search, I was running around Cele looking for a Dragon that had spawned. Can't remember the color tbh. I came across Rocklobstar in local who was acting extremely odd at my presence in local. So I asked him if he had found the dragon. He asked in alliance discord if anyone knew me. So I replied to him there (I was in Fire amd Sand back then) and he basically deflated from the released stress. Turns out he had found the dragon and was trying to get people to pen it. The dragon got penned and a slaying occured ala MRC style ofc. But I will never forget how we did the hunts back then: no pendulums, no locates. People ran around and moused over until they spotted the unique. And they found them. And yet hunting parties got the biggest bulk of them. The only difference then and now is we wont be able to tell when they spawn. It may actually mean less experienced people may stumble into them. Hunting parties still can go out and comb a server looking for them. Nothing is stopping them.
  6. Sold Please Close!

    Brand new forum account. If you are willing to send the silver first I'll buy the whole lot from you. Pm if interested.
  7. WTB Rare or Supreme Rose

    Just a rose. Rare or Supreme. PM with your price.
  8. Greetings fellow citizens of Independence! We are proud to announce the official opening of the new Samling Fjord highway system that links the highway east and west of the lake. It consists of two projects that together made the whole highway system possible. Samling Pass and Samling Span. (Location is approximate.) Samling Pass (Herritage Site) A massive tunnel system that links the Samling Span Bridge through the Nostalgia Community at 25x;12y exiting approximately at around 22x;14y. This system consists of a fully reinforced and clad 3 wide system with lighting installed. The tunnel connects the two highways and allows for the highway system to link with the east side of the Fjord without circumventing the lake and the mountains. Its a quick route allowing easy access. Pictures: Samling Span: The bridge connects the tunnel with the rest of the highway system east of the Samling Fjord. Its conveniently designed to allow for easy sailing and maximising esthetic value. We plant to introduce lighting to it in the near future. Pictures: Special thanks to my crew who helped me with this massive undertaking: @arakiel Made most of the rock work and the planning of the bridge. Massive amounts of hours invested in making this project a reality. @Magg Mined out a crazy amount of sandstone and other veins. Made our life much simpler. @Draiodoir Thanks for the lamps and the work putting together the bridge. Even though you didn't have to, you put your back into it. A lifesaver. @Pankivtanke Sold us a ridiculous amount of bricks and mortar. You made our lives easier! GM Idunn for being so diligent on getting our Herritage Site request approved! Thanks for holding my hand througout the whole process! And to all others who helped us along the way. Hope everyone gets to enjoy it!
  9. Samling Pass & Samling Span are now open!

    The Hotel is not finished but I intend to have it up and running fully soon. I had to take a break once the project was done
  10. How to kill your own game tutorial

    What is the point of searching when they are penned within an hour of spawning? Not all of us have the inclination to make a gorillion of non prem alts with pendulums nor the time to be online 16+hrs a day to be there when it happens. Would be nice if we can participate regardless.
  11. Possible unique metagaming concern

    @bdewyou're my hero. Lol. So savage!
  12. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Yes because paying players to play your game should be the new meta.
  13. Tips for Safe Trading

    In light of recent events, I would like to share some tips with the community in order to help you make your transactions more secure. No transaction can be made 100% secure, and even the most well known, respectable merchant can have a change of heart. But I have been trading for several years now and by following these rules I have had a mostly pleasant experience with my traders. So here we go. 1) Do not buy from unknown sources. This sounds and should be obvious, but you would be surprised to know this is also the #1 thing people who get scammed fail to follow. When a scammer deals with you, chances are you do not know them. They will try to somehow gain your trust, and after a few minutes of conversation and perhaps dropping some names, they hope you will trust them. But do you know them? No. Do not trade with someone you do not know the identity of. 2) Ask for a vouch. If you do not know a person, but they give you a good deal and you'd like to get the trade going, ask for a vouch. Asking for a vouch is not offensive and the person should be expected to be able to provide it, and you must be able to verify it. When someone says "Angelklaine can vouch for me" make sure to contact "Angelklaine" and verify that's the case. But more importantly, if you don't trust the vouch the person provides you, then that's not an acceptable vouch. In sort, do not purchase from someone you cannot verify their legitimacy of. That brings us to the next point. 3) Untrusted sources go first. If you cannot verify the seller or person you are doing a trade with, ask them to go first. If you are buying silver from someone you don't know/trust, simply get the silver first and then do the transaction. Someone who is not a trusted seller should understand your hesitation. If they are not willing to do this, then move on. There are plenty of traders there that can provide a similar service. 4) If the offer is too good to be true its because it is. No one will sell you silver at a rate of 1s per .75e. If the offer seems too good, then the person is likely trying to scam you. Unless you trust the source, follow the advice given above. 5) Do not buy in a hurry. If you are unsure about your seller, ask them if you can contact them later after you've asked around. Take your time with your puchase. Scammers generally are in a hurry because they want to get you when you are most vulnerable. Anyone trying to instill a sense of urgency on you is up to no good. Take a step back and think about what you are doing. 6) Get your own trusted sellers. Ask around. Chances are someone can recommend you a good seller. Good sellers are not common and people know them by name, Make your own list of trusted sellers and check up on them whenever you need silver. Stick to those people and you'll be alright. 7) Consider the Wurm Shop as a possibility. If you are in a hurry and can't get your favorite seller on, bite the bullet and buy from the Wurm Shop. Yes, its more expensive, but you can be sure they won't scam you out of your hard earned money. 8 ) Verify the sellers identity by comparing them to their forum profile. Although not an absolute answer, checking up someone's profile in the forums is a good way to discard last minute trash accounts. Someone who just made a throwaway alt to scam people on Trade chat isn't likely to have a 3 year old forum account with 600 posts. Beware of sellers with accounts made a few days ago or without a forum profile. If in doubt, ask them to do the transaction on the forums. 9) Ask the community. Go to global chat and ask if someone knows a specific seller. Our community is small and people know each other. Known sellers will be vouched for almost instantly. 10) Don't trust anyone. In the end keep in mind anyone can scam you. Always thread carefully, take your time in your transactions, ask around, know the price of things, and follow your gut. Only you are responsible for your own money. Got any tips you'd like to share? Post them below!
  14. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    Are you saying that Saroman is the only dev that implements what we suggest?
  15. Deer devs can we have deer colours now

    So many good suggestions and the one who gets devs attention is about colored something! But muh colored buckets! +1 to suggestion tho!
  16. steam trains

    +1 to steam powered automatic laser Glocks.
  17. ISnt it about time we had ceilings?

    I immediately thought this too. You can make a new ceiling model with a roof included where instead of the interior being see-through it can be the underside of a pottery floor or a sandstone floor, or even simply a wooden floor. Then players can choose between a regular roof or a roof with ceiling. It would be all purely cosmetic.
  18. Possible unique metagaming concern

    I remember the time I went out hunting for leather and animal parts and I came back running freaking out like a madman over comms because I had a White Drake on my tail. I remember the time my deed mate went out to cut wood and came back running and freaking out because he had a green dragon on his tail. I remember on both ocasions getting a group on the spot to pen it and then killing it. You know what pendulums took away from us? The random Wurmian walking around his garden to water his plants or frolicking in the forest picking flowers freaking out and screaming for help. I am glad we are getting it back.
  19. I find it odd you are marketing 10k Rosemary for 20s as favor for Nahjo/Libila when the current price of Garlic fluctuates at around 75c/k. I think its worth pointing out Rosemary is an herb and thus more valuable to those who make meals than those that would need it for favor. Either way thats a lot of Rosemary. Color me impressed.
  20. Possible unique metagaming concern

    As you all know, I am fairly critical of the devs, but in this instance I will point out this whole post is purely FUD. How is making a change that applies equally to everyone favoring one group over another? Pendulums favor those that have the ability, time and alts to exploit it and twitter alerts favor those online at the moment by giving them a heads up to begin searching over others that simply happen to be asleep. How does "nothing" benefit anyone in specific? Besides are you accusing staff of giving one group preferential treatment over another? You got any proof or are you just creating FUD?
  21. Wsa silver sales and safety

    They simply have no inclination to do so. They would have to monetize it in order to make it worth the effort and that would bring in oversight, regulation and a huge swath of other problems like chargebacks, stolen credit cards and plain old fraud. They would basically be taking the risk so YOU can make money by skirting around their own silver sales. Why would they do that? Currently you will be very hard pressed to find a game with such a system for currency sales. I dont expect anything to change nor should it. This is why awareness is important. If you see some shady seller in trade chat, bring attention to the community. We can easily police ourselves.
  22. Wsa silver sales and safety

    I buy from players too. I have no gripe against silver sellers. I simply do not think developmental decisions should be made to protect their nest eggs. In my eyes the safety of people and their game enjoyment should come first over some silver sales.
  23. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Not quite sure what you mean. You can buy silver from the cash shop if you ever need it, and if you arent a silver buyer you can still get silver by trading/providing services. The elimination of rmt does not affect the buyers market, it only stops people from cashing out rl money from the game.
  24. Wsa silver sales and safety

    I understand you may disagree, but having too many veggies is a first world problem. On any game that disallows rmt, you simply don't farm as much or trade that money forward into the in game economy for other services, have larger deeds and nicer gear. Your real life nest egg should not be the concern of developmental decisions. If rmt is resulting in scams and problems in the community, then illegalizing the practice is a completely viable solution. People who regularly cash out are taking part of the market out of the equation as they are not moving commerce. The trade of goods and services does not flow when you treat currency as a good: it devaluates it. So it always affects gameplay. Regardless, the only reason why these type of scams are happening is because people are allowed to openly advertise the silver sales. I am sure that if silver sales were illegal, those selling silver publicly could be banned on sight. This would have prevented recent victims from falling prey to the practice. I am sure anyone who sells silver would be against banning the practice. Me? I am a buyer. I don't care who I get my silver from. All the money I produce stays on the market.
  25. Independence Pls